For Entertainment Purposes Only, Week 9: 308-269, +29.25

Note:  I use this column to examine the college football landscape and the weekend ahead.  The use of gambling numbers helps to show the public perception of a team and of their respective conferences.  Even if you don't gamble, or are against gambling, this is worth a read solely because it will keep you informed of the happenings with many of college football's teams.  Think of this as your weekend primer!

Welcome to another edition of For Entertainment Purposes Only!  Last year, this rather informal column went 251-190 (57%) +41.0 That's 251 wins and 190 losses for a winning percentage of 57%.  If you were wagering $100 fake dollars per game, you would have netted $4100 at season's end.  But since these are fake wagers, I refer to our wager amount as "units."  First though, a disclaimer: 

I want to emphasize that I don't endorse gambling, and anything on here is for entertainment purposes only.  Always check with your local, state, or federal laws to determine the legality of wagering.

First I discussed some wagers for conference and division winners. Then I went over season win totals.  Vegas set the number, I called it over or under!  In Week 1 I went 20-24 (45%), -6.3 Units.  Week 2 I went 42-25 (63%), +16.32 Units.  Week 3 was 34-27. +4.50 (+5.7 College, -1.2 NFL)Week 4 was 50-34, +13.62  Week 5 I went 50-33 (60%) for +17.48 Units (25-31, -4.42 College, and 24-2, +21.9 Units in the NFL).  Week 6 I went 27-21 (56%) +4.23 , Week 7 I went 39-38 (51%), -1.35.  Last week, I got crushed, going 46-60, -19.25.  For the season, I sit at 308-269, +29.25.  If I finish at 55% over 500 selections, I'll be absolutely elated.  I like to play a lot of games to grind out the variance.  The swings over 500 games aren't nearly as dramatic as they are over 100.  It's as simple as grinding out the sample set.

This week, I'll discuss which games I bet on Sunday night when the opening lines come out, and which games I decided to wait out in pursuit of a more favorable line.  This week features actual comments.

Let's start with Sunday night.  I hit South Florida +3.5 as I like the Bulls' defense @ home against WVU.  I also hit Under 48 when it came out.  UNC +17 for tonight, as that is too many points to give a defense of this quality.  Duke +7 against UVA was something I liked Sunday night, figuring on a move, but not so much now.  Oh, well.  Ark -35 should be money in the bank.  Petrino must cover for the big boosters.  UAB +7 is legit, as the Blazers are better than some know.  People are too up for UTEP.  AZST +7, I like their defense and Cal is not a good road team.  New Mex +18 is just too much against San Diego State.  Tenn -5.5 over a South Carolina team I still don't trust.  Houston -7 is now way too public and I will get off if I can.  What do people see in Minnesota?  I know I am square here, but I hit Michigan State -6.  Texas A&M -6.5 was my fancy Sunday night but the more I think about it, I can't keep that and played Iowa State +7 +100 to get off it.    FSU Over 62.5 Wednesday was sweet.

As for the rest:

UNC Under 44- Don't trust UNC's defense.
Uconn -7 -115  Rutgers is one of the worst teams in the country.  UConn is extremely well coached.
Syracuse +15 +100  Cinci's letdown game?
Syracuse Under 51  Probably not much offense here.
Boston College Under 51.5  2 good defenses.  And  Central Michigan +200 to pull he upset.
Ball State +7  and  Ball State Under 44.  Mac special.
Iowa -17  I just can't trust Indiana.
Wisconsin under 53.5 and  Purdue +7 +100.  Purdue is still underrated, and both offenses could struggle.
Wake +7.5 -105  Miami in cold weather!  
Ohio State -43.5 +100  New Mex State is really terrible.
Iowa State +7 +100.  They hung tough with Nebraska and I liked the number.
Baylor +13 and Baylor Under 46  I cannot believe Nebraska is laying double digits on the road. 
SMU +17 is tough to pass up, square or not.
UTEP Over 64- I also played UAB above.
Boise Under 57- Boise defense is underrated.  SJSU +35.5 +100  Perhaps we get a 35-7 final score.
UF -15 -105  UGA is not special.
Miami (OH) +200 Perhaps Toledo lays an egg on the road.
Col +3.5 and Colorado Under 46.5.  Missouri's offense is unimpressive.
Oklahoma Under 48.5- OU's defense is excellent.
Oklahoma State Under 52 and Oklahoma State +8.5 +100  I look for a low scoring affair at night.  Perhaps a 27-20 final?
TCU Over 57-  They can play pretty good offense.  
Northwestern +14.5 +100  Penn State seems to be a bit overrated.  
USU +17  The Utah State Aggies can score and Fresno's defense is terrible.
Notre Dame -27.5  Prime time in a dome will be a welcome relief from all that terrible weather in South Bend.


And some NFL, going anti-public

Cleveland +14
Buffalo +3.5 +100
Green Bay -3
San Fran +12.5 +100
NYJ -3 -120
Oak +17
Ten Over 45
Car +10.5
Phi Pk +100
Atl +10.5 -105
Ind Under 45
NYJ Under 44.5 -105
Dallas Under 46
San Diego Under 42
Green Bay Under 47.5
Arizona Under 41
New Orleans under 54.5 -105


Good luck this week!

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