Inside The Seminole Film Room: Offense 2nd half @ Miami

We are 13 point Favorites @ NC State.  2 of 10 voters selected this option in our "predictapoll."

I didn't get the first part of this game DVR'd.  If you have these, let me know.  I will give you instructions on what to look for or you can send them to me.  I did offense only this week, as the defense played like I expected, and I have limited time.

Quick Notes a/b Formation Shorthand

  • "Chollie" is shotgun, 3 wide, 2 backs, like Charlie Ward ran.
  • "KGun" is what the Jim Kelly bills teams ran, with 3 WR, a TE, and  back.
  • "BAMA" is Singleback, Twins WR, Twins TE (we sometimes line up in this with the FB acting as an HBack or second TE)
  • "4WR GUN Trips Overload is a look out of Hawaii's or Florida's playbook.  Shotgun, with 3 WR and a rb all on the same side.  This is great for forcing defenses to show their hand early.

The eval's appear after the jump.

I don't have the 4th quarter done yet.  Check back in an hour or so.  This week should fly past. 


Um  1-G at Um30 Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, FS ball on FS30.
Fs  1/10 at Fs20 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 13:56.
Fs  1/10 at Fs20 Ponder, C rush for loss of 2 yards to the FS18, fumble by Ponder, C recovered by UM Ojomo, A. at FS18.
4 wide GUN.  This was the botched handoff thing.  I've watched this play several times and it looks like Ponder tried to give it to Antone.  I come to this conclusion because Ponder kept running his fake w/o the ball for a few steps.  In any case, the right call was to KEEP the ball, because the defensive end crashed down.  I'm not sure who should get the blame here for the actual fumble, so I'll blame both. The first real major unforced error by the Noles.
Fs  1/10 at Fs22 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 13:45.
Fs  1/10 at Fs22 Smith, A rush for loss of 2 yards to the FS20 (Joseph, J.;Wesley, S.).
Failing to win first down sucks.  Strong I left, run left.  Nobody got push, including Rodney.  Maybe this could have gone outside, but I doubt it.
Fs  2/12 at Fs20 Ponder, C pass complete to Carr, G for 11 yards to the FS31.
KGUN,  Miami blitz 6, stands in and hits Carr on the slant. One of 4 times we passed on 2nd & long (7+) AND picked up the first down (or almost did).  Reed jumped here.  He definitely could have been called for a false start.
Fs  3/1 at Fs31 Thomas, J. rush for 21 yards to the UM48, 1ST DOWN FS (Johnson, B.).
Big I.  Run left.  Marcus Sims takes a lot of flack from our site for his blocking, but he threw two good blocks here.  Also, we had two offensive linemen block 20+ yards downfield.  Thomas is incredibly smooth and balanced. Great Blocking on the run by Thomas.  
Fs  1/10 at Um48 Ponder, C pass incomplete to Owens, R (Grant, C.).
I form, PA, Datko bad block, Ponder's arm maybe hit, very dangerous pass.  My notes said:  This was a cluster.  Bad Play Action Fake, Obvious hold on Datko Not Called, Pressure, Ponder doesn't set feet, makes a dangerous and late throw on the out.
Fs  2/10 at Um48 Thomas, J. rush for 30 yards to the UM18, 1ST DOWN FS (Nicolas, J.;Sharpton, D.), PENALTY UM offside declined.
4 wide Gun, Miami covers the bubble look, huge hand to Thomas,  our offensive line's footwork is consistently impressive.  Hudson got to a guy two heads outside, allowing ditto to get way outside, and the wideouts hit two nice cracks.
