Possible Playoff Talk

There has been a lot of talk regarding possible playoff. Many people point to an 8-team playoff as the solution, the only problem is that the conferences will never buy into this idea and if you do provide conference tie-in for the BCS conferences then the 2 at-large bids would create as big of a debate as we are currently having with the current system.

So here is my idea. Make it a 16-team playoff with 6 direct berths provided to the BCS conference champions and 10 at-large teams picked using the BCS rankings. There would be no limit on how many teams a conference can put in the tournament. To help with the bowl structure, I would propose the Fiesta Bowl be downgraded to a lower bowl for teams that don’t make the tournament (such as the Peach, Gator, Cotton which could field some pretty interesting matchups as well as I will point later) and have the Rose, Sugar and Orange Bowl in a rotation for the Semi-Finals and Championship game year after year. The first 2 rounds would be played at the higher seed team’s home field.

Now let’s make a few assumptions about this year and how things would work

- Bama wins the SEC and is undefeated
- Oklahoma beats Oklahoma St. and wins the BIG XII Champ Game.
- Oregon St. beats Oregon and wins the Pac 10
- Florida St. wins the ACC
- Cincy wins the Big East

The seeds if that is the case would look something like this (can change depending on remaining games)

1. Bama - SEC Champ
2. Oklahoma - Big XII Champ
3. Texas - At large
4. USC - At large
5. Penn St - Big 10 Champ
6. Texas Tech - At large
7. Utah - At large
8. Boise St. - At large
9. UF - At large
10. Cincy - Big East Champ
11. Ohio State - At large
12. FSU - ACC Champ
13. UGA - At large ( Assuming the beat Tech)
14. Oregon St - Pac 10 Champ
15. Ball St - At large
16. TCU - At large

The possible matchups would be incredible. Some people may argue that it would take away from the regular season but, I don’t know how you could be against something like this. As far as the other bowls there could still be great matchups with available teams such as Oregon, Oklahoma St, Missouri, Nebraska, Cal, BC, Virginia tech, West Virginia, Michigan St, Ole Miss, LSU, BYU, etc.

I know is long, but any thoughts?

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