For Entertainment Purposes Only- Week 12: 419-352 +43.90

Note:  I use this column to examine the college football landscape and the weekend ahead.  The use of gambling numbers helps to show the public perception of a team and of their respective conferences.  Even if you don't gamble, or are against gambling, this is worth a read solely because it will keep you informed of the happenings with many of college football's teams.  Think of this as your weekend primer!

Welcome to another edition of For Entertainment Purposes Only!  Last year, this rather informal column went 251-190 (57%) +41.0 That's 251 wins and 190 losses for a winning percentage of 57%.  If you were wagering $100 fake dollars per game, you would have netted $4100 at season's end.  But since these are fake wagers, I refer to our wager amount as "units."  First though, a disclaimer: 

I want to emphasize that I don't endorse gambling, and anything on here is for entertainment purposes only.  Always check with your local, state, or federal laws to determine the legality of wagering.

First I discussed some wagers for conference and division winners. Then I went over season win totals.  Vegas set the number, I called it over or under!  In Week 1 I went 20-24 (45%), -6.3 Units.  Week 2 I went 42-25 (63%), +16.32 Units.  Week 3 was 34-27. +4.50 (+5.7 College, -1.2 NFL)Week 4 was 50-34, +13.62  Week 5 I went 50-33 (60%) for +17.48 Units (25-31, -4.42 College, and 24-2, +21.9 Units in the NFL).  Week 6 I went 27-21 (56%) +4.23 , Week 7 I went 39-38 (51%), -1.35.  Week 8, I got crushed, going 46-60, -19.25.  Week 9 went 37-28, +7.9  Week 10 I went 35-31, +1.45 Units.  And last week I again got into the win column, going 39-32, + 5.30 units For the season, I sit at 419-352 +43.90.  That's an ROI of 5.2%!  I like to play a lot of games to grind out the variance.  The swings over 1000 games aren't nearly as dramatic as they are over 100.  It's as simple as grinding out the sample set.  Keep in mind that I have hit some ML Dogs, so the ROI is higher than the percentage would indicate (currently, return on investment is exactly 5.2%).

This week something funny happened.  I missed the Sunday night openers.  (Lines come out Sunday night, so the value is very raw).  To counteract that, I went very anti-public this week.  A lot of these will go against your first instinct. Come inside!

I already lost these two last night (posted in last week's column):

Ball State +14.5 +100
Miami (OH) +4

For tonight:
Carolina Panthers -3 -115 (this i NFL)
Colorado +18

Akron + 10.5 +100
Bowling Green Over 50.5
Toledo over 65.5
Utah State +24
Utah State Under 61.5
Ohio Under 44
Virginia +21 +100
Clemson under 43.5
Minnesota +10 -105
Iowa Under 44
USF over 45.5
Syracuse +10
Syracuse Under 42.5
Purdue -3 +100
Indiana Over 58
FSU Over 58.5
BC -3 -115
BC Under 37.5
VT -21 +100
VT Over 58.5 -105
Iowa State +15 +100
Missouri Under 50.5
Vanderbilt +17
Georgia Over 51
Kent +11
Wyoming +31.5
Wyoming Under 47.5
MissSt +11 -105
Arkansas Over 60.5
UConn +6 +100
Notre Dame Over 57
Oregon State -30.5
Washington State Over 56.5
Michigan State +3 +100
Michigan State Over 47.5
UCLA -5.5 +100
Cal +7.5
Stanford Over 65
Ole Miss -4
Ole Miss under 42.5
BYU Over 46.5 -105
UAB +13
Nebraska -16.5 +100
Texas Tech +7 -120
Baylor +7.5
Texas A&M Over 60
Fresno -9.5 +100
Fresno Under 55
Arizona +6.5 +100
Arizona Under 60
Kansas +27 +100
Texas Under 55.5



NFL Stuff will come later.  Explanations as I get time.  Check back in or if you need a specific explanation, just ask!


plan to bet sdst if they hit 21

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