Coaching Changes & truecolor's crystal ball...what's your take?

There is a lot of talk about coaching changes

We've discussed Jimbo's tenure and just how long he is willing to hang around. We have more than hammered home Bobby's need to depart and our feer that prolonging his departure will drive away our offensive staff along with the short term future of our program.  We've even talked about the needed changes on the Defensive staff.  (yes FSUncensored I've finally given in to your point of view...this happened some time during the GT game when we not only couldn't stop the option, but still didn't know how to in the 3rd quarter of said contest).  But, what is the real truth about what's going on in Tallahassee?  And, more importantly, what is going to happen as a result?  I also want to know what you think will happen, so chime in.

Smoke in your eyes

Let's try to blow away the smoke that is often created when these types of things go on when the media ways in on every single rumor to sell their stuff. 

1. Jimbo - What I think is really hapening here is that Auburn has his name on a list, and has perhaps contacted his agent. (who by the way is adept at NEVER saying no he just floats names until he gets "an offer you can't refuse"..sorry)  I don't believe he is interested, and I think we all bit the apple.  You know, the tempting one saying over here! Eat me.  Be fearful of everything everyone does in tallahassee, and more importantly boost my ratings.

2. Bobby Bowden - I don't believe that he is going to stay way too long.  You could argue it's already been too long, but I want to point out that a supposed plan is underway to change that.  My beliefe?  That the plan is more detailed than "awe shucks Bowden" is admiting.  I have believed that the day is set and they are working the plan...just not telling you and me.  Who could blame them.  That wouldn't be prudent.  If you are going to name your sucessor this is the way to do it.  Let people know it's probably on the horizon, don't give a clear and exact time table (in case there are needed adjustments) get the guy, get the guy established, and then make a smooth somewhat note worthy, but mostly expected transistion to the guy who has to replace a coaching legend.  Now that I think about it, this is the ONLY way to do it and expect good results. It helps build recruiting without creating a total void, transition staff, and make sure it's working before you actually pull the trigger.

Possible proof: Let's look at what actions they've taken so far...

a. huge confrontation regarding OC Jeff Bowden AND the future of Bobby as a result of some very lackluster years.

b. the search for THE perfect offensive coordinator and potential replacement should he leave.  (I believe they were very intentional here i.e. "bobby go get someone good cause he's taking your place by xx/xx/20xx).

c. in year one not only highering him, but essentially leting him test drive the team making head coach level changes in offensive staff, recruiting philosophy, and practice style, etc, etc. (very shrude they did this without giving him any title or making this official public knowlege)  I think again this was a trial basis on a handshake.

d. in year two when he performed (top 10 recruiting class, offensive improvement, team moving in the right direction) they gave him a time line for replacement, announced that he was next, while not making it completely final (i.e. date on the calendar publicly) to give Bowden some dignity and time to work fisher in.

e. this year Bowden aggresively starts to groom him on fundraising and boosters to get him ready for a transition.  Guys, you don't do this level of prep for "just in case" this transition is going to happen!

In all I think they have a day on the calendar and we will continue to see events that move us progressively move us toward that date...when...only the insiders know and as is so often the case in FSU football they ain't telling us a dadgum thing until the time is right. 

3. Mickey - I think the Mickey rumors are true...though this is completely a hunch.  IF they are, it will be the next in the series of events that leads us to "the secret day". 

How will it play out?

IF I'm right, It will probably play out like...

a. Andrew's makes an exit,

b. Jimbo gets his staff,

c. Bowden gets a last fling and Grand exit at the end of next season.

d. Jimbo has his staf, his team, and is effectively already the head coach, so there is a happy, smooth transition.

PS - I think this might be why Bowden commented and then took it back...sorrta took it back.  He know's when he's leaving, but they are playing it like "we've got this contract for this many years, but who knows"  Fisher - "he'll leave when he's ready" and "that's his decision" (laughs and smiles cause he KNOWS whith certainty that it WILL happen and they are taking there sweet time getting it ready.  Bowden "I'm not sure"  and "I'll know" and "I'm taking it a year at a time right now." when he knows exactly what's going down. 

Also - They may not have the exact date but, they've got the window. Du!

Of coarse, this is all my what's yours?

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