Ponder...Better or Worse than his Stats?...updated with TD's

I was reviewing Ponder's stats for the breakdown of recruits and thought I would post some thoughts on them here. I started out by trying to prove a point, but these show me something different. Keep an open mind and let me know what you think.

Here are his stats.

6Td and 13INT's against D1A opponents. 12-13 overall. 4 Rushing TD's. 404 Rushing Yards. 113.03 Rating (not bad, not good). 1807 passing. This offense isn't designed to give the quarterback huge numbers.

After watching most (all but the wake and AA opponents) of the games when I looked at how many INT's to TD's he threw I was shocked. So I went back and looked at the play by play for each game, and tried to remember his INT's. Here is what I found.

Wake Forest - 2 INT's 0 TD

1 - 10 (opening series) - leads to 3 points

3-21 (FSU 21) - Returned to the 17 yrd line. Skinner fumbles a couple of plays later. No points.

One was on garbage time with 2 min left 3 and 20.....desperation

Colorado - 1 pick 0TD
2-9 (FSU 23) Led to 0 points because of a missed FG. FSUncensored reminded me this was a freak play. Ponder caught a tipped ball, tried to make a play and failed to secure it.

Miami - 2 INT's 1TD

3 and 8 at (Mia 41) (threw into endzone, might as well just count it as a punt)
2-9 (FSU 3) - Pick 6 (potentially very costly)

Touchdown - Comeback route to Greg Carr (thrown off his backfoot)

NC St - 1TD 0INT

17 yrd pass to Bert Reed (Swing Pass, great run after catch)

Ga.Tech - 1 INT
Tipped ball, picked, returned to 4yrd line. Sets up a TD

4 Yrd pass to Holloway (no idea on the route. Don't remember)

Virginia Tech - 1TD 0INT

Easterling 4 Yrd (Bubble Screen I believe) TD

Clemson 1-INT

2-9 (Clemson 11) Pick in the endzone 

Surrency - 14yrd TD (fade I believe)

Maryland - 1TD 0INT

Parker (7yrd bubble screen or underneath I believe)

BC - 3 INT
Pick 6 (87 Yards)
3-25 at BC46 Throws INT at BC 19yrd line (good as a punt)
1-10 at BC28 Carr runs a terrible route. Touchback. Leads to 3 points. Huge Drive Killer (why we decided to pass here is a mystery)

UF - 2 INT
3-12 at FSU 39 to Fla 16 off a tipped ball (as good as a 45 yrd punt)
1-10 at FSU 40 to Spikes returned to FSU 20. (terrible way to open 2nd half. He comes out. Reports are that he was hurting. Terrible read though)





I will have more tommorow as to how I think Ponder is doing. I set out to prove that the INT's were misleading. They are slightly, but some were costly interceptions.

TD - INT ratio against formable opponents (FBS) is terrible. However, I think he is slightly better than his stats may indicate. This offense isn't designed to create Heisman quarterback numbers when we ran the ball as well as we did this year.

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