Chuck Amato relieved of his duties?

If you frequent Tomahawk Nation, then you probably know that we think Chuck Amato is a horrible coach and a cancer that could haunt this program for a long time after he leaves (by dragging FSU's name through the mud). 

It seems as if Jimbo Fisher, who many believe clashes with  Amato and certainly doesn't want anyone setting up the program for failure once he does take over, might have made some headway in limiting the damage Amato can do.  Inside, we'll share part of an anonymous conversation we had with a certain reporter who is very familiar with Amato, and also get the perspective of a prized recruit's mentor (complete with a possible revelation). 

I'll also speculate on why Amato's poor performance hasn't recieved more publicity.

I recently had a conversation with a reporter who has a lot of experience covering Chuck Amato.  He's not going to give us quotes on the record, but the point comes across just as well anonymously. 

REPORTER: What is Chuck doing to cause all the trouble?

FSUncensored: I don't work for the team, so I can't say I've seen all this in person, but it's rumored that..."the other coaches think he's a clown. There have been several arguments in front of players, due to Chuck overstepping his powers. Chuck thinks he will again get another HC job and attempts to act like it. At best he has the 4th most power on the team (Bobby, Jimbo, Mickey), yet tries to run the show.  Again, I'm not in the locker room, so I can't say all this happened, but where there's smoke...

Now, he's recruiting like a Bozo. Promising recruits he'll stop by or call on a specific day, then standing them up. It's happened repeatedly.  Amato was brought in specifically to recruit Miami and the greater South Florida area.  Nobody has ever mistaken him for an X's and O's mastermind.  For someone who is supposed to be a SoFla recruiting guru, Amato has pulled in ONE south Florida recruit in his three years, and that's a kid some coaches reportedly want to boot from the team due to his non-progression as a player and poor attitude (Maurice Harriss, a three-star linebacker who many Nole fans didn't want to give a scholarship to during his original recruitment).

Also, Mickey is heavily position coach dependent, and our linebacker play has gone in the tank since Kevin Steele left.

As for why this isn't getting any media coverage, it's mostly related to FSU having a stricter media policy than in recent years, and the nature of a position coach.

REPORTER:  Hey, as a guy who covered Chuck at N.C. State, I can't say I'm shocked by any of these allegations. He alienated a lot of high school coaches in NC and the turnover on his staff was very, very high.


In fact, one of our frequent writers, CFCNole, tipped us to one of those recruiting mishaps from Amato's past that might still be haunting the Noles to this day.  In response to yet another account of Chuck Amato doing a poor recruiting job, CFC wrote:

Callahan (Coach of Armwood High School) said that FSU is not banned from his program but they have for whatever reason not pulled any of his players. Armwood is loaded with players and we have pulled none.  I have always wondered why. Turns out that Callahan has only banned one program from recruiting his players, ever.  That program?  Chuck Amato's NC State Wolfpack in 2003-04 because the Wolfpack sent an unnamed coach down to supposedly look at three uncommitted guys at Armwood.  Instead, this unnamed coach taps up a wideout that was committed elsewhere and shows no interest in the three players he was supposed to be looking at. The wideout went to NC State and Callahan has never forgiven them for it.  Amato's terrible attitude and unprofessional tactics at NC State now haunt his current employer.

If Amato's screw ups at NC State are hurting FSU, how long will we suffer from his current mistakes as a member of the Seminole staff?


You may be aware that we are attempting to procure  Preliminary talks have begun, and soon, member Pbysh will have some information about how we can get the ball rolling on this project. 

I recently spoke with the owner of that website, who created it to oust Amato from his head coaching job at NC State: 

Hi [FSUncensored],
I am an NC State graduate (BA, 1993) and my distaste for Chuck runs deeply. Between he and Herb Sendek, those two have run NC State athletics into the cellar. I was very pleased to get (and run) the website. I had over 2 million hits, fwiw, during November of his final year in Raleigh and had a nice relationship going with the sports desk at the Raleigh News & Observer (which wrote about him in a deserved unflattering manner).

I’ve held onto the name because I’m of the opinion that someone, somewhere will eventually hire this high-profile, big personality jerk to destroy their football program, after briefly inflating everyone’s hopes and garnering a high salary. I can only imagine that Jimbo Fisher will fire him the day he takes the helm.

So toward that end, I’ve held onto the domain, paying the annual fee, thinking it will be of value at some point (year 2) of whatever program Chuck lands upon.

If you would like to talk, I’ll be glad to give you a call. Just send me your number. I hold nothing against Florida State at all. You’re not UNC or Duke, so you’re fine.

Best regards and kind wishes from Charlotte, NC,
[Owner of]

We are attempting to borrow the site, host it on a server of our own, or possibly rent the site.  The guy deserves to cash in on his investment, but we don't need to pay huge money over a position coach.


While we continue our efforts to get Amato out of FSU's program entirely, word now comes that some of our coaches might realize that he is a huge problem and don't want to dig out of the huge hole he's creating.  Word now comes from the Uncle and Mentor of a major 2010 recruit (likely Five Star Player), that...

Tight Ends Coach and recruiting ace James Coley told him that Amato will no longer be recruiting Miami, and that the FSU coaching staff is "realigning" their recruiting territories.  Coach Coley said Amato is not getting the job done.  

We've seen a few examples of this in practice, as coaches visited players who don't live in their assigned zones.  This new revelation confirms the suspicions of some of our long time readers.

Interestingly, we have a new question: where else can Amato recruit?  He is a South Florida guy and his Guido persona isn't likely to find success recruiting some of the more country parts of Florida.  My guess is that he will recruit the Tallahassee area.  This presents another problem: We already have Carter and Mickey Andrews recruiting this area.  Allen does it as well.  Bobby Bowden is too old and fragile to make many recruiting trips.  We run the risk of lacking coverage.

Still, this is great news.  FSU cannot afford to have Chuck Amato poison the South Florida recruiting well by continuing to alienate the local coaches.  You take care of your biggest needs first, and having Coley take Amato's place does that.  We can cover the smaller holes later.     

To me, it's simple.  Amato isn't much of a football coach.  He was brought here to be a recruiter.  He's not being a recruiter.  So, what is he doing again?  Why are we wasting our money on this clown?

For the record, I am not aware of any team expressing interest  in hiring Chuck Amato for any coaching position, much less a head coaching spot.  If we can't fire him this offseason, we might be stuck with him as the American Football Coaches Association Convention was held last weekend. hhhhh rr reliever


Credit for this story goes to: AC, JR, CFC, & PB. hhhh

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