Wednesday Open Recruiting Thread

No Huddle

  • Florida State beat Tennessee Tech in basketball, 69-59.  It wasn't pretty, but we did win.  Check the reactions in what was a pretty solid game thread.
  • FSU fell to 313th!! in Turnover %, giving up the ball on over a quarter of its trips down the floor.  I've updated the Leonard Hamilton "Motion Sickness" Offense chart.

  Offense Defense
Date Opponent Result Site Pace Eff. eFG% TO% OR% FTR Eff. eFG% TO% OR% FTR
Sat Nov 15 Jacksonville (s) (sr) W, 59-57 A 69 85.6 52.4 26.1 18.8 73.2 82.7 36.0 16.0 33.3 26.5
Tue Nov 18 La Salle (s) (sr) W, 65-61 A 71 92.0 45.8 25.5 26.9 58.3 86.3 40.0 19.8 31.5 30.0
Thu Nov 20 Stetson (s) (sr) W, 79-77 H 73 108.3 45.5 23.3 46.1 60.7 105.6 53.1 19.2 33.3 20.0
Sat Nov 22 Coastal Carolina (s) (sr) W, 82-70 H 71 116.0 56.7 21.2 32.8 50.0 99.0 51.8 31.1 37.5 30.9
Mon Nov 24 Western Illinois (s) (sr) W, 67-55 H 62 108.6 48.0 19.4 36.5 44.0 89.1 40.9 21.1 21.0 47.7
Fri Nov 28 Cincinnati (s) (sr) W, 58-47 N 64 90.7 42.0 28.1 43.2 50.0 73.5 36.1 29.7 40.5 31.5
Sat Nov 29 California (s) (sr) W, 80-77 N 78 102.7 55.2 23.1 25.6 70.8 98.8 44.1 16.7 20.8 54.2
Wed Dec 3 Northwestern (s) (sr) L, 73-59 A 69 86.0 47.1 30.6 33.9 37.3 106.4 49.1 18.9 42.9 55.4
Sun Dec 7 Florida (s) (sr) W, 57-55 H 64 88.8 37.3 21.8 38.9 51.0 85.7 43.1 24.9 31.3 33.3
Sat Dec 13 Georgia St. (s) (sr) W, 62-57 A 54 114.1 64.5 27.6 44.2 50.0 104.9 44.3 12.9 32.8 28.3
Tue Dec 16 Tennessee Tech (s) (sr) W, 69-59 H 75 92.3 53.9 32.1 34.5 39.2 78.9 41.7 29.4 33.3 28.

So... the worst turnover performance of the year, but one of the best defensive performances of the year.  When we held on to the ball down the court, we actually shot fairly well.  Offensive rebounding was okay.

  • Everette Brown is regarded by some draft experts as the top pass rusher available for the NFL draft, and the Democrat doesn't begrudge him for leaving.  Everette has been a superb Seminole and I can't wait to watch him on Sundays next year.  Go make your millions, Everette Brown (who graduated a week ago, as a Junior). 
  • As our own TBFisherman pointed out, Dekoda Watson has inquired about the NFL draft, but vows to return.  "I'm going to be back," Watson said. "I still want to be a part of this team, be part of something special."
    Asked if that was a guarantee, Watson replied: A guarantee. No problem. I feel like I lose a lot of money if I leave right now."
      Smart Move, seeing that 2009 is one of the best draft classes for linebackers in recent memory.
  • Steve Ellis says  "The one that intrigues me is Robinson. I think he should come back but it wouldn't surprise me if he applies for the draft."
  • TheRivalry, Esq. Needs someone to liveblog the ChampsSports bowl experience!  Get involved.
  • I'm hearing that Drew Weatherford is enjoying his senior farewell tour very much, thank you, and I'm very confident Ponder will start the bowl game.
  • No seniors have been invited to the senior bowl. 
  • Some believe JR FB Sedrick Holloway might be headed for knee surgery.  More on this when I hear. 

It's Wednesday, that means recruiting.  This is a good'n.  Let's go.

