Incident in the Union-- updated 11.14.08

"The police report has not been concluded but from the information that I have gathered, I am suspending five players who were apparently involved in the fray. Taiwan Easterling, Bert Reed, Corey Surrency, Cameron Wade and Richard Goodman will all be suspended for the Boston College game."_ Bobby Bowden

Impact: Senior Rod Owens will take Easterling's spot.  That's fine.  Louis Givens will replace Reed.  That's a downgrade, though he is a serious burner.  Fortson will replace Surrency, and that's a downgrade.  The other 2 guys are roster fodder.

I'm hearing the 2 guys we all think are done... are done.  Bummer.  (Please Note: this has not been announced)

Andrew Carter has the press release from FSU PD (investigation continues)


Thursday Update: I'm heading out for a bit, but I wanted to share my thoughts first.  I am now more unsure about this situation then ever.  I can't say how, but I've confirmed that the two users claiming to be sisters in the comment section (including the alleged victim) are at the very least, FSU students.  I want everyone to treat all other posters with respect, especially if something big comes down later this afternoon.  I also want to clarify the facts that we know, and then set out the remaining questions.

We Know with a reasonable degree of certainty:

  • That reports claim Easterling was involved at the beginning.  Whether he was the instigator or the initial victim is up in the air.
  • There were 4 injured people who received some sort of medical treatment. 
  • A chair was thrown, and someone did end up in Tallahassee Memorial Hospital as a result.  The consensus here seems to be a severely broken nose.  Some sites are claiming that it required surgery, but that is unconfirmed and I am labeling that as rumor at this point. 
  • The fight did involve more than 10 total people. 
  • No arrests have been made as of 2:20 Eastern Time. 

I'm hearing (this is the rumor section)  I'm not endorsing these, but rather trying to keep track.

  • That 2 guys are gone.  A third strike for one, and the other for the chair throwing.  We will see.
  • This was almost certainly not a random incident, and it seems to be related to someone disrespecting another person sometime earlier in the week; possibly at a club.  
  • That the injured people may have been more participants than innocent bystanders.
  • From a lot of members associated with the Fraternity in question.  I am concerned that they are all repeating the exact same story, and I am curious if they were told to by leadership to echo those same lines.  While the football team isn't talking, friends of Phi Beta Sigma certainly are, and they are saying that the 'Nole players started this and went to the Union with a purpose.  Keep that in mind when reading reports.  I am not saying that their accounts are incorrect or fabricated, but since they are the only voice trolling message boards with an actual first hand interest in the outcome, we need to view their accounts with a cautious eye.  It is not as if the football players are out there openly giving their side of the story (which would be wildly different).  

Finally, if you see a comment that is way out of line for this board, e-mail me at  I allow pretty much everything on here, but some will take this opportunity to troll their advertisements, post pornographic links, or generally conduct themselves in a manner that could make this site NSFW.


There was a good sized fight in the Student Union today, allegedly between some members of the Phi Sigma Beta Fraternity and some Seminole football players.

There are various conflicting accounts at this point.  I'm not sure which to believe.  Neither story is good as people were hurt.  Dumb decisions were undoubtedly made by parties on both sides.  As Florida State Fans, let's all hope that the players didn't bring this upon themselves.  As Seminoles, let's all hope that Florida State gets to the bottom of this.

Chantrant has more.

Jamey Givens at NoleInsider has the after practice info, here's a bit:

"The incident today, I really have no comment on it,'' FSU coach Bobby Bowden said following Wednesday night's practice. "The police will look into it and let us know what they think. That's all I've got to say about that.''

7:45 UPDATE: All players are at practice and no arrests have been made.  Players practiced with their normal position groups. Players and Coaches were not available.

Wikipedia on Phi Beta Sigma (ΦΒΣ):

a predominantly African-American fraternity which was founded at Howard University in Washington, D.C. on January 9, 1914.

UPDATE: Since people have asked, this is NOT Myron Rolle's fraternity (He's in Kappa Alpha Psi).

I should note that Wednesday is "Market Wednesday" in the Union.  Market Wednesday basically consists of local merchants peddling their goods.  Some student organizations demonstrate, and some African American fraternities do their step routines as well.  The place is pretty rowdy.  In any case, these people who are saying that players can't go to the Union need to quit.  They are students like anyone else and this is an on campus area of commerce; not some shady back alley.  Scalpem points out that players must remain ever vigilant of their surroundings and appearances; regardless of whether they have the right to be somewhere.

Meanwhile, ChantRant asks you to put yourself in the player's shoes.  Intriguing read, but it is all dependant on the facts, or lack thereof.

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