Preview and Open Thread: Chattanooga Mocs at Florida St. Seminoles

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Welcome to the Tomahawk Nation Preview and Open Gameday Thread!

First, we will preview the game.  Then, we will leave the thread open so that all 'Nole fans can leave their comments about the game, our predictions, or anything else related to college football.  The participation around here is pathetic as of late.  I know not everybody takes what we say as Gospel, so why not join in and comment?

The 'Nole blogoshpere did a surprisingly good job previewing the game, considering this game won't be very exciting:

Rich Halten and the Boys at Chantrant did a great two-part interview with Moc correspondents.  Part 1 is here with their beat writer.  (Yes, they have a beat writer).  Part 2 follows here.

FSUitstime did a nice series of pieces on the Mocs.  They're shorter, so I just recommend checking them out at his site.

ScalpEm will also be active tomorrow as Bill does a liveblog with his thoughts.

I fully encourage everyone to check out all the sites in the 'Nole Blogosphere.

The Prelims

As Rich poined out, Chattanooga is another bad team, just like WCU.  Oklahoma was up 50-0 at one point... IN THE FIRST HALF!  UTC is also very banged up, doesn't have many players available, and held non-contact practices this week.  Their best wide receiver will not play. 

UTC' 0ffense at FSU's Defense

I partially previewed this when I set out the goals in The FSU Rubric.  UTC had two good wide receivers, but now only have one.  They have a bruising fullback (230lbs), who some consider to be their best player. 

"Our best player is not the Fullback"._ Correction by "Blue Meanie"

Their quarterback is a pocket guy, which will be a nice changeup to what we saw last week.  They also have a guy who runs around a lot, but he won't play as much according to Rich's article.

"Our QB situation is suspect and unsettled"_  Correction by Moc fan "Blue Meanie"

If you read the rubric, you know that I want. the shutout.  I also expect our defensive ends to feast on their pocket guy. 

Fully expect UTC to run the ball a ton with their fullback Running Back, in an effort to grind out the clock.  UTC's goal will be to limit each team's possessions to 10 or less.  If we can force them into the short passing game, that won't be such a bad thing.  We can get practice getting the hands up, and tackling guys underneath, skills we will need to use for the wake game. 

Expected Defensive Player of the week: Markus White, DE.  


Pictured:  Markus White.  Not Pictured:  Referee forgetting to flag this for holding.

UTC's "Defense" @ FSU's Offense

This is what people come to see.  Per Rich and FSUitstime, we know that UTC has several corners who they consider good.  I'mm go ahead and say this is the strength of their team.  Unfortunately, these corners are short, while FSU's wide receivers tell Rapunzel they don't need her hair, but rather, "just grab my hand."  That said, they did hold Oklahoma under 500 total yards.

Andrew Datko will make his firsr career start at LT for the 'Noles.  Trickett was impressed that he knew his assignments and played with fire.  I'm impressed that Coach Rick Trickett has the stones to play a left tackle with a smaller waist than most of my regular readers.  The kid is small right now, but he has fire and Trickett thinks he has acceptable technique.  We will see.  The Moc defensive line is actually prett decent and hopefully will give this line an interpretation.

Antone had a splint on his forearm this week.  The coaches and him both say he is fine to play.  I'm skeptical.  Do we really need to get Deuce carries?  Beats me.  Carlton Jones is out (lower leg/ foot/ ankle) until Wake.  Expect Jermaine Thomas to have a big game and for local favorite Brandon Paul to dazzle the crowd as well.

Look for FSU to get less than 14 possessions, and for the offense to have at least 42 points.  Hopefully Ponder and D'Vo will be blitzed frequently.  Can never see too much pressure to practice good decision making.

Offensive Player of the Game Pick: Corey Surrency

590946_mediumSurrency:  Grown Man.  6'5" 220.  Better than your defensive backs.

Score Prediction: UTC 0, FSU 48. 


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