Florida State retains the worst head coach in college football for another year

Don't get mad.  Can you honestly think of a coach who does less with more?  Is anyone less involved in the day to day activities of a program?  Is anyone a bigger drag on a program?


Photo Credit: AP


Other notes inside... (including someone visiting Greg Reid)

Nobody in their right mind would hire Bowden for any coaching position (barring a publicity stunt).  We decide to pay him $2.5 Million.   

Today's press conference was a joke.  I didn't attend, but I talked to someone inside the program and they are embarrassed for Bobby and embarrassed that our university is being represented by this washed up delusional geriatric.  

Things Bowden didn't know at today's presser:  

  • Coach Rick Tricket's contract situation
  • The scholarship situation
  • Eligibility status of some players
  • Bowden hadn't talked to D'Vontrey Richardson and didn't know if Jimbo Fisher had either.  
  • Apparently (I didn't get this from talking to my reporter friend, but rather from Seminole 64), Bowden didn't know the specific recruits that are coming into town.  Nick Saban is webcamming with kids.  Bowden can't keep track of recruits.  Somehow, we expect to compete at an elite level.

Things Bowden did know:

  • Mickey Andrews will draw another paycheck
  • Jeff Bowden will coach with Terry at Directional Alabama

Not only does UF have maybe the best coach in college football history (in terms of "I wouldn't take anyone over him in his prime"), but we have the worst. head coach in major college football.  

Mickey Andrews coming back assures us of a couple things: 

  • More teams taking advantage of our stale scheme
  • Continued focus on intensity and energy instead of strategy and execution
  • More wasted money from the university


My friend said that some coaches are angry.  They're angry because good assistants now don't want to come play for Bowden after hearing how he lets some long-time assistants operate under a ridiculous double standard, fostering an air of chaos and immaturity.  

  • Baseball News:  Kyle Long got a DUI two days before he left school.  His dad says it was not the reason he left school.  The real story?  I hear that his leaving school was more a function of just leaving Tallahassee and that there wasn't much school going on at all.  


To close, Bowden's last remaining support group consists of TK, a few select big boosters, and the Mickey/ Amato combo. 

If we cut out Amato, his support base dwindles that much more.  Maybe he will feel isolated and alone and finally leave after this season?  Maybe he won't even be alive.  At this point, however, we have to live with what he has done to us. 

Can someone get me his extension when he does sign it?  I'd love to break down his compensation and compare it to that of other coaches.  We better not be paying this waste of space $2.5 Million again...



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