The rest of the FSU story: The Seminole Defensive Line.

We often talk about Heather Dinich, ESPN's ACC Blogger.  Heather does a good job of grabbing headlines from all over the web.  Some people don't believe that a woman can cover football.  I am not one of those folks.  I'll judge someone on how they write, not how they pee.

  She can be a little shallow on the analysis end, though, and that is to be expected since she covers 12 teams. 

Today though, she wrote:

The Seminoles lost a few guys from their roster, including defensive tackle Emmanuel Dunbar, who would have been a starter if he had been able to stay healthy. Markus White is still struggling with seizures, although doctors assure him he's safe on the football field as long as he takes his medication.

Is this right?

I'm not sure it tells the whole story.


The first link is from Andrew Carter at the Orlando Sentinel.  Carter runs a great blog and I encourage you to read it often.  Carter reported that Emmanuel Dunbar had back surgery and might not play again.  That is true.  Carter also reports that Emmanuel Dunbar would have started the season, if healthy.  Carter (as usual) is correct again.  Note, however, that Dunbar was only slated to start for the first three games because of "Music Appreciatorgate."  Budd Thacker and Paul Griffin are far and away the best defensive tackle options for the Seminoles.  Thacker and Griffin are slated to start when they return from their suspension, which ends after the Wake game. Even if Dunbar was healthy, he would only have started one meaningful game, against Wake Forest.  I really don't think the 'Noles are missing Emmanuel Dunbar for their game against Tennessee Chattanooga.

Dinich, however, reports that Florida State lost their starter at defensive tackle due to back surgery.  Maybe I'm bored because the 'Noles play UTC this week, but when I had a non-FSU friend read Dinich's blurb, they came away thinking that FSU lost a very important player at defensive tackle. 

Carter also reported that

TE Charlie Graham and FB Matt Dunham both failed to qualify academically. They'd been enrolled in JUCOs trying to make the grade. As harsh as this sounds, don't expect the Seminoles to miss either one of these guys.

Again, Dinich claimed that the 'Noles lost a few guys from their roster.  That would be accurate if this story was posted last spring.  Graham and Dunham were having academic issues last spring and haven't been with the team for five months.  As Carter accurately reports, and Dinich omits, FSU doesn't miss these guys.  Personally, I don't want either of them back.  Their probable production is not worth the scholarship, and Graham had a reckless gun issue last spring.


As for the Seizure report, that comes from Tom D'Angelo at the Palm Beach Post.

Dinnich's post annoys me because it implies that Markus is having recurring seizures.  Markus has dealt with seizures much of his life.  They aren't a daily ocurrence, however, and as we reported yesterday, Florida State defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews indicated that he played very well against Western Carolina.  Markus' last seizure ocurred about a month ago.  The 'Noles are aware of the situation, but aren't worried about it.

Dinich seems to be bias against teams who are not very media friendly.  Right now, those teams appear to be Florida State, Miami, and Virginia.

This is a slow week.  People need things to write about, whether they are news or not.


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