Bonus Recruiting News (Jarvis Byrd, Chuck Amato, and Phillip Thomas)

I'm pretty sure the NCAA has issued its ruling on our probation and scholarship losses.  Why?  Matt was locked out of their server with the new rulings today, with a message that read "

Your Name:
Who should receive the password in an e-mail?
Director of Athletics, Mr. Randall Spetman
Faculty Athletics Representative, Dr. Joe Beckham
Senior Woman Administrator, Ms. Kellie Elliott
Compliance Coordinator, Mr. Brian J. Battle
Sports Information Director, Mrs. Tina Dechausay

Only those five could read the report.  Keep that in mind as we discuss these two Bonus updates, courtesy

Coley and Amato, Jimbo, and Dawsey hit up "The Muck" today (Glades Central and probably Pahokee).


Amato disrespects Thomas

No visit to Edison and no phone call to Phillip Thomas. "I know what means, but it's alright," said Thomas. Flies to Western Michigan tomorrow. (SoFlaFootball)

That's downright rude by Chuck.  Twice now, Amato has told Thomas that he would watch his tape/ call/ visit, and twice Chuck has stood Thomas up.  I understand if the school figured out that their self-imposed penalties were a joke and that the NCAA decided to hit us hard, but at least have the common courtesy to call the kid and explain the situation.  

Chuck Amato: burning bridges, buying bras.  

I am now going to work on the "Chuck Amato South Florida Recruit Tracker".  It should take me approximately... no time, as he has only recruited one prospect in his three years since being fired from NC State.  Chuck was supposed to be our leader in our foray back into South Florida.  Apparently it takes more than wearing Gucci glasses and red pleather shoes to be able to recruit south Florida.  

Amato is seriously hurting FSU.  He is a terrible coach, his players are completely unaware of the game around them, he's probably going to help Nigel Bradham become one of the biggest underachievers ever.  In addition, people openly laugh at him in the recruiting world and at coaching camps.  Pathetic, Chuck.

Outside of Bowden and Mickey (because they are obviously leaving), no coach is more frequently mentioned when someone discusses the negative recruiting tactics being employed against FSU.

Here's hoping he sells his damn house in North Carolina so that Anne Bowden can rest assured he'll be okay if Bobby is forced to fire his worthless friend.  

Would Amato get another job of similar stature at any other major university?  (Apply this test to our other coaches for a sad reality check)


Jarvis Byrd

While Amato continues to challenge for title "most worthless coach ever", we have other news to tend to.

Luke has the report on Jarvis Byrd

Being in the Muck today, got to talk to someone close to Byrd. He mentioned the kid's had a different school at the top every time I talked to him. Apparently the flavor recently has been FSU. With the 'Noles getting the final weekend visit, I'm thinking it will be tough to beat them.

Good story from Luke, so check it out.

I'm glad we went to visit him.  I'm not sure all of our coaches know how to use the phone.  Being first or last is clearly the key here.  We'll show Jarvis how poorly we've done recruiting cornerbacks and he'll jump at the opportunity to compete for a starting spot at a major school.  

With the NCAA stuff coming out, it's easy to see why we'd string Byrd out a bit.

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