We are just under 2 months away from National Signing day.  Florida State continues to recruit well overall and looks to continue the trend.  Before we get to today's topic, let's look at all that has happened since we last talked recruiting.

Jarvis Byrd from SoFLAfootball on Vimeo.

  • I believe D'vontrey Richardson's football career is over, as FSU hosted QB Nico Flores for an official visit (3* equivalent ESPN, 3* Scout, 3* Rivals).  This kid is very raw and has really bad mechanics (slow and low release), he he has a nice arm and good feet, and with good QB coaching he could eventually blossom.  Still, I am very unimpressed.  Could also play DB is need be, and special teams.  UPDATE:  apparently, this team sends everyone to Western Michigan and this is just a charade to make it look like Western Michigan stole an FSU recruit.  I'll be angry is we do take this Flores kid.  Waste of a scholarship.  He'd be marginally acceptable as an invited walk-on.
  • 2009 prospect Brian Stork will greyshirt.  I spoke with someone in the know and they say he needs the greyshirt and he will handle this well.  This makes him a member of the class of 2010, not 2009.  
  • The major recruiting sites finally removed Ed Stinson from the FSU commit list, seeing that he hasn't even seriously mentioned FSU in several months. 
  • Jayron Hosley is a major grades risk.  The Big East allows three partial-qualifiers each year.  There is a reason Louisville is his leader.  
  • We might have offered Madison County fullback Corey Akins.  My guy says no, but others I trust say yes.  Keep this one on the back burner for now.  
  • Rumor has it we're talking to USF commit James Green
  • We now trail UF for the best player in Florida for 2010, Cornerback Lamarcus Joyner.  This is one we cannot afford to lose.  If there's one player we must have in 2010, this is it.  The guy is a bigtime FSU fan, but he knows about the turmoil in our locker room and the joke our program is fast turning into.  I can't blame him.  Who would want to break up a fight between coaches at halftime of an important game?
  • We offered DE David Perry, 2010 Ft. Lauderdale University High.  He's 6-7, 240, as a HS Jr.  

Video on Miami Edison Free Safety Prospect (and cousin of FSU Great Clevan Thomas)

Phillip Thomas #8 from SoFLAfootball on Vimeo. says: Saw Thomas play [Miami commit Kayron] Webster head to head, both even got time at WR. Webster may be a little better but it isn't by much. The thing is Thomas is more explosive and will play FS, while I see Webster playing SS or maybe even a LB spot. Thomas will also knock your head off too. He's just so quick from seeing the ball, planting a foot, and getting to the WR.

Their talent scout also said that Amato called Thomas on Monday, (I'm sure he sounded like he had just gargled some DranO), and that FSU has not yet offered.  Other big time schools are involved now.  We need to get this Thomas kid.  We need to tell Chuck to go shopping for a bra or some new shoes and shades, and let the SoFla recruiting to James Coley.

The list (of guys we don't discuss because we have zero shot to land them)

Branden Smith (NO, no shot), Dre Kirkpatrick, Trent Richardson, David Oku, Reuben Randle, Kendall Kelly, Logan Thomas, Morgan Moses, Nick Alijalijan, Dyron Dye, Sam Montgomery, Chris Davenport, Tana Patrick, Petey Smith, and Rey-Rey Armstrong.

Here is some impressive video of 2009 WR/DB STUD Prospect Dexter McDougle:

Dexter jr highlights Sr. Stafford Indians (via juelz2hood)

I think we need this kid.


Today's Topic

Attrition.  Matriculation.  Roster Maintanence.  Churning the roster.  Cutting players.  Call it whatever you want to, but the teams who are committed to winning are getting rid of dead weight.  

In looking to the 2009 recruiting class, and attempting to ignore the painful reality that FSU is not 100% committed to winning, I try to think of creative, proactive ways to stay ahead of (or even with) the curve.  Let's take a look.

Everyone knows the recruiting rules:

Each team can have a maximum of 85 scholarship players.

No team may admit more than 25 scholarship athletes in one recruiting year.

Approaching the bowl game, the Noles have 77 scholarship players, by my (and Matt's) best count.  Let me know if I missed someone.

