Shut Up Drew Weatherford

Florida State fans are elated that quarterback Christian Ponder is playing better than any FSU QB has in this decade.  The improvement at QB is probably the #1 reason for Florida State's improvement in 2008.

Former starter and alleged team player Drew Weatherford, however, is delusional and bitter.  The Nole writers love this guy, and apparently, Weatherford isn't happy for Ponder.  Will this guy ever shut up?  These writers are going to have to open up or something when he finally graduates.  This massive circle jerk is ridiculous.  Can't these guys write about anything else?  Why not serenade him every morning?  Maybe include him in your family portrait?

STOP WRITING "DREW IS A TEAM PLAYER" ARTICLES.  Just cut it out.  Everyone wants to root for the no-talent team player guy, but guess what? Everyone's favorite underdog isn't talking like a team player.

This summer I penned The Weatherford Report, detailing how Drew was a much over hyped quarterback who was handcuffing our offense.  It's pretty amazing that we let this guy start for 3 years (the real reason was that Xavier Lee, his competition, was constantly in trouble.  Consider that when you read this article

Let's check out some of these ridiculous quotes.

Drew Weatherford waits and wonders, why?

Because he was terrible and a good division 1 program finally got the sort of talent at the QB spot that they should have?

After three years and 33 starts, the owner of the Atlantic Coast Conference record for passing yards as a freshman has thrown only two passes this season - completing one for 18 yards: A victim of coach-in-waiting Jimbo Fisher's youth movement at Florida State.

To say this decision was about the youth movement is now ridiculous.  This decision was about ability, performance and production.  Drew did not product.  He wasn't a victim of any youth movement.  He was a victim of his own on-field failures, heck, all FSU fans were victims of Weatherford's pathetic play.

"I really think that if someone was better than me I could admit it," said Weatherford, a fifth-year senior who went from starter to third team just three days before Florida State's season opener.

Memo to Drew: this current staff wouldn't have recruited you.  You aren't any good.  You lack skills.  You won't be drafted.  You're not listed on most draft sites, and the ones who do list you rank you 34th out of 35, or list you as "outside the top 600 collegiate players"!  You led us to 76 PUNTS last year.  We're on pace for under 45 this year.  You failed here as a player.  The charity work is great and you should stick to giving interviews that don't make you seem crazy.

 We're lucky you don't scout for us.  Also, why does it matter when he got appropriately moved to 3rd string?

"That's when things really, really, really didn't add up," Weatherford said. "To swallow your pride and line up behind a guy that you're think you're better than every day is very, very difficult."

Hmm, never being in the top half of ACC QB's adds up.  Thank God that we have a competent evaluator of QBs on our staff.  Drew isn't in Ponder's league, and isn't in a healthy Richarson's league either.

"It's interesting what's happened to a lot of big-name quarterbacks this year," Weatherford said. "Either they're not playing or not playing as well as they have in the past. I don't know what's going on."

Coaches usually bench a really good player randomly.  Oh wait, maybe they play the best players?

"There are certain things that Devo can do that I can't do when it comes to running (and) Christian can do some things I can't do," Weatherford conceded. "But overall neither of them are a better quarterback than I am right now."

Things they do better:

  • Throw
  • Run
  • Read defenses
  • Lead the team
  • Understand the offense

Things Weatherford does better

  • Stand stoically on the sideline
  • whine, bitch, and moan.

Hey Cinderella Drew, your run is over.  You would have never started if we had a competent alternative.  Instead, we had a crazy talented guy guy who would get high and steal the earrings of a McDonalds employee while in the drive thru. 

"I completely disagree with their decision," Weatherford said. "I respect their right to make the decision (but) I deserve to be the starter."

They are paid to make decisions.  It's more their job than their right.  I'd love to know why Weatherford "deserves" to be the starter.  The justification better not be his laughable on field performance.

Can you just shut up now?  You were doing so well with the "Senior leadership, another set of eyes, like a second coach, mentor" role!  Why say this stuff now?

But I really don't like to talk about it much at all," sighed Weatherford, who is still emotional about a decision he's struggled to to accept. "You feel like you've been cheated, that something's been taken away from you.

Please, stop talking about it.  I bet that sigh was full of leadership and determination.  It's never a good sign when Gator and Cane fans are openly rooting for you to keep your job.

What a joke.  It's pretty clear that he's failed to realize just how lucky he was to ever play a snap in major college football.

Update: for a rebuttal, see Scalpem's "Shut Up Tomahawk Nation"



WR Bert Reed (part time starter), WR Jarmon Fortson (reserve), and LB Nigel Carr (reserve) are suspended for the Clemson game.

The only real loss here is Reed, as the other 2 rarely play.  This story was apparently first reported by Chris Nee of  We were unaware that this was "premium content."

Well, that sucks.  Now FSU is in a tough spot.  If Reed is suspended for this game only, we know that either the last suspension or this suspension was NOT for missing class, because FSU's policy is a 2nd missed class infraction is 4 games.  The coaches listed the reason as "class attendance" when reed was suspended for the NC State game.

Something to keep in mind on the Reed suspension: if you choose to believe that the prior suspension was for missing class, and then saw his heartfelt apology, you're probably disappointed here.  Don't forget though, that Bert actually could have turned his behavior around 2 weeks ago and just now been caught for something that he did, oh, say, within the last 30 days that is just now coming to light?  That is, ahem-- very possible.  I think we should play double or nothing with Bert.  If he does it again, we know he hasn't changed since the apology.

Frequent TomahawkNation commenter Fsued chimed in with:

I''m actually very encouraged by this

I think these 1-game suspensions tell us that the “little things” are important again at FSU and the fact that they keep happening tells us that the new regime is going to be relentless about enforcing discipline — whether it be team rules or academics.

I’d much rather see a bunch of one-game suspensions for ticky tack stuff then guys ending up hauled off to jail, flunking out or some other major problem.


Maryland @ VT tonight.

Go Hokies, I think.

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