Tuesday Nole Notes 1.06.09

News on Bowden, Brown, Jenkins, and why isn't Mickey recruiting today?

Also... http://www.rockmnation.com/2009/1/6/710285/rock-m-nation-bowl-pick-em  I'm about to win a contest for Tomahawk Nation (and you guys didn't even know you were represented).

UPDATE: ESPN'S Todd McShay doesn't have Brown as a 1st round pick, just a month after calling him the 8th best available player (and top pass rusher).  

Brandon Jenkins Attends First Class at FSU

Brandon Jenkins is a 4* defensive end (rated the 18th best DE by ESPN), and the only early Enrolee in this class.  He appears to have his head on straight and he's smart.  I've seen some of the myspace photos of our incoming recruits.  Not all of them are encouraging.  Brandon's, however, show a kid who isn't getting into trouble.  He enters FSU with 6 hours of college credit, a good sign.  His Highschool coach thinks he will peak out at around 270lbs (though I'd say 260 is more realistic).  Currently at 6-4, 230, he'll need to reach 250 before he can expect to get significant playing time.  I see this kid being a good to very good defensive end for us in time because of his grounded nature, excellent potential, promising frame, and solid burst off the edge.  Defensive linemen often seem like some of the dumber guys on the team, and we've seen this with some of the ineligibility and early reparture stuff we've had.  Brandon doesn't fit into that mold as his intelligence and strong family are encouraging, much like Everette Brown's were.

Chantrant continues their "What If: Bowden" Series by asking How would we pay Jimbo if Bobby stuck around for 2011?  

My answer?  I don't think Jimbo will stay for 2010 is Bowden is still around/ alive (not trying to be morbid, but after seeing 80yo Dick Clark, the reality of Bowden's age is in the forefront og my mind).  


Everette Brown might not go pro


That's right.  The best player the Noles have had in a several years might not go to the pros early!  This is just... huge news.  Our defense gets a ton better if he does decide to stay (has until Jan 15th to decide).  Wow, just wow.

This would be a bad move on his part, in my opinion.  He is set to be drafted early in the 1st round.  Sources say he wasn't in love with his draft evaluation.  

If he does come back he must take out a sizable insurance policy.

The best defensive ends for the 2009 season should be: 

Everett Brown - Florida State
Jerry Hughes - TCU
Aaron Maybin - Penn State
George Selvie - South Florida
Jammie Kirlew - Indiana
Paul Kruger - Utah
Alex Carrington - Arkansas State
Brandon Williams - Texas Tech
Antonio Coleman - Auburn
Malcolm Sheppard - Arkansas
Jermaine Cunningham - Florida
Arthur Jones - Syracuse
Allen Bailey- Miami

Brown would be the top defensive end/ edge rusher taken if he were to stay, and if his family doesn't really need the huge money, and he wants to stick around for another year, and he is getting good advice, and he is taking out a huge insurance policy, then staying might not be a bad idea.

I'm against it, however, and I don't know exactly how EB can justify coming back.

Update: Andrew Carter says a decision will come from Brown soon!

Update #2:  

MattDNole reminded me that "Do Now Want Dog" (DNWD) is the official mascot of the fear Everette Brown puts in the hearts of opposing offenses.


There... much better.


Andrews is one of two coaches who are not on the road recruiting today (only 7 of 9 can recruit at one time).

That rule makes it pretty clear why Dexter Carter needs to go.  We can't get good coverage with two coaches going together, as Carter need a babysitter.

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