Wednesday Open Recruiting Thread

Tons of links inside, and we ask you: What will it take for you to deem this recruiting class a success?

Greg Reid Update:

Jimbo will be the guest speaker at the Lowndes football banquet this Monday! 

Here's Greg's quote from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

"I wish the Gators the best. It's just not the place for me." - Greg Reid

Here's Luke of on the most important High Schools for FSU to target

Talk about how FSU is viewed at the most important high schools in SoFLA in regards to recruiting.

Year in and year there are a hand full of high schools that will churn out talented prospects, and having a solid relationship inside the school can only be to your benefit as a program. St. Thomas Aquinas, Miami Northwestern, Pahokee, and Glades Central producing a star recruit are as certain as death and taxes. If I were a college coach, no matter the location of my university, I'm taking a plane following my introduction press conference to show my face and meet the coaches at these four schools.

At STA as long as you keep everything above the board, and keep Coach Smith informed on all doings with his prospects, your university should be fine. No school will truly get a choke hold on STA with all the other universities swarming the school, and Coach Smith and staff doing a great job promoting their players. FSU seems to have a good relationship with STA, and if they continue to work the program, they will continue snagging talented prospects.

The toughest nut to crack will be Miami Northwestern, a notable Hurricane strong hold. No reason to shy away, but certainly don't put all your eggs in the Bulls basket. The program turns out a lot of talented players, and they all cannot head to Coral Gables every year. If FSU could land a Bull who in turns goes on to have an All-American career in Tallahassee, do not underestimate the value of showing that prize off to future Dade County recruits from the heart of Miami.

FSU has always had a strong presence in the Muck. There are still plenty of kids out there growing up fans of the Seminoles and that's always is a huge plus. Some of the uncertainty with of when the new regime will take over the FSU program has caused a minor blip in Pahokee. Glades Central is perfectly content sending kids to Tallahassee, so no worries there. Now the Seminoles have the Florida Gators in there giving them a run, but it would not be a fun year recruiting if there wasn't a good ol' Seminole-Gator tug-of-war for some prospects in the Muck.

Now the wild card schools to immediately attend because their 2010 and 2011 classes are something FSU should want a piece of. When Booker T. Washington has one of the best running backs in the state, Eduardo Clements, and he happens to be a Seminole fan, FSU certainly has to move them onto the list of important schools in South Florida. It certainly doesn't hurt that Booker T. now features a pair of tall and talented wide receivers, Ted Meline and Quinton Dunbar, and a pass rushing fool in Lynden Trail. Trail also has an offer from the Gators and they are in the lead to gain his commitment, and wouldn't all Seminole fans love to steal one from the Gates?

The other school I would hit up is Dwyer High School. Their head coach, Jack Daniels, played at Florida and their star prospect Matt Elam is a Gator commit, but they have a lot of 2010 prospects and more importantly 2011 prospects. The most logical options at Dwyer for FSU are 2010 tight end Gerald Christian and 2011 quarterback Jacoby Brissett. Christian has an FSU offer already and names the Seminoles and Gators as his leaders. Brissett is a big 6-foot-5 agile gun slinger who could develop into one of the best in the nation. These are only two of about six uncommitted D1 prospects at Dwyer for the 2010 and 2011 class. Coach Daniels seems like an opened minded guy that would not "steer" his players away from your program, and that's all you can really ask as a recruiter.

A couple other schools that should be mentioned are also Miami Central and Hialeah. Both have a good number of talented prospects in the coming classes as well.



The board is pretty small this year as the Noles have most of the guys they want.

Michigan is still coming after Willie Haulstead Hard:

Titusville, Fla., four-star receiver Willie Haulstead (6-3, 210) took an official visit to Michigan in October. He has been committed to Florida State since last May, but he confirmed last week that the Wolverines are still very much in contention on signing day.

Luckily for FSU, Haustead Visits them this weekend.

OL Aubrey Phillips is supposed to visit this weekend, but I am not sure whether that will happen.


