Dear Gary Brown,

Do you watch the NFL?  Do you want to make millions of dollars some day?  

If you don't watch the NFL, maybe you should start right now.  

O'Dell Haggins... The Money Maker

Do you know who Broderick Brunkley is?



BBunk is about the size you'll end up at.  6-2/6-3 305.  BBunk came to FSU, worked hard, listened to Coach Odell, and got paid.  

Last year, BBunk got a bonus of 6.4 Million dollars.  This year he gets one of 5.2 Million.  

O'dell is the best at turning athletic defensive tackles into NFL Millionaires.  BBunk got picked 14th overall and is now one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL.

What is Bunkley doing right now?  He just skullcracked Eli Manning.  He's leading his Philadelphia Eagles past the Giants.  In the Giants Stadium.  The announcers are practically having an orgasm over how well he is playing.  The announcer had to change his pants during the commercial break.  BBunk just threw the center into Brandon Jacobs on 3rd down for a 2-yard loss. 


There's more.  Know who Darnell Tyrese Brevin Julius Mojo Dockett III is?  He plays defensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals.  He's about 6'4" 295.  


Know what the Cardinals did last night?  They held the league's best rushing attack, the Carolina Panthers, to 75 yards rushing as Arizona punked Carolina, in their own stadium.

Dockett is getting paid.  Here's his website.  Darnell makes the Pro Bowl pretty often.  

Darnell Dockett is getting paid as well.  Check out this article from ESPN:

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett Friday signed a five-year contract extension that will keep him off the restricted free agent market next spring.

The extension is worth slightly in excess of $22 million and includes $7 million in bonuses. Dockett will receive a $3.5 million roster bonus now and then a second bonus of $3.5 million in the spring. Base salaries for the extension are $510,000 (for 2007), $3.25 million (2008), $3.5 million (2009), $3.75 million (2010) and $4 million (2011).
Dockett in his third year, is a fixture on the Cardinals' line and is widely regarded as one of the NFL's best interior defenders.

The 25-year-old has been a starter at the "under" tackle position since his rookie campaign, and his ability to quickly get through the gaps has made him a disruptive force. The former Florida State standout possesses excellent natural strength, uses his hands well, and plays with unusual leverage for such a young lineman.

Came into the league and started from day 1.

22 Million in guaranteed money and 7 million in bonuses?  Damn!  That is some serious jack.  

Know who Travis Johnson is?


He's a star defensive tackle for the Houston Texans.  Makes 10 Million.  Who coached him?  O'Dell Haggins.


You fit O'Dell's mold.

O'Dell doesn't want fatboys.  He wants guys who are quick.  Guys who can run, yet are still strong.  

Bunk came in at 6-2 270.  He was really quick and pretty strong.  O'Dell turned him into one of the richest people in Tampa.

Dockett came in at 6-3 265.  He was really quick and pretty strong.  O'Dell made him a multi-millionaire.  

Travis Johnson came in at 6-4 265.   He was really quick and pretty strong.  O'Dell made him a multi-millionaire.  

You are 6-3 275.  You are really quick and pretty strong.  Yet... you're a Florida commit.  WHY??


Florida State is a much better defensive tackle school than UF. 

Florida Gator Defensive Tackles coached by defensive coordinator Charlie Strong BUST in the NFL.  They stink.  They are no good.  they get cut.

Don't believe me?

Gerard Warren was taken with the 3rd overall pick in 2001 by the Cleveland Browns.  he was supposed to be their stud.  That didn't go well.  

Let's see what their local newspaper had to say:

Warren, One very Large Bust

San Francisco - They called him "Big Money." And the Broncos blew it big time on defensive tackle Gerard Warren.
Easy come, easy go.
The rapid rise and unexpected fall of Warren's career in blue and orange has ended with a thud. When a 325-pound man gets knocked on his keister as a big, fat bust, the shock waves can be felt throughout the Denver locker room.
Something tells me shaking up the team is exactly what coach Mike Shanahan had in mind by making a $10 million example of Warren. He figures to be traded as soon as the Broncos can find an NFL team willing to give them anything of marginal worth - an old, scratched copy of a Madden video game and half a bag of Cheetos might close the deal - in return for the 29-year-old defender.

Warren is now on his 4th NFL team where he is again, playing poorly.  

Something else interesting?  Strong likes fatties.  You are in shape.  You're not a fat dude.  The NFL wants guys who are in shape.  


Here's another UF BUST at Defensive Tackle:

What about Marcus Thomas?  We know he loves weed.  He played well for Florida when he wasn't suspended.  

Thomas was picked int he 4th round!  He makes 350K.  Thomas is widely considered a bust.  In fact, he recently got caught in a coacine bust!  Thomas weighs 315lbs.

Another UF fat boy who was good in college and horrible in the NFL.  


So, Gary, you wanna dominate in college and then get paid, or dominate in college and NOT get paid?  


The chance to start right now

I don't know if you saw our defensive tackles this year, but they were terrible.  Why?  We had 2 guys leave for the NFL before the season and we didn't have very much depth.  

This year we have even less depth.  Know what that means?  You're better right now than than the guys we have.  

Let's take a look at who we have coming back:

Nose Guard Moses McCray, sophomore, 6-2, 305.  Should start.

DT Justin Mincey, 6-3 285.  Explosive.  Should start if he doesn't go pro.

DT Kendrick Stewart.  Senior.  6-1, 260.  He should play defensive end.  

DT Budd Thacker.  Senior.  6-2 290.  Really, really slow.  Unathletic.  Plays dumb on the field.  You are better than him right now.  

DT Emannual Dunbar.  Senior.  6-3, 285.  Career ending back injury.  

Hmmm.. that is what, two good players our of five?

You come here, work hard, listen to O'Dell and you will beat out those guys and play early.  Really early.


Let's look at UF's depth chart:

Brandon Antwine DT Sr. 6-0/295
John Brown DT So. 6-1/295
Torrey Davis DT Jr. 6-3/298
Troy Epps DT Sr. 6-1/292
John Fairbanks DL Jr. 6-4/265
Jaye Howard DT So. 6-3/270
Omar Hunter DT So. 6-0/315
Lawrence Marsh DT Jr. 6-5/305
Matt Patchan DT Fr. 6-6/270
Terron Sanders DT Sr.. 6-2/300

Wow!  That is some serious depth!  We know UF's DTs bust in the NFL.  If you go there, will you have any shot at early playing time?  No way.  Not a chance.  That is TEN DEFENSIVE TACKLES.


The choice is yours, but you could come in and play early for FSU while Coach O'Dell makes you a millionaire, or waste away at UF and then stink it up in the nfl.  

I think I'd choose to play early for the best defensive tackle coach in college football.  Then again, I don't want to end up in the Arena League...

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