Your FSU Christmas wish list...

Not much news going on right now in Tallahassee or Orlando.  I've decided to go with a question of the day.  What do you want for FSU athletics? 

For FSU Football, I want the NCAA penalties to be severe enough to wipe any illusions of imminent grandeur, but not so severe that they cripple the program.  The goal is to get the stragglers to retire, to stop hiring friends instead of qualified coaches, to speed the rebuilding process, to stop allowing UF to run the entire state, to recruit quality talent, and to maybe get on the right track before the '10 decade starts.  My hope is that we get hit with backdated forfeit losses instead of increased scholarship losses, as this will only hurt Bowden's personal goals, while not damaging FSU's future prospects.  Oklahoma forfeited games from 2006 and are going strong.  I doubt a recruit will think "FSU had to forfeit their win over NC State from 2007?!, I'm not going there... I also want to avoid the Ticking Tome Bomb detailed in today's Orlando Sentinel.

For FSU basketball, I want Leonard to keep working hard, to keep recruiting elite talent, to sacrifice a recruiting star in order to recruit a point guard who isn't highly ranked based solely on his athleticism and scoring ability, and to show patience with the offense, in a demonstrated attempt to build for 2010. 

I'd like to hear your list.  Inside, you'll find a stocking full of nole news and links... (including an injury update)

  • Chantrant has been on fire recently, and they secured an interview with Wisconsin's play-by-play guy.
  • Scalpem is sick.  Get better Bill!
  • AC wonders "what if Bowden isn't ready to retire in 2010?"  Would FSU force him out?  Would they pay Jimbo the $5 Million?  This is exactly why I want us to forfiet wins from 2007 instead of losing scholarships.  If you think Bowden is not selfish and bitter over his son's dismissal, then you're fine with forfeits, as the wins record doesn't matter to him... right?  If you do believe he's selfish and bitter, then you want to remove any chance he has of catching Paterno (something almost impossible to do now anyways, considering the PSU schedule for 2009 and 2010).  I would love to head someone argue for more scholarship losses than forfeited prior wins. 
  • Steve Ellis talks about young defensive players getting a chance to shine.  He says Moses McCray is 295lbs.  I doubt that, but I do think he can be 300lbs next year and tear up the ACC. 
  • Richard Goodman is apparently going to be back next year.  I personally hope he doesn't make it back.  Call me heartless, but we don't need another senior wideout who isn't very good, won't play, is constantly injured, and will eat another scholarship.  Again I ask... do you want to win?  Bama, UF, USC, Texas, etc would cut a kid like this.  
  • I saw a picture of Will Furlong, taken a few days ago.  This guy is so small, will not play in his career, will have to come off an injury, can't add and keep on weight, and should be cut.  Scholarships are at a premium now with the coming sanctions..  Maybe we can get him medically disqualified? 
  • A breakdown of the Wisconsin secondary.
  • Heard that Stud WR (and rumored Gator/ LSU battle) Andre Debose watched FSU practice this morning.

Injury Update

Preston Parker and Taiwan Easterling didn't practice today (Tuesday).  They are banged up.  I don't expect Parker to play in the bowl game.  I hope they hold him out, as he hasn't practiced in two weeks and could be rusty.

Holloway and McClure are out for sure.

Mincey is still struggling with a neck/ back issue.  Unsure if he will play. 


Strategy Thought

Expect to see a lot of Carr-Surrency.  Parker and Easterling are dinged, as is holloway (out).  My guess is we'll go Carr and Surrency on opposite sides, throw bubbles to Reed to Keep Wisky honest, and run.

If Wisconsin plays 8 in the box and doesn't account for Reed: Bubble (Like Miami, NC State for a bit, and MD some)

If Wisconsin plays 8 in the box and does account for reed:  Deep Jumb balls (like Va Tech)

If Wisconsin plays honest defense, stays in 2-deep coverage: run all day.

Wisconsin cannot take away all three options.  My guess is that they will be conscious of the deep ball and will try to take the bubble and run away.  'tis better to gamble and lose than die a slow death, right?


To Come

I'll have the blogger Q&A as well as the know-your-Noles contest soon.

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