Demonte McAllister, Jujuan Harely, and Chris Thompson, all Nole Commits will visit this weekend.




Demonte McAllister is a complete freak of an athlete.  Pete Carroll called him the Best 3-technique defensive tackle prospect.  Ever.  His mom is anxious to see FSU.  DeMonte is really excited about the defensive front the Noles are building

"Our inside game is going to be ridiculous," he said. "We're impregnable. Can't touch us, man."


FSU Leads for Orson Charles thanks to Coach James Coley:

With such impressive suitors, one seems to be standing above the others in the pursuit of the talented tight end.

"Florida State and Coach Coley," Charles said.

James Coley, who is widely regarded as one of the Seminole's top recruiters, also is the tight ends coach for Florida State. With him on the job for Florida State, the Seminoles will remain on Charles' mind until the very end.

The Seminoles lack what Charles has, and that is game-breaking ability at the tight end position. Ever since Brandon Warren divorced Florida State, and transferred to Tennessee to be close to his ill mother, the Seminole's have not seen much production from that position, besides an occasional reception from Junior, Caz Piurowski, who is known more for his blocking than his receiving skills.

Charles is undoubtedly the Seminole coaching staff's main objective throughout the rest of this process.



In fact, Charles is so important to this class that Bobby Bowden himself visited the Talented H-Back prospect.  We also will offer two of his teammates as invited walk-ons. 


FSU feels like home to Greg Reid while the tlanted South GA defensive Back eliminates the Gates (Great scoop, guys)!

More to come throughout the day, and we have basketball tonight.


Coaches Recruiting Performances:  Per Rivals

Jimbo Fisher

Name Pos Stars Ht Wt Hometown
Willie Downs ATH 6-2 192 Tallahassee, FL
Jajuan Harley DB 6-2 190 Tallahassee, FL
Brandon Jenkins DE 6-2 218 Tallahassee, FL
Chris Thompson RB 5-8 173 Greenville, FL

Jimbo also makes visits to prospects in every region.  He has an excellent recruiting reputation and gets credit for these four studs.  As the HCIW, he's also in on important defensive players.

James Coley

Name Pos Stars Ht Wt Hometown
Dustin Hopkins K 6-2 174 Houston, TX
Henry Orelus OL 6-2 292 Belle Glade, FL
Lonnie Pryor RB 6-1 195 Okeechobee , FL
Xavier Rhodes WR 6-2 187 Miami, FL
Rodney Smith WR 6-6 202 Miami, FL
Bryan Stork TE 6-4 240 Vero Beach, FL

Since Amato is a complete failure, Coley has to take South Florida all by himself and he has done an excellent job.  He's also lead on Orson Charles.


Lawrence Dawsey

Name Pos Stars Ht Wt Hometown
Willie Downs WR 6-2 192 Tallahassee, FL
Demonte McAllister DT 6-3 263 Tampa, FL

Dawsey is mainly charged with getting back in to the Bay area after FSU neglected one of the largest areas in the state for 3-4 years.


Jody Allen

Name Pos Stars Ht Wt Hometown
Justin Bright DB 6-0 184 Duncan, SC
Jacobbi McDaniel DT 6-0 267 Greenville, FL
Chris Thompson RB 5-8 173 Greenville, FL

Allen is a decent recruiter and I have no criticisms of him in this regard.


Odell Haggins

Name Pos Stars Ht Wt Hometown
Jacobbi McDaniel DT 6-0 267 Greenville, FL

Odell had been a great recruiter for many years until he fell off.  Let's hope he is back on track now.


Rick Trickett

Name Pos Stars Ht Wt Hometown
John Prior OL 6-6 283 Portsmouth, OH

Trickett is known as an above average, but not great recruiter.  He recruits a specific type of kid.


Mickey Andrews

Name Pos Stars Ht Wt Hometown
Justin Bright DB 6-0 184 Duncan, SC

I love Mickey.  He's always been "I'm awesome, come play for me", and hasn't been much on the recruiting trail. 


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