Coach-Speak: Sorry Bobby, Turnovers Did Not Cost Florida State the Game

This is a new feature.  We will look at what Florida State's coaching staff said following last week's game and then read into it entirely too much.  Oh, and we have fun graphs that will make you lose your appetite (so if you have great lunch plans, don't read this until you get back).  A big thanks to those readers who graciously transcribed the press conferences.

Here's the video of Bowden's post-game comments.  If you can't watch it because your work disables or disallows video, I transcribed the relevant portions for you.  When you get angry about FSU losing ballgames, watch this video and tell yourself FSU is paying this old man $2.5 Million to lead and coach its football team.  What does this man do for his $2.5 Million?

Spiller was the difference in the ballgame.  Spiller was the one guy who made the biggest difference in my opinion.  

This is a theme.  He says things before he thinks, then if they sound good to him, he repeats them.  This works well if you're not on camera.  

Our problem was turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.  I was concerned last week when our quarterback was not able to practice he didn't practice.  Wasn't throwin'.  And when I was interviewed yesterday by ABC or whoever, uh, the guys, uh, at interviewed me, (Todd) Blackledge and them.  I told them one thing I was concerned about was will I would he lose his timing from not throwin' much so.  

Interesting, considering Clemson had drives of 80, 76, 73, 72, 73 and 48 yards.  They had 218 yards in the first half on 33 plays (6.7 per snap) and 275 in the 2nd half on 31 plays (8.9 per snap).  For the game, they had 493 yards on 64 plays, which is a ridiculous 7.7 yards per play allowed by the Florida State defense.  And the trend continues as FSU has again allowed another team to post their best offensive game of the season:


I took the liberty of adding them to our handy chart (click to enlarge).


Clemson left 8 points on the board by way of 2 missed field goals and 3 missed extra points (it's 8 and not 9 because a 2-point conversion made up for one of the missed extra points).  

Here's what you have to remember.  Every team Florida State has played, has posted their best offensive game of the year, against Florida State.  Miami's best offensive game was FSU.  BYU's?  FSU.  USF?  FSU.  BC?  FSU.  GT?  FSU.  UNC?  FSU.  NCST?  FSU.  Clemson?  FSU

Okay, back to Bowden...

But uh I wouldn't take a thing away from Clemson.  They won, they deserved to win, they made more big plays than we did.  

Yeah, and they had a better day against the 'Noles than they did against Coastal Carolina.  Or anyone else for that matter.  Then we go back to Bowden not knowing the score...

We hung with 'em for how long?  3, 3, 2 1/2 quarters, somethin like that?  and uh then uh Clemson won the ballgame.

Seriously, you are the head coach and you are paid $2.5 Million dollars.  Know what happened in the damn game you supposedly just coached.  Don't waste all your time thinking about how to deflect from the disastrous overrides you made in the game that led to turnovers by the offense and big plays for Clemson's offense.

Reporter asks a question about the difference in the ballgame.  Bowden responds:

Well the difference in it was turnovers.  

Again, no reasonable person expected FSU to drop big points on Clemson.  But it was perfectly reasonable for people to expect any defense to hold Clemson to less than 480 yards (490 if you don't give the defense credit for kneel-downs!).  It wasn't turnovers.  Clemson had drives of 80, 76, 73, 72, 73 and 48 yards.  They had 218 yards in the first half on 33 plays (6.7 per snap) and 275 in the 2nd half on 31 plays (8.9 per snap).  For the game, they had 493 yards on 64 plays, which is a ridiculous 7.7 yards per play allowed by the Florida State defense.

Where would you rank Spiller in relation to the greats you've had?

Where would I rank him?  He'd be up there.  You know the people who recruit those kind of guys, there the ones that's got a chance to win national championships.  Cause it's people like him that can get you in there.  Might have to have more than him, but he's the kind of guy who can put you on top.

FSU did recruit Spiller.  If Bowden hadn't raped FSU by treating it as his own personal charity by hiring a bevy of unqualified yes-men coaches to run this once great program they'd likely have Spiller.  But he made the right choice not to play for Bowden.  

R:  Can you talk about your different range of emotions in the ballgame tonight?  I mean there were critical errors-

Oh there really were.  Both of us made errors.  We probably scored on some of their errors I don't know, didn't keep up, keep up with it.  But uh we'd turn the ball over and they'd go down and score and uh we'd turn it over and they didn't score.  Then they'd turn it over back, ya know?  The game kinda went that way and ya know I we you know we felt very comfortable ya know knew it was a battle.  How late was it, uh, 20 seveeee 24 to 21 our favor.  How late did it get, did that get in the 4th quarter?

