Black Outs Are Great Press On

They will work great for all those who bother to buy tickets any more but I would suggest wearing paper bags also as an accessory. Many of us wait all year for the football season and then we are treated to this spectacle. I have to admit it was news to me that Jimbo Fisher was relegated to the number five position on Bobby Bowden's depth chart. 

There is no excuse for this. The only explanation for this is more cronyism from the Bowden clan who I really can't believe  actually felt were going to squeeze in more relatives on the Florida State payroll. This whole charade has truly become a nightmare. If you don't believe this why is Terry Bowden addressing the press in Alabama and suggesting FSU pay Jimbo Fisher his buyout and move on? He is actually suggesting the canning of Jimbo Fisher, the only bright spot in the FSU football program and returning hiring decisions back to Bobby Bowden his father. 

This suggestion is so blatantly calling for more nepotism I am appalled. Can anyone of sound mind and body not wonder if he thinks he is next in line for a position at FSU should Fisher leave? His mother Ann Bowden addressed the boosters and exclaimed they had been betrayed! Is Ann Bowden part of the FSU coaching staff? She did not think the boosters should be interfering in the coaching? Well Ann somebody needs to because your husband hasn't been doing a very good job lately. 

Fortunately Jim Smith an influential booster has finally had enough and called for change. He is a sharp man and obviously sees what is going on here. FSU has leaned over backwards to pacify the Bowden clan but apparently you can never do enough. It is obvious that Bobby Bowden's family really thinks they are Florida State University and why not they have had an enabler in P. K. Wetherell who has done nothing to dissuade this attitude in years. 

I have a great loyalty to Florida State, I spent some of the best years of my life were spent there. I value the University and it's integrity much more highly than any feelings toward Bobby Bowden. Yes football contributes greatly to a University image and right now Bobby Bowden and his family are in fifth gear tearing that image apart. Many people are sympathetic to the Bowden family but they don't have any idea what the real picture is all about.

A fourteen year top five run is a great accomplishment but UF winning 2 national championships in three years certainly does put Bobby Bowden's two national titles in 33 years in perspective if nothing else. It certainly doesn't suggest he should coach forever and do anything he wants to do concerning the FSU program. 

Bobby Bowden needs to announce his retirement date at the end of the year and do it immediately. Major decisions in the football program need to be placed in the hands of the head coach in waiting Jimbo Fisher before more damage is incurred. 

I will applaud the students who do show up dressed in black for the next game and I think it is only a start. Some definite messages need to be sent out to the public, the administration and the media by all who are interested that the current situation is intolerable, fans and students will no longer be ignored and will speak their minds until their voices are heard. 

We have been treated around here lately to a bevy of new posters running damage control and let me say I have nothing but contempt for you. If you are not out right lying you have no idea what you are talking about. You have not been following FSU very closely. 

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