What They're Saying... after Florida State's Homecoming Win

Let's start with one of the best FSU articles I have ever read.  Take your time to read that.  It really shows how Bowden tried to destroy the program about which he supposedly cares, just how Mickey Andrews saved it, and just how Fisher has the stuff to take it to the next level.  

More inside.

Bowden Truism Alert:  "our defense did good enough for us to win."  Yet when they lose, it's a team loss, right coach?  Seems silly to refuse to apportion fault yet falsely give praise.  

Ponder Quotes:

"Week to week it comes down to that fourth quarter. I’m proud of this team. We kept fighting and I have the best teammates in the world. They really carried me this game, I was struggling, hurting a little bit and they did a good job of pulling us out."

"I’m real confident. This has happened several times. I know with our offense we have the ability to score every time and we should. I knew we were gonna punch that in, and everybody knew that. We had the confidence to do it." On the running game: "It was good. That really carried us. Jermaine (Thomas) ran the ball really well and the offensive line opened up these holes. We were able to do a lot of things on the ground."

Ryan McMahon on how the line practices:  "The way we practice, we practice so intense and so hard that the game is easier than the practice. We don't get tired in the second half."

Mister Alexander on NC State's ottensive tackle being a fatty who couldn't move well:  "You can’t just go out there on the tackle and just make sacks, you have to learn his tendencies first. He (Jeraill McCuller) couldn’t really get down, like he couldn’t bend his knees that much so I just put an inside move and dipped down low on him so he couldn’t touch me."


FSU's Fortson comes up big vs. Wolfpack Tallahassee Democrat
"My first thought was just, 'get the ball back,'" Fortson said. "(Mageo) didn't know what he was doing with the ball, so I just tried to get my hand in there and rip it out." "I had my hand in there for about five or 10 seconds," Fortson said with a smile. "And fortunately it came out when he was falling." "With plays like that I just want to show the coaches and the team that I'm here to play and I really want to win," Fortson said. "It shows you what the guy is capable of," offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher said. "I mean that was a huge play — to battle back and get that thing. That's why I think I get so upset with him at times, because I know what he's capable of." "I've got to get it out of him," Fisher said. "It's in there. And you see it. That's my job. My job isn't for him to fall in love with me. My job is to coach him and make him have a future." "It shows you where his heart is," Fisher said. "If a guy does that, you know where his heart is."


Ponder's Injury

I think Ponder will play against Clemson, because he is a warrior and his ribs aren't cracked or broken.  I'm not sure if he has a cartilage tear, but I expect him to play.  They are definitely badly bruised.  I also expect FSU Sports Information to produce suspicious practice reports, as they've done in the past.

There were a number of guys who said they were inspired by Ponder's injury.  Mickey Andrews was very impressed with Ponder staying in the game.  

Night Game In Death Valley

The game against Clemson is set for 7:45, on ESPN.  FSU hasn't won in Clemson since 2001, and Clemson should win this game.  They are currently favored by 8 points.  Clemson is arguably the loudest stadium in the country.  It is louder than the Swamp or LSU or Oregon, in my opinion.  It is definitely louder than Alabama or FSU (2 schools I have attended).  

We'll talk a lot of Clemson this week, but just know that they have an erratic, middle of the road offense with two electric play makers including the best running back in the country. C.J. Spiller, and one of the country's elite defenses .  But they are missing DaQuan Bowers, one of the country's best defensive ends.  That's bad for Clemson, but unfortunately, their 2nd stringers would start for FSU, and they are incredibly deep at end, so they won't miss him that much.  

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