Wrapping up Western Carolina


How did the Seminole Blogosphere React to the 69-0, rain-soaked beatdown of the Catamounts?

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Players of the week


The Good

The bad


Offensive Player of the week

Rodney Hudson, LG. 

1521956_mediumThe ACC named Hudson their offensive lineman of the week.  Hudson mauled the Catamounts, earning a 90%+ grade.  Then, he moved to center and proved that he just might be superman.



Defensive Player of the Week

Toddrick Verdell, OLB


Toddrick played very well, as he led the team in tackles and was consistently the first man to the ball carrier.  Something tells us that despite having a lot of talented players on defense, Verdell will appear in this space again this year.  He will be crucial against Wake, as they really test the discipline and tackling ability of underneath defenders.



Special Teams Special Player of the Week

Nigel "The Nightmare" Bradham.  AKA "Beast Mode"


Nigel proved why he is the Anti-Tebow Missile as he stormed down the field on kickoff team.  "Beast Mode" recorded the first tackle of the night and the crowd chanted his name several times.  TomahawkNation is happy to see that the highly touted freshman hasn't let his fame go to his head, as he consistently hustled throughout the entire night; both on special teams and defense, where he tallied five tackles. 



Other Notables

  • Corey "Smurf" Surrency, WR, played one of the best games I have ever seen from a wide receiver.  It was very difficult to choose Hudson over "Smurf" for player of the week.  I was most impressed with his blocking, which can only be described as the amazing blocking lovechild of Hines Ward and Anquan Boldin.  He might be the best player on the 'Noles.  If you start talking him up now, you'll look very smart in a few weeks.
  • Markus White, DE

"Markus doesn't always know what he is doing, but nobody plays harder than Markus White."_ Mickey Andrews

That about says it all.  Expect big things from Markus White, who reminds me a lot of a Smaller Grant Winstrom.  The guy never gives up on a play and should reap the rewards of the double teams that are sure to be aimed at Everette Brown.

  • Sedrick Holloway, FB,  looked like he had good footwork throughout the night.  Often times the chance to lay a punishing block is set up by putting yourself in the right position.  He played with good intensity throughout the night.
  • Downfield Blocking from the offensive line.  This is just another area where the change in coaching philosophy and team attitude is evident.  There were several players where offensive linemen were throwing blocks 15+ yards downfield.  For every big run that is solely on the skill player, there are two or three that were blocked very well and required the ball carrier to make a single cut.


Before I get to the stuff I wasn't so happy with, I leave you with this highlight reel.



The Look Ahead

There were far too many plays where superior athleticism masked average or poor execution.  While most of our guys did not suffer from LazyFoot, we were far from crisp.  I am going to let this slide and reserve judgment until next week.  The massive delays, first game jitters, and wet field, though not horrible sloppy, could have contributed to some sloppiness.

We really need to fix the special teams and fast.  Punts routinely sailed past the acceptable zone.  Essentially, we out-kicked our coverage.  The missed field goal and extra point were less then encouraging to say the least.  Despite Nigel's best efforts, I thought that our the 'Noles did less than an admirable job of maintaining their lane integrity when it came to kickoffs.  These are things that must be ironed out before conference play starts.  You have 10 days before Wake, 'Noles, get this stuff right. 

Given the opponent, the secondary play was abhorrent.  Myron Rolle played well and I hope we are finally beginning to use him in a way that fits his skill set.

"Myron might have played his best game to date."_ FSU DC, Mickey Andrews

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that he is happy Roger Williams (last year's starting FS) is gone.  Micheal Ray Garvin has not shown anything to indicate that he is a D-1 caliber football player.  Hopefully he will be asked to show his stuff on the practice field before receiving any meaninful playing time on a Saturday.  The secondary dropped three sure interceptions and for the most part, as a unit, showed poor instincts.

Now, we put aside Western Carolina and turn to Tennessee- Chatanooga...



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