R: 9 1/2 minutes left.

B: Left in the game?

R:  Yes.

B:  So uh your your you're feeling comfortable, but you know that it ain't won yet. Then of course the dam broke.

Good God.  He doesn't call plays (except when he does and they are out of rhythm and disastrous), doesn't manage the clock, doesn't recruit, doesn't lead, and now he can't even be bothered to "keep up with" the goings on in the game?  

R: In the second half, when it seemed like momentum started to switch, how hard was it to try to reverse that?

B:  You mean when they got it (momentum)? Well, actually, you know, they had to kick off to us. We had a what? A three-point ? Did we have the lead at the half?  (affirmation off camera)

B:  We had a three-point lead at the half.  I think. Then they had to kick off to us. We needed to take it down and win the darn win the game right there. We didn't do it. They stopped us. Then we kicked it to them and then they probably scored.

R:  They went ahead and then you guys came back

B:  Huh?

R:  They went ahead and then you guys came back again.

B:  Did we score get ahead of them again after that?

R:  Yeah.

B:  Then we got back ahead, huh? Umm, uh, it was going that way, you know it? I felt very comfortable that uh that if they could score, we could score. That's the way I felt, you know it? We've done it all year.  And uh and uh but they But then we started turning the ball over.  Turning the ball over:  

No coach, I'm sure the reporter wanted to know how hard it was to reverse your own momentum you had from scoring.  They "probably scored"?  Really?  Then he doesn't even know that the other team came back and scored.  So what does he do?  He falls back on a football cliche that sounds good in his dementia riddled head, "turnovers, turning the ball over."  

What did you think of Jermaine Thomas' performance tonight?  

Must have been pretty good.  What did he get?  (100 yards).  It's hard to do that 2 times in a row.  Cause people set up set yo get ya.

The media is no longer babying Bobby.

They are done.  They've finally stopped helping out Bobby.  If you didn't know, the media always babys him and if they didn't, he would appear to the public like he appears to those who interview him, which is as a confused old man.  He is 80 years old and from Alabama.  Racist or not, how long until he drops an n-bomb or says "colored"?  Ever hang out with someone 80 years of age?  They have no filter.  They say whatever comes to their mind.  

I was at media day and Bowden just stumbled all over himself, even after people lobbed softballs at him.  They media has routinely asked him questions and he'd respond with something largely unrelated and they would just go with whatever he said or patiently wait for him to finish and then rephrase.  Or they'd basically turn it into a yes/ no question and nod their heads to help coach FSU's coach.  

Why aren't they helping him?  Perhaps they are trying to get on Fisher's good side?  Perhaps they can sense that supporting the guy who is actively making it tough for the competent coaches left on staff to do their job is a poor idea.  Or maybe they just realize he is out and don't care.




Mickey Andrews Press Conference

Even though the score is not indicative, we played one of our best games of the season against Clemson.  Effort was good and guys were in position to make plays.



I would say that the score is not indicative because it doesn't reflect that Clemson left 8 points on the board by way of 2 missed field goals and 3 missed extra points (it's 8 and not 9 because a 2-point conversion made up for one of the missed extra points). 

I think the score is very reflective that FSU's defense played worse than the defense of Coastal Carolina, and that it again allowed another opponent (as it has in every game this season) to post their best offensive game of the year:



So no, Mickey, we are not fooled.  Your defense played horribly.  Clemson had drives of 80, 76, 73, 72, 73 and 48 yards.  They had 218 yards in the first half on 33 plays (6.7 per snap) and 275 in the 2nd half on 31 plays (8.9 per snap).  For the game, they had 493 yards on 64 plays, which is a ridiculous 7.7 yards per play allowed by the Florida State defense.

Big plays were because of poor angles by the defense.

And poor recognition.  And a lack of understanding as brought on by poor coaching.

Defense still lacks discipline from play to play.

I have to say I am shocked by this.  Shocked I tell you.

"We prepare for sudden change sittuations but we did a poor job against Clemson."

This is a clever shot at the offense.  Not that they didn't do a poor job, but it is pretty clever.

"We were able to make three red-zone stops and those are positives and things to build off of."

Ridiculous claim.  We know that red zone defense, when it is much better than actual defense, is anomalous and not repeatable.

"The last quarter got away from us and Clemson did enough to beat us."  "At the end of the day the mistakes cost us this football game."

Actually, he's wrong here again... Let's look at Clemson's yards by quarter:

1st: 19 plays for 93 yards.
2nd: 14 plays for 125 yards
3rd: 14 plays for 152 yards
4th: 13 plays for 100 yards.

