The Blackout Organizer...

Allow me to introduce myself, over the past couple of days, you've heard wear black, no wear garnet, no black.  You quickly skim Tomahawk Nation looking for the answer as to what this means, then you stumble across it.  Blackout is a go.  Who is this guy Joe Johnson?  That guy is me.  I'm 25, married with a son who is 19 months old.  I don't go to FSU or for that fact any big college.  Believe it or not, it's difficult to do so when raising a baby.  However, I will graduate in 2010 with (2) associates degrees (1) in Print Design and (1) in Web Design. 


When I first go on board with the blackout, it had 50 members, 50 people who wanted change.  It had all the makings of failure written on it, then something happened, it was like a fire.  It doubled it's size daily and now the group has over 4700 members.  Will they all show at Doak?  I doubt it.  It was never about see I told you so, or Bobby sucks!  It was going to be a statement, a statement that was to be seen, not heard.  It was simple,"If you think change is needed like we do...Wear Black."  As it picked up steam, it also picked up haters.  I received emails such as this one.


(1) I do not support you. I will not wear black and I'm almost scared to take my kids to the game because of this black out issue.

I joined your cause to post it and ask true fans to ignore this shameful, disrespectful attempt at lynching our Coach. Until he retires, he deserves our respect. If you are going to wear black, stay out of the stadium. Please do not do this. Some people will think that it's another gimmicky game theme and will wear black, but it's not the right way to make change happen. Support your team, wear Garnet and Gold, and we will get through this.

(2) It's disengenuous to characterize this as being peaceful without Anti-Bowden signs or insults. Indeed, wearing funeral colors isn't lost on me nor others regardless of your attempt to characterize this as a peaceful event. And you may truly think that you are orchestrating a peaceful thing, but that is not what I am seeing from others that are fired up in support of your position and those that are truly offended by this disrespect for Coach Bowden. That's where I believe the potential for conflict will occur. I will not be happy to see anyone in black and I hope you show up to support Florida State and not to wear black and disrespect our coach. Change will happen, but Bobby deserves to make his own decision. It will happen soon without these gimmicks.

However it also has it's supporters...

(1) I'm with you bro.... Its time for a change....

(2) You are like Martin Luther King Jr, with a cause that is just as important
good luck and God bless.

BTW, I replied back with this to the second one. 

Thank you, but I am no where near as big of a man as MLK, nor is my cause as nearly important. But thank you for your support.


We've made headlines...;_ylt=Alxg_7RNMbRs6z7otaU35n8cvrYF?urn=ncaaf,194005


But now we've been given two C&D letters.  The first one was referring to our images, we took them down.  I am a photographer and have hundreds of images of Doak that are my own.  I posted my image and we received another C&D.  The original starter of the group who we will call "Steve" received both letters at his residence in Tallahassee, not Bowdens office.  Steve told them they would have to find me, as he told them he was no longer a part of the group.  Steve left after speaking with me, he's been getting emails to his school address by people who don't have his email, he's also receiving threats.  I've been called a sell out, a trader, a disgrace, been told I care nothing about the University.  Then my question is why would I do this?  Why would I put as much effort as possible into something that was so wrong?  Because I do in fact care about the direction that FSU football is heading, I do care about the mediocrity which has been going on for far too long.  So, with that all said, please support the team how you see fit.  And if you happen to see some guy wearing a black FSU #35 Jersey and a hat on backwards that reads 1851 (year FSU was founded.)  Give me nod, because right now I can really use the support.  Go Noles.

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