We can expect to lose the following players:

Corey Surrency WR Jr. JC 6-5/210
Tony Carter CB Sr. RS 5-9/166
Richard Goodman WR Sr. 3V 6-0/186
Drew Weatherford QB Sr. RS 6-3/218
Myron Rolle S Jr. 2V 6-2/218
Antone Smith RB Sr. 3V 5-9/190
Greg Carr WR Sr. 3V 6-6/217
Kenny Ingram LB Sr. RS 6-6/229
Roosevelt Lawson S Sr. RS 5-11/206
Darius McClure S Sr. RS 5-11/205
Michael Ray Garvin CB Sr. 3V 5-8/182
Derek Nicholson LB Sr. 3V 6-2/235
Toddrick Verdell LB Sr. RS 6-3/222
Benjamin Lampkin DE Sr. RS 6-0/221
Paul Griffin DT Sr. RS 6-2/285
Graham Gano K Sr. 3V 6-1/197
Neefy Moffett DE Sr. 3V 6-1/256
Joe Tonga OL Sr. JC 6-5/305
Everette Brown DE Jr. RS 6-4/248

If you are new to the site, we accept that EB is leaving for the NFL draft, and that Corey Surrency will not get another year of eligibility.  Myron Rolle is also gone. 

That leaves us with 58 returning scholarship players.

Name Pos. Yr. Exp. Ht./Wt.
E.J. Manuel QB Fr. HS 6-4/215
Christian Ponder QB So. RS 6-2/216
D'Vontrey Richardson QB So. RS 6-1/214

Ty Jones RB Fr. HS 5-11/215
Jermaine Thomas RB Fr. HS 6-1/190
Tavares Pressley RB Jr. JC 6-1/216

Marcus Sims FB Jr. 6-0/233
Seddrick Holloway FB Jr. 2V 5-10/247

Preston Parker WR Jr. 2V 6-0/195
Avis Commack WR Fr. HS 6-4/182
Jarmon Fortson WR Fr. HS 6-3/218
Taiwan Easterling WR Fr. RS 5-11/180
Bert Reed WR Fr. RS 5-11/165
Rod Owens WR Jr. RS 6-0/180
Cameron Wade WR Fr. RS 6-6/202

Caz Piurowski TE Jr. 2V 6-7/275
Ja'Baris Little TE Fr. HS 6-4/240
Bo Reliford TE Fr. HS 6-7/235

Brandon Davis OG So. RS 6-2/274
Ryan McMahon OC So. RS 6-3/280
Rodney Hudson OG So. 1V 6-2/290
A.J. Ganguzza OC Fr. RS 6-3/280
Andrew Datko OT Fr. HS 6-6/285
Antwane Greenlee OT Fr. RS 6-6/301
Rhonne Sanderson OT/OG Fr. HS 6-4/280
Will Furlong OG Fr. RS 6-4/270
Zebrie Sanders OT Fr. HS 6-5/273
David Spurlock OG Fr. HS 6-5/287
Evan Bellamy OG So. RS 6-4/295

Jamar Jackson DE Fr. RS 6-4/237
Everett Dawkins DE Fr. HS 6-2/242
Kevin McNeil DE Jr. 2V 6-2/253
Toshmon Stevens DE Fr. HS 6-5/205
Markus White DE So. JC 6-4/245

Kendrick Stewart DT Jr. RS 6-2/268
Budd Thacker DT Jr. 2V 6-2/280
Moses McCray DT Fr. HS 6-2/286
Justin Mincey DT Jr. 2V 6-5/284
Emmanuel Dunbar DT Jr. RS 6-5/291

Nigel Carr LB Fr. HS 6-3/220
Nigel Bradham LB Fr. HS 6-2/242
Mister Alexander LB So. RS 6-2/225
Dekoda Watson LB Jr. 2V 6-2/221
Kendall Smith LB So. 1V 6-1/228
Maurice Harris LB Fr. RS 6-0/215
Vince Williams LB Fr. HS 6-0/237
Recardo Wright LB Jr. 2V 6-2/222
Aaron Gresham LB Fr. RS 6-2/229