Yep, sucks when people can review the performance and look at what actually happened.

"By and large there were enough things encouraging. But we need to have a better week this week against Wake this week."

His standards have become impossibly low.

"Patrick Robinson played well. He dropped a interception but he played very well."  Also complimented Jamie Robinson

Robinson is still a 1st round pick.  Jamie did a nice job catching one of the worst thrown balls I have ever seen.

"Spiller is good enough to change the game on one play"

Yeah especially when you single cover him with #29 Kendall Smith (MLB).  

"Nigel Bradham is getting better each week. He is studying the game more and it is impressive to see the progress that he is making."

This is good to see.  Nigel is going to be a blessing for whoever FSU gets for DC.

"The players are not playing for me they are playing for each other. They are playing for us."

"We challenged them to play for the spear on their helmet. They don't need to downgrade it they need to honor it."

The players have always played hard this year.  This was a response to a question regarding the player's desire to be motivated for Andrews.

"Wake is a much different team than we played last year. This year they are playing more 11 or 12 personell. They have some skill players just not as many as they did last year."

"You know Wake is going to give you the rocket or slingshot motion."

"You have to be on your toes with Wake. They are well coached and they always play you very tough. There is not one game this season that we have played a team that hasn't had a good quarterback. We have another tough challenge this week with Skinner."

And then he talked about how they are very multiple (formations) this year.

Wake's offense could only score 3 on Clemson and needed overtime to hit 27 against Georgia Tech.  Seriously, Mickey is setting you up with excuses for another terrible game.

"Jimbo will get E.J. coached up and I will be surprised if he doesn't play very well. We will do everything on defense we can to help him."

Many wish you would just play the young players and help FSU get ready for a season in which they might be good again.

"Wake is very well coached and they compete and that is a tough combination."

A combination we don't see for FSU.

Nick Moody has an injured shoulder.

I think he'd be better with one arm than Korey Mangum is with two.

Mickey hasn't wanted to be here for two years and nobody can blame him.


Jimbo Fisher

Fisher expects Ponder should be back in time for spring.

That seems to be the concensus.

EJ is very tough and he was fine and tough during the Clemson game.

And Wake's defense is not as good as Clemson's.

Ryan Becker (walk on from St. Thomas) will be the backup.

Becker signals in the plays.  They don't want to burn Secord's redshirt.

I'm excited for EJ. For him to have an opportunity to play. I think he will handle it well. He is a mature young man.  EJ has progressed a bunch, including his consistency. He has leadership, toughness, character. He represents and embodies what you want in a studen-athlete. You can picture him leading your football team. (Coach Fisher of what he saw in EJ when recruiting him).

I think everyone likes EJ and did as well in recruiting.  He can be a great one for FSU, but this is still his first start.

You have to play smart, intelligent football and make sacrifices to have a chance to win (Coach Fisher on what FSU needs to remember when trying to win).

Physical stature. Size does matter. He is big and athletic. Big guys don't move like he does. I saw a winner in him. (Coach Fisher on EJ Manuel).  EJ can be a great player, and I think he will be in the future (Coach Fisher comments on EJ).

I think Fisher will run the heck out of EJ against Wake.

Coach Fisher on Christian's year:  'He was 11 of 13 at half'. How sharp he played was amazing because of his lack of practice. He's played as well, with the amount of workload given to him, as anybody I've had. He was playing so well. When he was in the game, we always had a chance to win the game.  Christian embodies what you preach as a coach. Be on time. Go to school. He does all those things, and you want guys to have his character. He practices, studies film even during in the off season, and you want him to have success because all he does with what he has.

And he's back for next year in all likelihood and was playing better than any QB in a long long time.

Much like Caz Piurowski did with Bo Reliford, Christian will room with E.J. on the road to help him if he needs it.

This is smart.  Reliford credited Caz' help for his performance against UNC.

Jermaine Thomas ran really hard but did miss a few cuts.  Fisher was satisfied.  

Thomas should also have fresh legs because he didn't play much earlier in the year.

Rodney Hudson continues to play very well and did  a great job on Jenkins/ Thompson

Let's hope he doesn't go pro.  I expect him to stay because he needs to get bigger.

Fisher is worried about Hurricane Ida taking practice time.

This is a dig at the boosters to get him an indoor practice facility.  

Then Fisher said that Wake lost a lot in the secondary but that their defensive line is very good.

It's actually just average.  If Fisher really likes something he will say that it is excellent or tremendous or that they will "play on Sundays".  


And then Christian spoke but all he said was that he hates to be injured like this, looks forward to spring ball and having a good rehab, and has confidence in EJ.  

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