Can you pass the NCAA Recruiting Certification Test?

7:05 Update:  One of our members just passed this test, and a few others have come very close to passing-- all without being paid to study for this as a part of their employment.

I've kept this quiet for a while now as the Fisher to Auburn talk flared up and the defensive coordinator series kicked off.  I'm throwing it out there now.

The Rumor:  One of the offensive coaches has not passed the NCAA Recruiting Certification test.  This basically means that he can't recruit on his own.  It hampers our ability to recruit if we can't send everyone out to do their own thing.

The rumor goes on to say that some other coaches don't like the fact that this coach got to coach his position without paying any dues, and that he didn't play in a system that would give him the experience to teach the necessary skills to the players so that they can properly perform within our scheme.  The rumor is that this is the only offensive coach who could be in jeopardy.  Inside, I'll give you a chance to take the test.  It is difficult, but from what I understand, it is not tough to pass if you are being paid to pass this as a part of your job (which a coach would be).  I'm sure that you agree FSU cannot afford to simultaneously have a coach who doesn't coach and a coach who can't fully independently recruit.

I'm not going to name the coach right now.  That is not what this is about.  It is about making sure that we have quality coaches at every position and laying down the law that we will not be a charity or a haven for washed up coaches and former players.  They must be qualified if they want to coach.  Being a lifetime Nole is a huge bonus, but it is only a bonus.

Also inside: I span the web to figure out where FSU will go bowling, and other cool links from around the Seminole media sphere.

Later today: TrueCubbie will preview our basketball game against the Gators.

I found the test available online.  

Here is the memo to NCAA Institutions, with instructions.  

Here is the practice test.  (Only coaches can take the real test).  You need an 80% to pass.

So, what did you score?  I got a 30 of 40, and I have never studied any of this stuff.  A coach would need to get 32 of 40 to pass.  If it is true that one of our coaches can't pass this, we have a rather serious issue.  

Exam Summary
Sport Coach Institution Division Academic Year Date Timed Type Results Pct Pass
Football PRACTICE EXAM PRACTICE EXAM I 2008-09 12/07/2008 01:54 PM Y Online 30 - 40 75.0 N

Ironically, one of the questions is...

Who is permitted to contact and evaluate prospective student-athletes off campus for recruiting purposes?

Member TMRNole just passed the test!  Congrats, TMRNole!

Exam Summary 
Sport Coach Institution Division Academic Year Date Timed Type Results Pct Pass 
Football PRACTICE EXAM PRACTICE EXAM I 2008-09 12/07/2008 06:55 PM Y Online 33 – 40 82.5 Y

TomahawkNation Writer Truecubbie took the test and scored a 30 of 40 (32 of 40 is passing).

Member and frequent contributor Zach_Nole took the test and got a 27 of 40.  

I'm 100% sure neither of these guys have ever been asked to study for this or prepare for it as a requirement of their employment.


Bowl Projections

CBS:  Champs v. Wisconsin

Yahoo (Rivals): FSU v. Wisconsin

I am hearing that the Champs Sports selection guys have a lot of UNC members on staff and that they are trying to get UNC to the Champs.  This would be a screwjob of epic proportions, to be sure.  If this happens, we'd go to San Fran to play in the Emerald Bowl.  Reader Hopnole23 reports that Miami has accepted an invitation to the Emerald Bowl.  We will not go to San Francisco.

We are going to the Champs Sports Bowl!  HT: Hopnole23 and Orlando Sentinel


Jimbo to Auburn rumor fallout

Me: I think Bobby has yielded all power to Jimbo, that Jimbo will make sweeping personnel and procedural changes, and that he will stay.  I read his statement yesterday, and I think it is better than nothing but definitely could be parsed as fluff.  I am not sure if Jimbo got his raise, but looks like he did get some of the other things we speculated about on Friday.

Chantrant: Offers a cinical and optimistic view on the situation.

Scalpem: wonders what will happen if Bobby leaves. 

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