So, what will Saturday night be like

In the 1970s -- those heady days when the program was being born into its modern era of excellence -- they used to call it "Saturday Night Fever" when FSU played a home game.

You see, back then only a handful of games a week were televised. So if you didn't make ABC's regional schedule, you often weren't on TV at all. FSU traditionally chose to play its home games at night. Now, I always secretly root we'll have a night game to relive season's past.

But this Saturday will have a completely different feel than those nights 30 years ago when a packed house meant 49,000 fans and the war chant was just a gleam in some frat boy-to-be's eye.

For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that Florida state losing a football game will by far be the best result for the program. I have no doubt at all that winning the game against Georgia Tech will be a medium- and long-term setback for the program. The only answer in the medium and long term is for Bobby Bowden to leave as coach and than COULD be delayed if we beat the Yellow Jackets.

So, what does that mean for me, a long-time FSU fan? Will I actually be rooting against my beloved Noles? Will that sound good in theory, but then change when Renegade hits the field and I hear the Warchant's strains?

I have no idea, really. Perhaps once I see more evidence of our decline in the form of an outdated defensive scheme, poor execution borne out of coaching dysfunction and sideline squabbling, I'll become so disgusted it will be easy to root for the worst case.

Or, perhaps, despite what my brain is telling me, my garnet and gold heart and empathy for the gladiators on the field will tickle my elbow with the urge to bend back and forth in that familiar motion.

But, I tend to think it will be this sad scenario: Apathy and a dispassionate viewing of the game. I think that I will be interested in what plays out, but not necessarily interested in the outcome.

It's all a guess, though. And the fact that I don't know how I'll feel is really all I need to know about the state of my relationship with my beloved Seminoles -- that relationship has become just as dysfunctional as the program itself.

That's what I think my viewing experience will be like, what about the game itself?

I think it will be an unmitigated disaster. What will be on the minds of our players during pre-game warmups? If I were a player it would be thoughts like these: How many fans will wear black? Will they boo Bobby? Will they boo ME? How many empty seats will there be?

Instead of intensely focussing on stopping the option and executing an offensive gameplan, it will be a focus on the storm that has raged this week.

I think we will get blown out.

And the only fever associated with this Saturday night in October will be that of an intensely ill program.

I hope I'm wrong.

I think.

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