Auburn outs Tubberville-- to pursue Jimbo Fisher?

2:40 PM Update, courtesy of Fsued and   

Current coaches-in-waiting Jimbo Fisher of Florida State and Will Muschamp at Texas are very unlikely to pursue the opening, although they haven't been ruled out entirely, the sources said.

7:21 PM Update:  DR. Saturday (don't laugh, he is very well respected) reports that Leach and Petrino are the leading candidates.  Petrino has a reported 7 million dollar buyout, and a non-compete w/ SEC West Teams.  After paying Tubbs 3/ 4.5/ 6 million to leave, buying out the 8 million from petrino's contract, beating the non-compete, Auburn would still be forced to shell out 3 mill a year to Petrino (who in my opinion is an amazing coach, and one of the few who could compete with Saban).  

Leach makes more sense to me, and has reportedly expressed interest.  


Word is they're coming after Jimbo Fisher.  The 'Nole's administration needs to step up here.  Make a call, FSU.  Bobby or Jimbo?  79 Yearold who by all accounts does nothing and might not lead the Noles into next year, much less the next decade, or the young, energetic guy who is doing everything behind the scenes?  

I do not think we can afford to keep both.  Coloinial Bank's stock was slightly down today.  Auburn can afford to do this, and it would mean Trickett is gone as well.  

Those who say Jimbo is not committed to FSU are probably right.  That does not matter.  It is not about a coach loving a university.  The coach-university relationship needs to be one of contractual employment, nothing more.  In this day and age, a coach cannot afford to be committed to a school.  It's about winning ballgames, not settling down somewhere for life.  FSU fans need to stop worrying about whether Jimbo will golf with them a few times a year and worry about the worst case scenario:  losing your two-best coaches and having no backup plan.  

I have no doubts that Jimbo will leverage this to push Bobby out, or at the very least have the defensive staff fired.  The right move here is to give in.  

Remember the "could coach ___ get a job at any other school in his current capacity?" test?    Apply that one here.  You'll find your answer.



This COULD be a break for us.
There will be FSU boosters who say: "Look, we are NOT losing Jimbo because the old man (and his wife??) won't give up the car keys (sudden "Driving Miss Daisy" flashback leaves me temporarily paralyzed - can't you picture Bobby in the back with Jimbo wearing the driving gloves and hat and Bobby not allowing him to turn on the A/C).

Anyway, flashback over.

If I were a big money booster, I'd be on the phone to TK or the AD or whoever saying: We can't wait around another year - we're going to lose our guy for no good reason at all. Bear went out in the LIberty Bowl and it was sad and pathetic, but when you hang around this long, you rarely get to go out in a blaze of glory (should have retired in 1999 if he wanted that).

Champs will be a defacto home game against a slow Big 10 team - let's make that goodbye.


Auburn is a victim of their own success. They are a worse program than Clemson. Bama and UGA steal their recruits to the North and East. If they win 32 games in a 4 year span, they should be elated.

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