Noles work Canes, then hold on for 41-39 win

Over 600 comments in a very lively gameday thread!  That is serious TomahawkNation participation!  Enjoyed the great win!

ChantRant called it a beautiful kind of ugly

ScalpEm was thankful for the win but concerned over quite a few things

The score was much, much closer than the game was played.  Florida State beat Miami physically.  The Noles cut their defensive linemen to death.  They pummeled the fatties on Miami's lines into submission.  Still, thanks to 3 or 4 of the strangest plays you will ever see on special teams in a driving rainstorm, Miami was able to pull close.

The 'Noles manhandled the 'Canes for the first 30 minutes. FSU's defense, which came into the game ranked third in the country, suffocated Miami QBs Robert Marve (17-of-41, 121 yards, two INTs) and Jacory Harris (3-of-7, 32 yards, one INT). Meanwhile, FSU's offense -- just two weeks removed from a nightmarish 12-3 loss to Wake Forest -- continued what it first showed off last week against Colorado: a drastically improved running game. Behind the youngest starting offensive line in the country (three freshmen and two sophomores), the 'Noles ran for 326 yards on the night. Their most effective play was the QB keeper -- Christian Ponder gashed Miami's defense for 146 yards on 18 attempts, most of it the first half.__ Stewart Mandel

Check this out:

First Downs (FSU- UM): 28- 17

Time of Possession: 40:00- 20:00

Third Downs: (11-17)- (2-15)

Total yards: 485- 257

Total Plays: 82- 63

Rushing Yards: 326- 53

Rushing Yards: 326- 53 (Yes, I put it Twice)

Interceptions: 2-3

Fumbles: 2-0

Crazy Special Teams Wet Ball Miscues: 3-0

BOHICA.  Bend.  Over.  Here.  It.  Comes.  Again. 

Florida State had 7 drives of 7+ plays or more, including Marches of 43, 89, 77, 78, 58, and 81 to put the game out of reach.

Don't let anyone tell you this game was evenly played.  It was a beatdown the likes of which this rivalry has rarely seen, followed by a wet ball special teams goat rodeo.  Miami needed every possible break in a driving rainstorm to lose to FSU at home by two.

Enjoy the win. 

Leave your thoughts, I'll feature some in the "Nole fans react" segment.





Photo Credit: Tallahassee Democrat

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