Ochuko Jenije CB So. RS 5-10/187
Patrick Robinson CB Jr. 2V 5-11/192
Korey Mangum CB Jr. RS 6-0/200
A.J Alexander CB Fr. HS 5-11/170
Terrance Parks CB Fr. HS 6-1/200
Dionte Allen CB Fr. RS 5-11/168

Jamie Robinson S Jr. RS 6-2/190
Ed Imeokparia S Fr. HS 6-0/188
Nick Moody S Fr. HS 6-1/218

Shawn Powell P Fr. HS 6-5/217

So, 58 returning starters, + a loss of 4 scholarships (an estimate.  FSU has propsed 2 in 2009 and 3 in 2010.  Most think we get hit with 8 to 10, plus have Bowden forfiet some wins.).  58 +4= 62.

Wait... we can't take 25 guys if we only have 23 available scholarships (85 -58-4= 23).  This assumes, of course, that nobody fails out (unlikely), and that Patrick Robinson does not declare for the NFL draft.  What do we need to do?

We need to cut some players.  To put it another way, we need to not renew the year-to-year scholarship contracts of some Florida State players.  This is legal, and there are many ways to do so.  If your college team doesn't take full advantage of options that are legal, they can't really be said to be giving their best effort to compete.  So, who should Florida State not retain?

First, let's start with two guys who could probably qualify for a Medical Disqualification (Med DQ).  A MedDQ allows the student to continue their education, on the School's dime, without counting against the 85 scholarship limit.

PHD Brian M. Smith explains the Medical Disqualification Designation: "

A medical disqualification or medical non-counter is a different situation. This involves a medical condition in which the student-athlete is advised to not ever further participate in intercollegiate athletics. If this situation is approved, the student-athlete may retain their grant-in-aid at the discretion of the institution for the remainder of their four to five year college experience. The next academic year, the student-athlete doesn't count toward the maximum number of grants allotted to a team. If the student-athlete subsequently practices or returns to competition at that institution, he or she will "count" the entire inactive period unless a waiver is granted by the NCAA Management Council."

So, why should FSU pursue this option for Bellamy and Dunbar?  The simple answer is that they have serious injury and medical issues. 

Bellamy has a blood clotting issue.  He missed this season with the blood clot.  He's regressed from where he was entering the season.  And just where was he entering the season?  As a marginal starter at best.  To be perfectly honest, the guy just isn't a very good player.  He is dead weight, and FSU should try to get him Medically Disqualified.  There is also the issue of unnecessary civil liability in the wake of the Devard Darling death, and the mess currently brewing at UCF.  Bellamy won't see the field in his remaining time at FSU, he will likely never again reach the very mediocre level he was at during.  This is not a player we need around.  He simply doesn't offer anything that a younger guy with a higher ceiling can't offer at this point.

Dunbar snapped his back in practice andin doing so broke a screw in his back from a previous back surgery.  Dunbar was at best an average defensive tackle.  I saw some photos of him the other day and it looks like he has lost some serious muscle mass.  This guy should never play football again and really shouldn't eat a scholarship.  He is dead weight, and FSU should try to get him Medically Disqualified.  There is also the issue of unnecessary civil liability in the wake of the Devard Darling death, and the mess currently brewing at UCF.  He'll be a junior next year as he was medically redshirted this past season.  At this point, he is a liability in the courtroom and I don't know anyone who seriously thinks he will ever make it back.  Let's remove the option.

The final guy we need to cut is D'Vontrey Richardson.  Allegedly Too dumb to grasp the offense, a known grades liability, and unliekly to see meaningful playing time as FSU has Christian Ponder who will be a junior and Freshman phenom EJ Manuel.  D'Vo has a serious future in baseball, and plans to pursue that route this spring.  Maybe he can learn to hit a curveball.  Jimbo's decision to use Drew Weatherford instead of D'Vo in the UF game when Ponder was yanked spoke volumes.  D'Vo doesn't have the head to play QB and is another waste of a scholarship.

