Meyer dreaming of the echoes, gators slapped in the face

Mike Bianchi: Meyer's Irish aspirations slight to UF

College football fans we now have it straight from the megahomer's mouth, the lizards have been disrespected by Meyer. Yes that is right, gator homer Mike Bianchi is not happy that Meyer is going to be hearing the echoes!

You don't dream about coaching somewhere else when you are the coach of hogtown university, at least that is the way Bianchi sees it. You see in the eyes of these lizards they are the greatest football team America has ever known or ever will know. Never mind the fact it took them 70 years to win a conference title. 

They are number 55 academically, why, because U. S. News and World Report says they are buster. They will let you know incessantly that U. S. News and World Report is the final arbiter in such matters. You will forget this fact at your own peril!

Yes they will point out their athletic budget is bigger than the GNP of Lichenstein and Urban (named after a Pope) instructed them to spend 30 million greenback dollars to renovate the football offices. 

Homer Bianchi feels like he has been slapped in the face, gilted by the prom queen! Honestly if you read his propaganda pieces long enough you will also come to the conclusion he proabably needs to be slapped in the face. 

Yes sports fans we keep an eye on our gators, these boys demand loyalty, Spurrier kind of loyalty. They want to be loved and they want their coach to love them as they love him. They do not cotton to unrequited love. 

This is a warning to lizard nation from the greatest homer of them all Mike Bianchi that lizard nation should prepare to end up singing "we are the boys from old Florida" while Urban is "shaking down the thunder and cheer; cheering for old Notre Dame."

Prepare well Sooners, a gilted gator is an angry gator!

In other news the state of Florida's gator press has just come out with a basketball article titled "Seminoles finally rout opponent." You would never know reading this the Florida State basketball team is now 13-1 and fresh off a victory over Gainesville college, a team they have beaten four out of the last five outings.,0,5032443.column

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