Fs  1/10 at Um18 Ponder, C rush for 13 yards to the UM5, 1ST DOWN FS (Reddick, A.;Sharpton, D.).
4 Wide gun, designed run for Ponder, he foolishly backflips after running up the middle.  I'll him an 8 on the flip, but his routine was poorly chosen.  KEY BLOCK: Zebrie Sanders.  Nice to see him developing.  
Fs  1-G at Um05 Timeout Florida State, clock 10:55.
Unsure why we needed this.  We had time to get it off.  Maybe Miami gave us a strange look?
Fs  1-G at Um05 Smith, A rush for 5 yards to the UM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:50.
Spurlock and Holloway are the FB's on this play.  We're in an Oklahoma Overload look to the right, and Holloway motions left.  Datko, Husdon, and McMahon all turn their men.  Holloway absolutely kills his guy.  I doubt Miami's LB can have kids in the future.  Even in slow-mo, this collision is nice.  Rick Trickett hugged coach Bowden here.  I was happy to see it. 
Gano, G kick attempt good.
Florida State 31, Miami (Fla.) 10
Drive: 7 plays, 78 yards, TOP 02:55
Fs  1/10 at Fs34 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 07:42.
Fs  1/10 at Fs34 Smith, A rush for 1 yard to the FS35 (Bailey, A.;Sharpton, D.), PENALTY FS holding (Sanders, Z.) 10 yards to the FS24, NO PLAY.
4 Wide GUN.  Miami in Nickel.  Sanders gets called for the hold but Furlong screwed this up.  He had to double with Zebrie first, but didn't get the double done, instead electing to climb to the second level, where nobody was available to block. 
Fs  1/20 at Fs24 Ponder, C rush for 7 yards to the FS31.
KGUN.  This was a pass that Miami that was well covered.  USER COMMENT:  "why slide when you can cartwheel?"  _Osceola
Fs  2/13 at Fs31 Ponder, C pass incomplete to Carr, G.
KGUN.  Nobody open.  Throwaway.  Protection was average, NO PA.
Fs  3/13 at Fs31 Ponder, C rush for loss of 2 yards to the FS29 (Sharpton, D.).
Ridiculous.  He needed to go down instead of continuing to fight.
Fs  4/15 at Fs29 Fumble by Team, Team punt -29 yards to the FS0, out-of-bounds, TEAM safety.
We needed to flip the field here, and get the ball out of our own zone.  This wasn't the way to do it.  Powell dropped this ball, but was heads up to get rid of it.
Drive: 3 plays, minus 5 yards, TOP 01:52
Florida State 31, Miami (Fla.) 15
Fs  1/10 at Fs25 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 05:29.
Fs  1/10 at Fs25 Ponder, C pass incomplete to Carr, G (Ojomo, A.).
Twin WR I.  PA.  Ponder's arm got hit here, as Marcus Sims totally whiffed on his block.  I'm really becoming annoyed with him.  He is a complete liability in blitz pickup.  Christian's PA drop might have been a step deep.  
Fs  2/10 at Fs25 PENALTY FS substitution infraction 5 yards to the FS20.
The rare bad penalty.  Marcus Sims tried to get off the field.  Back to back BAD mistakes by Simms.
Fs  2/15 at Fs20 Ponder, C rush for 7 yards to the FS27 (Sharpton, D.).
Fs  3/8 at Fs27 Ponder, C pass incomplete to Parker, P (Van Dyke, D.), PENALTY UM holding (Harris, B.) 10 yards to the FS37, 1ST DOWN FS, NO PLAY.
Modified CHOLLIE.  We used Caz as a blitz pickup Fullback.  Creativity here folks, creativity.  NO PA.  This was a dangerous throw, but there were multiple fouls on the Miami secondary that could have been called.  Don't forget that Christian threw this poorly, penalties or not.
Fs  1/10 at Fs37 Smith, A rush for loss of 4 yards to the FS33 (Forston, M.).
