Hello 'Noles

Welcome to Tomahawk Nation!  I hope that over the coming weeks, you will enjoy what you read enough to make us your first stop for analysis of the Garnet and Gold.

I am FSUncensored, the new Manager and Editor of Tomahawk Nation.  nafselson is hanging up his blogging hat.  Many of you followed nafselon here when he left his former site, as did I. 

I followed a similar path as nafselon, by starting FSUncensored.blogspot.  I always figured that the blogspot site would be temporary.  The format over there isn't very good.  My mind was made up.  I would jump at the first decent offer that came my way.  I did not expect that offer to come seven weeks after I started FSUncensored.  Only 3600 unique visitors happened across FSUncensored in those 7 weeks.  One of those was Peter Bean, the managing director of college football blogs for SportsBLOGS, Inc. (SBNation.com)  Peter offered us the opportunity to take over for nafselon, and we accepted.  That brings you up to speed on how we got here. 

Now, who are we?

We are die hard Seminole fans who graduated from Florida State University.  There are three of us who will write on a regular basis, and two others who will chime in on occasion.  With the exception of our on-campus correspondent, we all either currently have or are pursuing our graduate degrees.   We probably love the 'Noles too much.  That gets in the way of life sometimes, but I doubt that you would want to read in-depth coverage from a group of guys who were lukewarm about your Seminoles. 

What will we offer?

I started FSUncensored primarily out of jealousy.  I was jealous that other fan bases had great sites like Peter Bean's Burnt Orange Nation (Texas), T Kyle King's DawgNation (Georgia), and The Boy's RockMNation (Missouri).  These guys offered their respective fan base an opportunity to really learn about their team.  They were passionate and objective at the same time.  When I saw Missouri's site, I looked around the 'Nole blogosphere and realized that this massive fanbase had the potential to support a site that went deeper.  I wanted one and figured that other FSU fans did as well.

Perhaps no team offers more angles to analyze than the Seminoles.  FSU was probably the most successful team of the last decade.  We have the winningiest coach in the history of college football.  The 'Noles have one of the best locations for recruiting; Tallahassee is perfectly positioned to to pluck kids from Florida and south Georgia.  We reside in a newly-formed conference, churn out NFL talent at a ridiculous pace, and feature the hottest women in the Nation. 

FSU is also facing possible disciplinary action from the NCAA for "Music Appreciatorgate", where FSU players received inappropriate help from athletic department tutors in order to perform well on yes, an Online Music Appreciation course.  They are still feeling the aftershocks of the "Nepotism Era", in which the winningiest coach in college football history tabbed his son to replace offensive coordinator Mark Richt; a decision that resulted in the steady decline of one of the best program of the late 90's.  The 'Noles will also soon replace their beloved coach, who at 78, does not have many years of coaching left.

We think the program is finally moving in the right direction after backing into its own house and then gunning it in neutral for several years.  FSU tabbed former LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher as it's "Head Coach in Waiting."  'Nole recruiting fell off during the end of the "Nepotism Era", and is now once again among the elite.

Obviously there are a lot of issues to cover as the 'Noles look to save face in what once looked to be a promising decade.

How will we cover the 'Noles?

With brutal honesty.  When your team is dominated the college football landscape during the years where most American families finally plugged into AOL, you end up with a lot of rah-rah fan sites.  This is not one of those sites.  While we lose our voice bellowing out the Tomahawk Chop every Saturday, we won't lie to you on Sunday about an FSU loss.  

TomahawkNation will offer the most objective and knowledgeable analysis of Florida State Athletics.  We won't pull punches.  If you read Tomahawk Nation, chances are you really care about the 'Noles.  You deserve to have the most honest take available.  When we post something as a fact, you can trust that it is a fact. 

We will also post rumors, and label them as such.  Tomahawk Nation is unique among the larger FSU sites in that we don't depend on access to the coaching staff.  While we love Jimbo and Co., we are not at their mercy.  If you hear something about the 'Noles, email us or post it in a comment section.  We will try our best to get to the bottom of it.

Reader participation will be a huge part of Tomahawk Nation.  Without you, the reader, we are nothing.  In order to keep the comment sections attached to each article neat and orderly, you are required to join our community.  Joining TomahawkNation is totally free.  You will never be asked for any financial information.  We also don't sell you stuff.  If you like an article, let us know.  If you hate an article, even better.  Let us know our article is junk, but also let us know why you hate it.  Offer suggestions on how we could do better.  Tell us what you want to see from TomahawkNation.  After all, you are a member of our community.

You can count on Tomahawknation for unparalleled game previews and reviews.  Not only do we tell you what happened, but we go in-depth.  Tomahawk Nation lets you know why it happened.  We will let you know who is excelling and who is slacking.  When a player is taking unnecessary heat, we will bail them out.

On the same token, when a player isn't holding up his end of the bargain, we will discuss it.  We won't bash a player's character unless he does something character related, and we won't tolerate people bashing our players rather than their play.  Our goal is to provide everyone every 'Nole fan with a deeper understanding of the boys in Garnet & Gold as they look to put the fear back in the spear. 

We have actually been up and running for three days.  Here are some items that we already posted.  As a staff, we are still getting used to the site design and controls, so be patient.

  • Game Log Review: WCU @ FSU  We brake down each series and highlight key plays.  This will be a weekly feature.
  • Report Card: WCU @ FSU  Each week we will set goals before the game.  Then we attack with the Garnet Pen.  Grading is on a curve.  We're not Doctor Z's Draft Grades.
  • Armwood v. Plant HS Game Recap: FSUSkot breaks down Florida State recruits from this battle of the heavyweights in the Sunshine State.
  • Top 25: Week 2  We are official members of the Jeff Cameron Show Top 25, brought to you by Snookers (local pool hall in Tallahassee).  If you know Brian Cook, lobby for us to get TomahawkNation back in the BlogPoll!
  • Recruiting Recap- Offense  FSUSkot breaks down the 'Noles top targets for the 2009 recruiting season. 
  • Wrapping Up: Western Carolina  We give out player of the week awards, post any remaining thoughts that didn't appear in the GameLog Review or Report Card, and try to put a nice bow on the week that was. 

And finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the big one that started it all, from the old site, The Weatherford Report.  Unfortunately for our site, but luckily for Seminole Nation, Drew is no longer the starting quarterback for the boys from the 850.

Once again, Welcome to TomahawkNation.  Grab your name and say hi!  Let us know you're here and offer some ideas for studies you want to see. 


The new Tomahawk Nation.


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