In an Ideal World

The current state of affairs in Tallahassee is far from ideal.  Here are the issues that we are all too familiar with:


  • We have a "has-been" head coach that is selfishly sucking our university dry and making us thank him for it in the form of $2.5 million a year
  • We have a push-over president that has permanently affixed his @$$ kissing boots for our "has-been" head coach.  Rather than growing a pair and doing what needs to be done for the good of the university that he presides over, he is retiring and taking the easy way out of a sticky situation.  BE A MAN FOR GOODNESS SAKE, TK.
  • We have an academic AND athletic reputation that is constantly being dragged through the mud, thanks to our infamous cheating scandal.  Rather than focusing on the good things at FSU (a brand new med school, 3 Rhodes Scholarships in 4 years - one of which was a D-1 football player, rising academic rankings - we are now in the top 50 for public universities, etc.), we are constantly being reminded of a pretty major ****-up.  And so is a nation of prospective students, prospective athletes, prospective coaches, and prospective professors.
  • We have a 2-2 start to our 2009 season.  Many of us easily expected us to be 4-0 in the preseason, myself included.
  • We have 3 recent decommits from our recruiting class.  Frankly this number will likely continue to grow in upcoming months.
  • We have no accountability on our football team.  You better believe that this is the reason that we are inconsistent on the field.  If someone isn't doing there job (players and/or coaches), they are not held accountable.
  • We have a capable football team.  We don't have a stable/consistent football team.  We have half of a coaching staff preaching discipline and consistency.

As you read through all of these negative circumstances, what is the common denominator?  Bobby Bowden.

In an ideal world, we would have a head coach that would ACT like he loves FSU, not just SAY that he does.  Actions speak louder than words.

Bobby is a smart man. 

He realizes that his coaching staff is in disarray.  He realizes that there is no accountability in his staff/players.  He realizes that we are 2-2.  He realizes that 3 highly rated commitments just decommitted.  He hears the news about the academic scandal and realizes that this is tarnishing FSU's academic reputation each and every day.  He realizes that we have been reduced to the 4'th best football team in the state.

His actions, or rather, his LACK of actions speak louder than his words.  He doesn't appear to be actively trying to fix any of these problems.  If he is trying to fix things, he realizes that his attempts are not working.  If he is not trying to fix things (which he probably is not), he realizes that the problems won't fix themselves.


He knows it.  Let that sink in.  He knows what's going on.  He has for YEARS.  He is a smart man.

And yet, he is still the head coach.

In an ideal world, our legendary head coach would realize he has the potential to give FSU one last gift.  He is the only person that can give this precious gift:  THE FUTURE.  In an ideal world, Bobby Bowden would announce his retirement today.  Do you think that he will give us this gift?  Actions speak louder than words, and his actions tell me that he has no intention of giving us our future.

I beg all readers to embrace the JIMBO 2010 movement.  As Jeff Cameron and so many others have argued, Jimbo might not be what's right for FSU, but he IS THE FUTURE.  We won't know until he has been given the authority he so desperately needs.  Have faith in him.  He deserves it.  We owe it to him for putting his successful career in jeopardy by coming into this cluster-**** mess.  We owe it to him for making our high school offense the top offense in the ACC  We owe it to him because actions speak louder than words, and his actions indicate that he loves FSU.

Bring JIMBO 2010 posters to football games.  Wave them in front of cameras.  Wave them in front of fans.  Make yourself a JIMBO 2010 t-shirt (heck, all you need is a plain white t-shirt and a Sharpie).


If you haven't already, please sign the petition to fire/remove Bobby Bowden.  For the love of garnet and gold PLEASE SIGN IT.

Here is the link:

Unfortunately yours,

Milwaukee 'Nole


An Entire Seminole Nation Buries its Head in the Sand
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