BAMA.  Even.  Failing on first down, badly, as McMahon again can't handle his man.  Again.  This line played great given their youth, but they aren't a whole lot better than other lines around the country, if at all.  I hope we don't play favorites or play seniors if there is a better center next year.  McMahon isn't improving much, from what I've seen.
Fs  2/14 at Fs33 Timeout Miami (Fla.), clock 03:49.
Miami's clock management was really poor, and indicative of their poor coaching.  We again tried to get the middle screen to Preston.  We're going to hit this… someday.
Fs  2/14 at Fs33 Ponder, C pass incomplete to Owens, R.
KGUN.  Draw action.  I'll put this throw on Christian, but it wasn't terrible.  A little late on the slant/ in.  Owens also needs to run this better.  Wet weather can make stuff go crazy.
Fs  3/14 at Fs33 Ponder, C pass complete to Easterling, T for 27 yards to the UM40, 1ST DOWN FS (Spence, S.).
4 WR GUN.  5 Step Drop.  Great Great throw.  The best throw he made this year, to date.  This was the play of the day.  He drilled this ball to Easterling on a skinny post, between 4 defenders.  Straight drop, no PA.  Glad he flashed this potential.
Fs  1/10 at Um40 Timeout Miami (Fla.), clock 03:16.
Horrible Clock Management
Fs  1/10 at Um40 Ponder, C rush for 2 yards to the UM38 (Ojomo, A.).
KGUN, well read, Designed run, imo
Fs  2/8 at Um38 Smith, A rush for 1 yard to the UM37 (Dixon, A.;Ojomo, A.).
3WR Single back.  Motion from Caz into Trips.  Miami in 2-man.  McMahon had a horrible drive.  He must get better.  
Fs  3/7 at Um37 Ponder, C pass complete to Surrency, C. for 13 yards to the UM24, 1ST DOWN FS, out-of-bounds.
3rd n 7 Gun, trips left, roll left, great design, Ponder easy throw on out route to surrency. first down for 13.  This was a great play as we finally got back to this set.  Miami didn't react well.  The motion made this an easy read.
Fs  1/10 at Um24 Smith, A rush for 5 yards to the UM19 (Reddick, A.).
I FORM.  Marcus Simms gets stoned, but Antone fights like crazy on the run up the middle.  I don't like using him to block.  I wrote:  good job winning first down.  Good job covering ball with both arms.
Fs  2/5 at Um19 Ponder, C rush for 2 yards to the UM17 (Hendricks, D.).
4 WR GUN.  Miami shows 2-Man look.  No disguise.  Ponder points.  He checked to this I think.  Designed run all the way (from Check).  No real Push from Zebrie and Furlong.  I like that CP7 got positive yards and didn't dance.  He runs hard.
Fs  3/3 at Um17 Ponder, C pass incomplete to Carr, G.
4 WR GUN.  We were 9/13 on 3rd downs at this point.  Carr does a stutter and go.  3 Step Drop.  Ponder makes the right read, and throes a bit too hard for Carr.  Should have floated it. I would have put ponder on the move there, but protection was great, as Zebrie executed an excellent cut block.  This is a route we haven't run in the past, but one I expect to see in the future.
Fs  4/3 at Um17 Gano, G field goal attempt from 35 GOOD, clock 00:00.
This IS a coaching mistake.  You are giving up points here by not going.  Miami had not moved the ball more than 35 yards on the day.  Your kickoff coverage has been terrible.  Go for the 4th down here.  If you don't get it, you give Miami an 85 yard field against a fresh defense.  Being up 12 isn't a big deal.  In a pretty well coached game by Jimbo, this was a clear tactical error.  What a waste.
Florida State 34, Miami (Fla.) 22
Drive: 12 plays, 58 yards, TOP 05:29

