Tuesday Nole Updates

  • I'm hearing that Clemson will get the Gator Bowl bid.  This is now confirmed, several hours after we put the obvious pieces together (and I got a text from several Clemson buddies).  Aren't you glad you pay me $9.99/month to read this site?

Damn you, Jacksonville!  Don't you know that Bobby sells tickets on his own!  Never mind that he choked the life out of this program and gave his fans an unwatchable product for several years!  People go to the games just to see him!  

On a serious note, this means we will again miss out on a New Year's Day Bowl game.  This embarrassing snub can only help the program in the long term as it puts more pressure on those in power to finally do something about our once great, but now running joke of a head coach and his cronies on the defensive side of the ball.  The Gator Bowl committee apparently didn't think FSU fans would even fill 10,000 hotel rooms.  Had they selected us, I certainly wouldn't have been one of them.  

I encourage FSU fans to not renew their season tickets or make any booster contributions until these things happen:

  1. The defensive staff is let go and Jimbo Fisher is allowed to hand pick the new defensive staff; and
  2. The administration puts Bowden on notice that 2009 is his last year to fleece the state of Florida of over 2 million dollars.  They need to tell him in no uncertain terms that he will not be chasing 400 wins here.  Any notion that he will coach in 2010 and we will be forced to pay Jimbo his penalty/bonus is absurd.  This team is desperately crying out for leadership and receiving none.  Bobby will never again beat the Gators.  Those in power should give him 2 options: 1) Bow out gracefully after your exciting win in the Champs Sports Bowl, or 2) Limp out 2009 with the hope that Paterno doesn't make it to 2009, get the all-time wins record, and get destroyed by the Gators in the swamp to end his career.  There must not be any option for him to return in 2010.  
  • In a strange way, FSU fans should hope that the NCAA takes away wins from the 2007 season as an additional sanction from the cheating scandal.  Anything that puts distance between Paterno and Bowden is good for the Florida State Program.  Some root for Bowden at the expense of the program, but unless Paterno doesn't make it through hip surgery, Nole fans (or Bobby fans, as some root for him and not FSU) will never again hear him announced over the PA system as "the winningiest coach in college football history."
  • More 'Nole news inside throughout the day as I find it.  See something I should link?  Let me know.

Also, our friends at Scalpem take issue with today's post and challenge my fandom.

We got mentioned on Hugging Harold Reynolds for our comparison of Urban Meyer and John Mark Karr.

Did Everette Brown mean to imply that the players didn't believe in the coaches plan with this quote?  

The coaches, they get paid a lot and this and that, but at the end of the day, the players are the ones who have to go out there and execute the plan, believe in the plan and make the plan work.


Also from that link:

  • Patrick Robinson had his MRI yesterday and didn't tear any ligaments.  That's great news!
  • QB D’Vontrey Richardson hinted after the game he is likely to give up playing football and devote his full energy to baseball, where he’s well regarded as an outfielder and pro prospect. That played into the Seminoles’ decision to go with Drew Weatherford in the second half despite Weatherford’s limited playing time this season.

The Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association announced its All-Conference team.  This is the 2008 Associated Press all-ACC football team as voted on by 67 members of the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association.

A first-team vote was worth two points and second team vote one. An asterisk denotes unanimous selection.

QB: Russell Wilson, N.C. State (106)
RB: Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech (134)*
RB: Da'Rel Scott, Maryland (76)
WR: Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina (130)
WR: D.J. Boldin, Wake Forest (76)
TE: John Phillips, Virginia (88)
OT: Eugene Monroe, Virginia (117)
OT: Andrew Gardner, Georgia Tech (107)
OG: Rodney Hudson, Florida State (99)
OG: Cliff Ramsey, Boston College (78)
C: Edwin Williams, Maryland (62)

QB: Thaddeus Lewis, Duke (28)
RB: Darren Evans, Virginia Tech (58)
RB: C.J. Spiller, Clemson (50)
WR: Eron Riley, Duke (57)
WR: Aaron Kelly, Clemson (56)
TE: Ryan Purvis, Boston College (45)
OT: Garrett Reynolds, North Carolina (42)
OT: Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (41)
OG: Sergio Render, Virginia Tech (48)
OG: Cord Howard, Georgia Tech (45)
C: Thomas Austin, Clemson (48)

DE: Everette Brown, Florida State (131)
DE: Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech (99)
DT: B.J. Raji, Boston College (103)
DT: Vance Walker, Georgia Tech (62)
LB: Mark Herzlich, Boston College (118)
LB: Michael Tauiliili, Duke (110)
LB: Aaron Curry, Wake Forest (106)
CB: Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest (134)*
CB: Victor Harris, Virginia Tech (125)
S: Trimane Goddard, North Carolina (105)
S: Michael Hamlin, Clemson (89)

DE: Orion Martin, Virginia Tech (61)
DE: Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech (39)
DT: Ron Brace, Boston College (52)
DT: Darryl Richard, Georgia Tech (50)
LB: Clint Sintim, Virginia (79)
LB: Alex Wujciak, Maryland (43)
LB: Mark Paschal, North Carolina (40)
CB: Ras-I Dowling, Virginia (49)
CB: Tony Carter, Florida State (34)
CB: Kendric Burney, North Carolina (34)
S: Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech (85)
S: Myron Rolle, Florida State (55)

K: Graham Gano, Florida State (127)
P: Travis Baltz, Maryland (105)
Specialist: C.J. Spiller, Clemson (66)

K: Matt Bosher, Miami (34)
P: Matt Bosher, Miami (60)
Specialist: Michael Ray Garvin, Florida State (41)

Congrats to Rodney, Everette, and Graham!  Slightly smaller congrats to Tony Carter, Myron Rolle, and Michael Ray Garvin!  I'm sort of surprised that only member of the leagues top offense made the 1st or 2nd team.

NOTE: We lose every defensive player on this list.


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