University of Florida Gator Football Players Jacques Rickerson and Ronnie Wilson arrested for beating and strangling women

Urban Meyer only recruits the top 1% of the top 1%.


Gainesville Police arrested University of Florida football player Jacques Rickerson overnight on a charge of domestic battery by strangulation, battery, and obstruction of justice. The charge is a felony.  An arrest report stated Rickerson was at the woman's home and became upset when he was told to leave. Police said he hit the woman on the side of her face and choked her around the throat. When she screamed for help, he pushed her neck further into the mattress of the bed and used a pillow to cover her face.  After he let her go, the woman told police she tried to get out of the room but he blocked the door. He also took her cell phone when she said she was going to call police.  If the prosecutor is aggressive, he could go after Rickerson for some domestic violence prevention law violations (laws that prevent you from blocking a victim so seek help from domestic abuse).  This isn't the first legal trouble the backup cornerback has faced as a Gator. Back in February 2007, Rickerson was cited by University police for possession of marijuana.



More charges and mugshots inside...

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident...

A sworn complaint was filed against offensive lineman Ronnie Wilson, charging him with one count of assault and one count of battery

According to a Gainesville Police Department incident report, Wilson became involved in a “verbal altercation over a female at a birthday party,” which was at the Lexington Crossing apartments in Gainesville. Wilson is accused of hitting the victim with a closed fist while at the party.

Wilson then followed the victim outside and confronted him in a breezeway near the apartment where the incident began, the report says. Wilson tried to punch the same person again but instead hit a second woman as she tried to step in between them; she suffered a broken wrist. Wilson then tried to hit a third person who came to help the others.

Wilson was thrown off the team in 2007 for firing an assault rifle into the air during an altercation.  This is Wilson's 3rd violation of the law that is likely to stick, and there have been other alleged crimes as well.

Hat Tip: Atlanta Journal Constitution as well.

You have to be insane to invite Ronnie Wilson to your birthday party.



Yes, this is the same Ronnie Wilson who, in 2007,

spit on and slapped Francis Fuller at a nightclub early on the morning of April 5. Fuller then waited for Wilson to leave the club. According to the report, Fuller drove behind Wilson and called 911 to report the incident in the club. After Wilson realized he was being followed, he turned into a parking lot, stopped his car, got out and pulled an AK47 Assault Rifle from the trunk and proceeded to fire the gun to scare Francis, as Francis ducked behind his steering wheel.  After firing off the rifle, Wilson made a mad dash into an apartment complex and stashed the evidence at his cousin's crib.

This is where the alleged "feel the fear" quote came from.

Gainesville police recommended Wilson be charged with a felony count of aggravated assault and a count of using a firearm in the commission of a felony.  SA Bill Cervone instead charged Wilson with much less, opting for one count of battery and one count of discharging a firearm in public

Here is the 911 call from Wilson's target practice in 2007.  You can hear the shots from the AK47 assault rifle.

Wilson's 2nd incident might be even more incredible:

In January 2008, a Gainesville police dog sniffed something in Wilson's car. An officer removed six grams of marijuana, but Wilson got lucky. The state attorney's office didn't notice Wilson was on probation, so he wasn't immediately thrown in jail. Then, an assistant state attorney dropped the possession charge!

To say that Gainesville players have received questionable treatment is well, an understatement.


Slow day here, but these aren't the stuff you want to say.  I especially like how the gatorsports article tries to hide that Wilson was beating on women *allegedly*.

This is the Gators 4th arrest in 2008.  In the interest of full disclosure, I will also note that the Noles had an arrest in 2008.  The Gators, however, are far outpacing the Noles in the "charges" and "felony" categories.

Other 2008 Gator misbehavins...

  • Stealing and using the credit card of a dead teammate's dead girlfriend.
  • Underage Drinking
  • Open container
  • The weed thing mentioned above

The Fulmer cup measures misbehavior of college football teams.  Link Here.

  • The Gators are currently 13th, while FSU sits at 31st, and Miami is not ranked. 
  • The gators won't stay at 13th for long, however, as they will definitely vault up the rankings, possibly to # 1.  The gators will receive 13 points for these latest arrests by my best guess:  4 (hitting girl + intensive care), 2 (simple battery), 2 (obstruction of justice), and for Wilson:   +2 (assault) and  + 2 (battery).  They might also receive a bonus point +1.  
  • The gators finished 3rd in 2007, while Miami and FSU did not even make the leader board.
  • UFelony finished 6th in 2006, while Miami finished 9th, and FSU did not make the leader board.  
  • Factoring in even the most conservative of estimates, UF is now the ALL-TIME most misbehaved team in the Fullmer Cup!

As you can see, 1st?, 3rd, and 6th is some serious consistency.

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