Shocked and Awed

I am shocked.

Not by our players, or play callers, not even by the media. I'm shocked by our fan base. We live in negativity-ville.  We don't support  the players with any amount of consistency. And WE are the next big thing that needs to be corrected for this football team to go to the next level. 

We are watching a team that has played more freshmen than anyone in the country go 6-1 in what is a tougher conference most would like you to believe.  They fall behind against a well-coached and well-prepared team, and the stands just turned completely silent.  What a joke!  Our team plays better on the road these days, why, because there is SO much pressure to perform at home.  At least on the road these kids can let it all hang out and hope for the best.  After VaTech took the early lead it looked like I was watching a nervous child fumble around trying to impress his Dad...a Dad who is never impressed and always wants more. 

This team is getting better with every snap.  (there will be some bumps along the way.)  The team is fighting, growing, learning, responding with character, and becoming a very good football team.  Which is more than I can say for a fan base who is sitting, griping, mis-reading some of the teams growing pains as false hope being shattered, and only getting loud and proud after a group of first year starters takes to the field and just keeps proving the whole world wrong.

Expecting it yesterday

I'm not saying this is a national title contender.  It has yet to be seen wheather we are even an ACC title contender.  What I am saying is we have good play calling, great talent at skill positions.  Good depth most everywhere, and youth with potential where there is not.  Quit expecting them to jump off the highschool cheese wagon and into the college lime light to play like redshirt juniors.

More easily rattled than a first year starter

Here's the thing.  Wheather its on the road or infront of what is quickly becoming a "play my song or I'll go home" crowd, these kids find a way to get it done.  They may come up short in some future games, but the effort, intensity, and learning curv is nothing short of phenominal considering their age and and the newness of our offensive staff.  My take is that the fan base is more easily rattled than our first year starter offense.  What a bunch of pansies. 

I actually got a text from a friend when we fell behind late that said "we are going to lose!"  I promptly replied that it isn't over till the fat hokie sings and then sent him a goble goble when easterling made his circus catch.

Unsatisfied with real results and ongoing progress.

It is going to take some time.  But, we seem unsatisfied with the fact that a VERY YOUNG offense has put points on the board in tough games even when they haven't played very good football.  Progress is there.  Results are there.  Yes the long-term expectations should be high, but lets be realistic about where we are now.  No one is asking anyone to pretend that we are wolrd beater, or to not long for that day to return, but for heaven's sake pat these kids on the back and get loud regardless of the score - THEY'VE EARNED IT!

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