An optimist turned pessimist.

This is just an opinion peace. Too scatterbrained to organize stats, etc. I don't want to write (although I comment without much substance often) without substance, but just wanted to share my thoughts.


I have always considered myself to be an optimist. I constantly hold out hope for good things to happen, and await them. I feel like in life if you think negatively, often results of things come out negative. If you think positive, good things happen. It's all about attitude and perspective. There has been very few times where I go into a movie with a preconcieved notion of it being BAD and it shocking me. The reverse is true. Mostly I just try to keep an open mind.


However, somehow, FSU (football) has defied all logic. I have always gone into seasons thinking the best. ACC Championship. Maybe this is the year we compete on a national level. Heisman. Butkus. Bobby! Mickey!

Consistently, for the last 8 years I have been let down. It started with Rix. I mean, the guy had all of the tools. Now, whether he didn't work hard enough, or Jeff didn't coach him correctly is a story that we have long moved on from. However, he was a bust. He didn't win us games. He made a thousand mistakes. Etc.

Then came Xavier Lee. Oh my gosh was this guy a baller in high school. As soon as he declared for Florida State I made this OUTLANDISH (in hinesight) prediction to all of my FSU fan friends that he would win the Heisman by the time he left Florida State. The guy barely saw the field, and when he did, boy did he dissapoint.

Since the on-set of the ACC Championship game we have only won one (only made it to one) out of 4. We loose to the Wake Forests, Boston Colleges, NC St.'s, Marylands of this world. What ever happened to dominance? Bobby and Mickey (Thanks FSUncensored and MattD for progressing me along in my growth to see this). I mean, has anyone been pleasently surprised yet by anything? Ponder....maybe, but did he really overachieve? ehhh. He was mediocre. We have had some stand out defenses, but we have failed to stop misdirection in the last 8 years because teams have figured us out, without us adjusting to offenses.

Recruit after Recruit after Recruit dissapoint. Some players are jackasses, others injury plauged and others never develop. However you can't just put all of this on the players. They aren't the consistency. It is recruiting class after recruiting class. The only consistency is the coaching staff. The lowest common demoninator is a philosphy I learned in 5th grade math. It's always the simplest answer, and that answer is that we need coaching change. Will I be optimistic next year? Probably not. This optimist has been dissapointed so many times in the last 8 years, that I don't trust in what I used to.

Am I grateful for Bobby and Mickey? Absolutely! They did a lot of great things for Florida State and brought a program from the pits of college football to national prestige. They dominated the 90's. They were relevant. However, I just can't trust them any more. Don't get TOO excited about McDaniel, Downs, McCallister, etc. With the track record we have, they will just dissapoint you. Allow them to surprise you if they may, but don't set your hopes too high.

Just a piece of advice from a perennially dissapointed optimist.

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