Exit Interview: Everette Brown

This will be the first in a series of exit interview pieces.  The plan is to profile each exiting player, talk about his time as a Nole, and then discuss the player's  future.  Hopefully, this catches on and members volunteer to do their favorite player. 

Everette Brown came to FSU as one of the better players in the 2005 recruiting class.  At 6-4, 235, Brown was A four-star player by Rivals.com, who rated him the No. 78 overall player in the country and the No. 3 weak side defensive end in the nation.  


As frequently happens with Appalachian pass rushers (Reggie White, Bruce Smith, Lawrence Taylor, and Julius Peppers), Brown possessed great physical skills.  

After redshirting in 2005, Brown earned Freshmen All-America Honors in 2006.  In 2007, Brown started nine games and led the team in sacks and also finished high in tackles for loss.  A terror off the edge, Brown worked hard to improve his game and become an all-around player.  In 2008, that work paid off as Brown led the ACC in Sacks and Tackles for loss, finishing 3rd and 4th nationally in those categories.  Brown earned All-America honors and was a finalist for numerous national awards. 

Brown was a true game-changer.  He kept opposing coaches up at night and then destroyed their plans on Saturday.  


We've debated this for a while now and there isn't a concrete answer, but I believe Brown is the best defensive end FSU has ever had.  Better than Peter Boulware, Wilson, and Wadsworth.  I believe this because Brown had to face much better competition, both in talent level and in scheme.  Early 90's college passing attacks simply did not know how to handle the speed rush.  Elite college rushers now must have a variety of skills.  Brown has those skills.

Additionally, Brown inspired "Do Not Want Dog" (DNWD), the official mascot of the fear Brown inspires in opponents.  


We promise to pass DNWD along to any decent blog of the NFL team lucky enough to land #99

What's next for Everette Brown?

Brown will skip his Senior season in order to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL.  Brown earned his degree in only three years.

What position will Brown play?

Brown played defensive end for the Noles, but in the NFL he will likely line up at Outside Linebacker in the 3-4 scheme.  Brown is 6-4, 255 LBS, which makes him a perfect fit for that position.  These players are in high demand.


What can Brown do for you?


  • Explosion: Brown has incredible burst off the edge
  • Balance: nobody in the college game stays lower throughout their stance on the way to the QB.  He has an uncanny knack for ducking under long-armed tackles.  (Think Dwight Freeney)
  • Pure Speed (watch the Maryland clips in the highlight video)
  • Versatility.  Brown can play standing up but is also comfortable putting his hand on the ground
  • Work Ethic.  The FSU coaches constantly praise this guy for his constant motor and work ethic.  
  • Durability.  Brown has never missed a game due to injury.
  • Dedication.  Playing on the health idea, Brown takes excellent care of his body.  
  • Not a pure speed guy.  Brown has a great variety of moves and is surprisingly advanced for an early-entry pass rusher.

Brown is also an excellent character guy.  He is NOT your typical FSU thug that have occasionally run through our program.  At a position where good behavior isn't all that common, Brown is pure class.  We get a lot of rumors sent to us (and photos) about FSU players acting up, but I have never once heard Browns name mentioned in anything remotely seedy.  Brown is a community service nut!  

Florida State's leaders when it comes to community service...donates his time freely...has volunteered at Riley Elementary and Speight Middle School, with booster groups, The Able Trust, MDA Summer Camp, Tallahassee Seminole Club, Dick Howser Center for Childhood Services, Life Skills Center and Read Across America among many others.

Brown offers this quote on what he brings to the NFL  "I can bring the whole package as far as a guy who can get up the field quickly and will also study the playbook every day and work hard."

Brown isn't perfect, however, and he does have weaknesses (sorry EB, but people won't take this seriously if we don't offer a balanced view).

  • Brown has a limited frame.  He can probably play at 260-265lbs, but he is not a 275lb Shawn Merriman sized player.  I think his best weight is 250-255.
  • Brown is still fairly raw.  He has only started 26 games for the Seminoles.  Despite being extremely productive, he occasionally makes mistakes.  
  • Poorly coached/ simple scheme.  Many fans think defensive ends coach Jodey Allen is a poor coach.  We generally agree.  FSU also runs a very simple defensive scheme.
  • In-Line Blocker shedding.  Brown sometimes struggles taking on huge offensive tackles in the run game.

Most of these weaknesses can actually be seen as easily correctable.  The first and last are simple: play him in a 3-4 scheme.  Problem solved.  The 2nd and 3rd indicate that he has a fairly high ceiling, but won't be the defensive MVP right away.  If a team runs a really complex scheme, Brown will devote all of his time to learning the scheme.


What do the experts say?

Todd McShay had this to say about Brown in the NFL

Brown is a bit undersized as a defensive end but he is fast and athletic, and he is a perfect fit as a rush-linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. He is using his initial quickness, body control and closing burst to generate pressure both around the corner and on inside stunts. He will be in the mix to be the first of his kind -- the 'tweener DE/OLB hybrid -- selected.

McShay isn't alone in praising Mr. Brown...


Everette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida State 
Height: 6-4. Weight: 255. 
Projected 40 Time: 4.60. 
Projected Round (2009): Top 15 Pick. 

Walterfootball projects Brown to be selected 10th overall by the 49ers

ESPN's SCOUTS, Inc. rates brown as the 9th best player available.

Brown is the 2nd coming of Demarcus Ware

Coming out of school, Ware was 6'5 251, running a 4.59.  Brown is 6'4, 255, running a 4.55 of 4.60 (depending on who is timing).  Brown is a better player now than Ware was coming out of school.  Here is ESPN's take on Ware as a draft prospect back in 2004:

Ware has bulked up to 253 pounds... In our opinion, Ware's best fit would be as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. Ware is somewhat unpolished and he needs to continue to get bigger and stronger. However, his athletic ability, top-end speed and flair for making the big play as a pass rusher and run-defender makes him an attractive prospect.

If that doesn't sound familiar, I don't know what does.  I really like how both players played primarily with their hand down in college, and both faced (and beat) numerous double and triple teams.


Parting Shot

Brown made the right move to leave for the NFL.  He's the best player the Seminoles have had in the latter part of this decade.  A true freak athlete with some room to grow, Everette hasn't yet hit his ceiling.  

I predict that Everette will destroy the combine, if he chooses to go.  My guesses at his numbers are:

6'1 1-8, 255LBS, 4.57 40 (wow!).  He'll also destroy the agility drills because of his great ability to stay low.  

An NFL team can't go wrong drafting Brown.  With all the temptations offered in Tallahassee, he never got in trouble.  Brown is extremely personable and will be a great asset, player, and representative for the lucky franchise that selects him.  

The best NFL comparison I have for Brown is DeMarcus Ware, as I noted above.  Brown is not the 2nd coming of Mega-Bust Vernon Gholston, as Brown has great agility and balance.  He's not some weight-room wonder without the production-- as Gholston was.  Here's to hoping that teams see the DeMarcus Ware in Brown.

Good Luck, Everette!  You'll always be a great 'Nole!  Thanks for always being a class guy and dominating each Saturday.  


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