We need to take 25 players, not 23.  We can't let this dead weight hang around and have it cost the Noles a chance to bring in quality players who will be developed for the date when Bowden finally leaves and the Noles fully dedicate themselves to winning.  

Keeping Bellamy, Dunbar, and D'Vo around is showing a lack of commitment to winning.  Scholarships are YEAR-TO-YEAR Contracts.  They are not 4 year commitments.  They need to be re-evaluated after each season.  Bellamy and Dunbar will never perform at a D1 level again and Richardson just doesn't have what it takes to play and doesn't want to play defensive back.

The much bigger problem, however, is 2010.  I am not getting ahead of myself here. 

Let's have a look.  Assume the Noles take the full 25 by getting rid of 2 players who we'd otherwise expect to return.

We'd have 81 players left over from the 2009 squad.  We lose 16 seniors after next year, cutting the number from 81 to 65.  No doubt we will need to take a full class in 2010 as the state of Florida is absolutely loaded.  We cannot afford to continue to allow the Gators to lap us in recruiting.  But wait...

65 returning players + 25 scholarships + 4 slots taken by penalty = 94. 

We need to cut from 94 to 85 before 2010 starts (or 90 to 8, if you will)!  That is 9 slots! 

Who could we cut after next season?  Let's look for guys who will be 2010 Juniors or Seniors, who are not projected to produce.  The clear candidates are:

D'Vontrey Richardson (again)
Emmanuel Dunbar (again)
Evan Bellamy (again)
Brandon Davis (again)
Mister Alexander
Maurice Harriss (not at all impressed by his antics)
AJ Ganguzza (unimpressive player and logjam at position)

Shawn Powell (if he doesn't become a great punter, we can't afford to waste a scholarship on a position that many elite teams utilize a walk-on for)
Aaron Gresham (crowded position)
Garrett Faircloth (let's face it, greyshirts are an unlikely success story)
Josh Gehres (crowded position and lack of talent) & Blake Snider (same story)
Cameron Wade (Bobby Bowden was impressed by him in practice. He was a major player in the fight, however, is non-productive, and I think Bowden likes him because his height stands out from Bowden's tower.
Will Furlong (rumored medical issue makes him unable to keep bulk. Not a good player. Not going to see playing time behind Hudson and Spurlock. He is a very likely candidate)

I honestly think we could cut every single one of those players after the 2009 season and not miss a beat.  How many are projected starters?  None.  Most aren't even projected to be in the two-deep.!

Some are going to go nuts over this idea, but we are already behind the rest of the elite college football world in this area.  I know you're shocked that the Noles could be operating five years behind the schedule in a rather progressive evolving area!  I think the important thing to remember is that college football players at this level often do not graduate, so for the most part, we're not being bad guys by taking their scholarship.  Part of a scholarship is a provision that a player develop and give his best effort.  Any lack of effort by a player can be used to cut him.

So, what do you think of this aggressive form of roster management? 

The 2nd question: Finish our class (keeping in mind not to include guys who are obviously not coming to FSU, listed above).

Garrett Faitcloth OT GS 6-6/ 270
Blake Snider OC GS 6-4/ 280
Josh Gehres WR GS 6-3/ 190
Justin Bright DB 6-1/ 184
Gerald Demps DB 5-10/ 190
Willie Downs WR/ DB 6-2/ 192
Jajuan Harley DB 6-2/ 190
Willie Haulstead WR 6-3/ 210
Dustin Hopkins K 6-2/ 174
Brandon Jenkins DE 6-2/ 218
Demonte McAllister DE 6-3/ 265
Jacobbi McDaniel DT 6-2/ 280
C.J. Mizell LB 6-2/ 220
Henry Orelus OG/C 6-2/ 290
John Prior OT 6-6/ 282
Lonnie Pryor RB 6-1/ 195
Xavier Rhodes WR/ DB 6-2/ 187
Rodney Smith WR 6-6/ 205
Chris Thompson RB 5-8/ 173
Jarvis Byrd DB 5-10/ 173
21. ______________________________
22. ______________________________
23. ______________________________
24. ______________________________
25. ______________________________

I'll be interested to see your choices.

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