Coal Miners and Chief Executives: An E! True Hollywood Story

So the interview with Coach Bowden that ESPN ran during the game on Saturday had me thinking:

"I wonder if Coach Bowden has been told/encouraged by the other coaches to take a more passive role with the team and they really sold him on it?  Perhaps they suggested gently that he would be more helpful if he provided strategic insight rather than interfere with menial tasks like recruiting and game planning?  But where did that analogy about coal come from?"





Coach Fisher: "You know, Coach, what really helped me during the last game was how you gave me some suggestions when we were in the red zone.  I can get so bogged down with playcalling that I forget the big picture, right guys?"

Coach Coley:"Right on, Jimbo... I mean I was up in the booth worried about figuring out their defensive alignment, when you got on the headset and reminded me that they were blitzing.  I can get so side-tracked."

Coach Dawsey: "I couldn't have said it better myself.  Look Coach, we know you can do each of our jobs very well, but you really push us to another level when you take a few steps back and take it all in."

Coach Bowden: "Y'all really think so?"

Coach Dawsey: "It's like when you reminded me that receivers must catch the ball, you know, not run before they catch it.  Wow... I needed to hear that.  You know what?  Problem solved... problem solved.  You solved it.

Coach Bowden: "Yeah?"

Coach Fisher: "Absolutely.  See, each of us have small, minor roles that do require focus.  We just don't have the capacity, talent or experience to evaluate the team from a macro point of view."

Coach Bowden: "So...?"

Coach Fisher: "Well, we see this as an opportunity for you to provide strategic insight... you know... the forest and the trees and all that.."

Coach Bowden: "What?"

Coach Fisher: "Coach Trickett, what do folks do in West Virginia?"

Coach Trickett: "Mine Coal"

Coal Fisher: "And what do the CEOs of those mining companies do?"

Coach Trickett: "Solve Problems"

Coach Fisher: "Do they ever go into the mines?"

Coach Trickett: "No."

Coach Fisher: "Do they both have a role?"

Coach Trickett: "Yep."

Coach Fisher: "So you see coach... we're just mining coal all day, doing little things like film breakdown and recruiting and game planning.  We need someone who can.. who is... "

Coach Coley: "A problem solver!"

Coach Fisher: "Yes... that's just what we need."

Coach  Bowden: "Well I can solve problems."

Coach Fisher: "By God, you are right, you CAN solve problems!"

Coach Allen: "Is that my stapler?"

Coach Fisher: "Not NOW Jody!.... Anyway, so, we worry about shoveling the coal all day... right?  You know, the little tasks like practice, game planning, film study.  And you can be like the..."

Coach Bowden: "the mining company CEO?"

Coach Fisher: "You got it!  The mining company C... E... O... so lunch with boosters, shoot a few commercials for some tater chip companies... play golf with Gene Deckerhoff... and just be there if, i mean when we have a problem to be solved."

Coach Bowden: "Ok, but you boys think you can do this alone?  Without me doing some play calling?  I know a great play with the fullback and couple tightends..."

Coach Coley: "You know coach, you'll be in a much better position to provide that invaluable advice if you come from an unbiased position.  I mean, have you ever seen a CEO shovel coal?"

Coach Bowden: "I knew I liked you, son."

Coach Fisher: "Great! Well, I guess we'll see you on Friday for the team meeting... bring your problem solving skills!"

Coach Bowden: "Thanks fellas"

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