As I said, I'll have the 4th quarter up within the hour.

Here is the 4th quarter:


Fs  1-G at Fs30 Start of 4th quarter, clock 15:00.
Fs  1/10 at Fs02 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 12:11.
Fs  1/10 at Fs02 Ponder, C rush for 1 yard to the FS3 (Hendricks, D.).
Fs  2/9 at Fs03 Ponder, C pass intercepted by Spence, S. at the FS7, Spence, S. return 7 yards to the FS0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 11:23.
I-Form.  PA.  This was ridiculous.  I'll do a separate piece on the play at a later date when I discuss coaching.  The blame here is probably 50% Jimbo, 35% Zebrie, 15% Christian.  Zebrie was way late getting off his double team to pick up the blitzing corner.  Ponder was a step too deep at least.  
Fs  1/10 at Fs15 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 11:23.
Fs  1/10 at Fs15 Smith, A rush for 8 yards to the FS23 (Reddick, A.).
I-Form.  Hell of a job by Hudson, Datko, Caz, and Holloway.  Antone ran like a man possessed in the 4th.  First down win.
Fs  2/2 at Fs23 Smith, A rush for 1 yard to the FS24 (Forston, M.).
I-Form.  McMahon and Furlong are NOT good players.  I'm not sure how much I can sugarcoat this.  They get stoned again.  We're becoming predictable in running left.  We were stuffed here, Antone fought for yards.
Fs  3/1 at Fs24 Smith, A rush for loss of 1 yard to the FS23 (Cook, G.).
I-Form.  Simms and not Holloway in.  McMahon ruins yet another play as he gets DESTROYED again.  McMahon played a horrible game and has had a disappointing year to date.  I would have tried to sneak it here, as Ponder seems to have a knack for the sneak.
Fs  4/2 at Fs23 Team rush for loss of 8 yards to the FS15, fumble by Team recovered by UM Hill, R. at FS10, PENALTY FS illegal kicking (Powell, S.) 6 yards to the FS4, 1st and 10, UM ball on FS4.
I Wrote:  late getting guys on field.  Snap hits Nigel in helmet.  Wow.  Fire Jody Allen Please.  Massively under qualified.
Fs  1/10 at Fs19 FLORIDA STATE drive start at 08:30.
Fs  1/10 at Fs19 Parker, P rush for 16 yards to the FS35, 1ST DOWN FS (Grant, C.), PENALTY UM personal foul (Johnson, B.) 15 yards to the 50 yard line, 1ST DOWN FS.
This took balls as big as church bells.  I love that Fisher got more aggressive as the game looked like it might be slipping away.  Also, we weren't running up the gut with much success.  This was a huge play by Preston.  Fisher said as much, thinking that Miami expected us to go conservative, and with the middle of our Online going south, he put the ball in the hands of our best playmaker, in space, and let things happen.  Don't you just love the idea that we can run Ponder out to the left as a running thread and run an end around/ reverse off of that look?  Or even throw off of that?  I do, and I like that we will actually call it as a play.
Fs  1/10 at Fs50 Smith, A rush for loss of 1 yard to the FS49 (Spence, S.;Cook, G.).
Loss on first down.  Miami adjusted in the 2nd half and killed us on first down runs.   McMahon and Furlong just aren't at the level where they should be.  I get Zebrie, since he's 18 years old.  Ugh.  
Fs  2/11 at Fs49 Ponder, C pass incomplete to Carr, G (Johnson, B.).
Rain is pouring.  Incomplete on the comeback.  Throw was probably late, but the coverage was really good.  I didn’t love the straight drop back here, but our offense was pretty much out of rhythm at this point.  
Fs  3/11 at Fs49 Ponder, C rush for 13 yards to the UM38, 1ST DOWN FS (Spence, S.).
Arguably the play of the game.  Ponder literally outsmarted their DC.  How Miami could continually play two man is beyond me.
Fs  1/10 at Um38 Easterling, T rush for 20 yards to the UM18, 1ST DOWN FS (Johnson, B.;Ponder, L.).
Reverse.  We run a reverse on first down, in the driving rain.  Huge huge stones.  I think this was both a great way to appear brave and also an acknowledgement that some members of our Oline were not getting the job done.
Fs  1/10 at Um18 Timeout Miami (Fla.), clock 06:15.
Miami just had a terrible game of coaching and clock management.
Fs  1/10 at Um18 Ponder, C pass complete to Piurowski, C for 10 yards to the UM8, 1ST DOWN FS (Sharpton, D.).
Jimbo usually does a great job of putting our guys in position to use their abilities.  Christian can throw the Bootleg and he changes angles with his feet.  This was a great throw on the long drag/ out to Caz.  
Fs  1-G at Um08 Smith, A rush for loss of 3 yards to the UM11 (Hendricks, D.).
I wrote: The middle of our line played like garbage in the second half.  This drive was amazing considering that we lost first down several times.
Fs  2-G at Um11 Ponder, C rush for loss of 4 yards to the UM15 (Joseph, J.).
I wrote: "2nd n goal qb draw, well read, Furlong got owned, Ponder dragged down. 3rd n goal from 16."  Upon the second viewing, Furlong gets abused here.  Pitiful effort, but he is too small to play guard at the D1 level.  I'm sorry if that is mean, but he is just not big enough.  Gymnasts are quick and athletic as well, but we don't ask them to play Right Guard.  Think I am ripping on him too much?  Watch the tape.  You'll be amazed.
Fs  3-G at Um15 PENALTY FS false start (69) 5 yards to the UM20.
I have no idea who  # 69 is., but this negated one of the best catches you will ever see, as Greg Carr caught a beauty.
Fs  3-G at Um20 Smith, A rush for 20 yards to the UM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 03:57.
This was very well blocked by Hudson, and the wideouts.  Smith avoided the rushers on this lead draw.  He then hurdled 2 guys, and refused to go down for the TD that put the game away.  His choppy stepping style probably helped him stay balanced in the rain.
Gano, G kick attempt good.
Florida State 41, Miami (Fla.) 32
Drive: 9 plays, 81 yards, TOP 04:33
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