A huge thanks to our readers... and an invite

We took over on Septembet 7th, and haven't looked back.  

I never expected this place to explode so fast.

In our first month, we blew away the traffic record:


Not only that, but we're on pace to hit 20K visitors this month.

108 of our 196 members joined in the last 5 weeks!  I want to encourage everyone to continue being an active member of our community!  We're still way behind sites like www.draysbay.com, www.burntorangenation.com, and www.dawgsports.com   Those guys are where we want to be.  They are user driven, with many posters throwing out quality analysis, and engaging in continuous thoughtful discussion.  Based on what I've seen so far, if we keep adding 100 members per month, we will be there in no time.  I encourage everyone to become an active member of our community.  When you learn or like something, let us know!  Did you see something we missed or disagree with an opinion?  We'd like to know that as well.  I'm always open to suggestions on improving TomahawkNation!

We can serve yet another purpose, however, and that is rumor flushing.  Some sites aren't able to publish rumors because the FSU SID office might pull their credentials or limit their access.  I don't face that problem.  If you've heard something and want to know more about it, email us at FSUncensored@gmail.com  You'll always be kept anonymous, and we won't delete your messages and ban you like some sites.

Finally, I'd like to extend an invitation to all our readers, young and old. 

I know that most of you won't be making the trip to Raleigh as the Noles take on NC State. 

Since you'll be home, I encourage you to come and join us as we liveblog the game!  Festivities Start at 7PM Thursday!

What's a "liveblog"?  A liveblog is a running commentary on a game, with thoughts, reactions, and analysis in realtime.  We do a pretty good job of detailing the action, and managed to actually give play-by-play for the Miami game.  Last week's thread generated over 600 comments, and I expect that we will shatter that this week. 

I'm also accepting volunteers to do play-by-play.  You can volunteer for a quarter, half, or the full game.  This will allow me to do more site-related things during the game, and try to give more analysis, as opposed to attempting to transcribe every play. 

last note:  Curtain Jerker, I'll need the WWF clip for the preview by tomorrow night.

Thanks again,

FSUncensored and the Tomahawk Nation Staff.

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