Rivalry that no more

A FSU vs UM Preview

FSU vs UM, it used to be the best rivalry in Florida. You could expect these kids to step on the field and leave it all there, like it was the last game of their lives. Now, we have kids who don’t know anything about it. It’s not their fault, but the game has lost its luster. Sure neither team is ranked, but that’s not what the game was about in the past. It was about being dominant in the state of Florida.


First we have UM, what are their strengths? Marve is a good QB, or so it looks that way. Graig Cooper looks fast, real fast, and when he hits the holes, they better be full or he is breaking a long run. There has been solid production from the Hurricanes defensive line, with good pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. Everything else I see from Miami is unimpressive. Their secondary is about as good as the Miami Dolphins. The receivers have talent, but are nowhere near putting it all together. The linebacker play is mediocre, which is surprising. All in all, a very average team with lots of talent.


This isn’t a Miami blog though…the Seminoles have all the tools to win this game very easily. There are several keys to winning this game that need to be executed to perfection for a victory.


Last week against Buffalo, fans saw the offensive line play they have been waiting for from Trickett. Great blocking brought back the memory of why Antone Smith was so highly touted out of high school. With perfect execution of the zone blocking, Smith will get past the front four and should be able to rack up the same kind of yardage he did against Buffalo. Not to mention, good blocking buys Ponder time.


Greg Carr, Taiwan Easterling, Corey Surrency, Bert Reed, Jarmon Fortson…if Fisher calls the correct plays, the Seminoles can stretch the field and make the Hurricanes DBs pay for always looking for the big play. For crying out loud…USE CAZ PIUROWSKI!! The use of the Big Butter Man keeps the blitz from happening, and keeps the pressure off Ponder. At 6’7" this guy can and will out jump 80% of the Miami defense, use him in the redzone.


Ponder has to play mistake free football. I love the talent of D’Vontrey Richardson, but Ponder needs to be the one behind center. He has shown the ability to make good throws, but he also plays with so much intensity that his nerves can kill this team. If Ponder can complete 60% of his passes, he should be able to put this team in plenty successful situations.


Last but not least, play D the way the Seminoles play D. Mickey Andrews has struggled to find the identity of his defense the past couple seasons, but this year is a new story. FSU’s front seven is a force to be reckoned with. The rotation of linebackers is strong, allowing for rested legs on the field at all times. Moses McCray looks to be the future and Markus White and Everette Brown are speedy off the edges. The return of Pat Robinson will prove beneficial in our attempt to shut everyone down.


It is definitely easier said then done, but one thing is for sure…as fans, we still question whether Jimbo Fisher can do it. Jimbo’s lack of intensity is alarming. Look at what the fire from Trickett, Amato, and Andrews has done for this squad! Fisher is on the sidelines applauding interceptions during the Wake Forest game? He needs to ride this offense, and ride it hard (that’s what she said). Jimbo needs to do what FSU did with Mark Richt. Snoop Minnis and Peter Warrick were some of the best at catching the deep ball, and there is no doubt in my mind that Corey Surrency and Bert Reed can’t do the same.  The jury is still out on Jimbo, but this season has me worried so far.


All in all I see this game going down to the wire, but the fourth quarter will belongs to the Seminoles as they rough out a 17-14 victory. With a victory over Miami, FSU will start its journey to the ACC championship…or at least finishing ranked.


Ughh…damn you Mark Richt…damn you to heck!


~D. Anthony

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