Bring Back Peter Tom Willis

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Along with a quality football team, Peter Tom Willis is just another casualty of the Ann Bowden clan regime now presiding over FSU.  It wasn't parity Bobby it was a high school offense and everybody with a room temperature I. Q. knew Fredo would fail at the time. Why didn't you? You are being paid to know these things and paid well I might add. 

FSU is at a point where this entire ridiculous sham and spectacle needs to come to and end. We need to move forward. The rest of this season Jimbo Fisher needs to be granted final say in all decisions.  That should include recruiting, assistants and game plan. Those who are not on board he needs authority to terminate them immediately. 

This needs to be demonstrated to all potential recruits, the ones on board and the ones we have recently lost due Shakespearian power Putsch being led by Bobby Bowden and Chucky. Nothing else will do. If you had any decency Bobby Bowden you would forego the next big payday and resign forthwith. Everybody sees what you are trying to accomplish. We are still suffering from the hiring of one of your failed offspring and we do not need another nor do we need you having any input on Chuck Amato being retained at FSU whatsoever. 

Former players who love you more than Florida State University should at least be willing to alleviate the financial shortfall your failed decisions have led to. Peter Tom Willis is looking for a job who can hire him? Ticket sales are down, who will pick up the slack? Will some of you recruit for free? Recruiting is down and only half the staff is out beating the bushes. The rest are hoping Fisher, Trickett and Coley fail so they can have a clean sweep, sign Bobby and Ann long term and bring in junior from the northern boonies of Alabama. 

Students being threatened for organizing a black out? Give me a break. Is this the Soviet Union or a football program we are talking about here? I will never attend another game as long as Bobby Bowden is the coach at FSU, never!

All of you concerned we will never forget the part any of you played in bringing the premiere football program in the nation to it's very knees with egotistical cronyism and greed. I salute Jim Smith and all trustees who recognized what was going on and stepped in to try and right the situation. We still have eight games to play this season and the attention should be focused there. Place Fisher in a position to have the final say on all decisions. The current coach has proven simply incompetent. Enough really is enough!

FSU is not responsible for failing real estate schemes by people who can't manage their money nor fraudulent gambling schemes in the Bahamas.

Over and above the cyber army of relatives and work at home sycophants on minimum wage let us take a look at the major Bobby Bowden advocates at this point, Urban Meyer, Steve Spurrier and the UF student body and assorted organizations. They have one thing in common, they all think Bobby should coach forever!

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