What They're Saying About Florida State's 29-26 Win Over Maryland

The man. The myth. The Mick. via www.scalpem.com

This weekly feature is a good way for you to catch up on some weekend reading.  We do not include fluff pieces or articles that use the same quotes as another but aren't as good.  The best, unique, original content carries the day.  We provide a snippet and if the article interests you, check it out via the link.

First up is  Today's the day we need to learn to cherish | Jim Lamar | Tallahassee Democrat(Tribute Piece to Steve Ellis and others).  RIP Steve. 

We learned long ago how to say hello and we are taught the proper way to say goodbye. But how often do we truly focus on the in-between? How often do we force ourselves to soak up the world around us? Thankfully, that's what we did Saturday — each of us who found ourselves at Doak Campbell Stadium to watch a football game.

You might notice Bobby Bowden taking a very different tone as he attempts to make his case for coaching next season.  Remember how he said that the defensive coordinator position would be his call?  And how we called his bluff?  Well instead of trying to assert that he still has control, he has taken to pleading. Update on Florida State's search for a new defensive coordinator

"It’ll be more of a we; it’ll be more of me and Jimbo,’’ Bowden said of his anointed heir, Jimbo Fisher, contributing mightily to the search.

But that same St.Pete Times columnist says it might not work for Bowden.Good feelings may be short-lived for Florida State Seminoles, coach Bobby Bowden - St. Petersburg Times

So the idea of a lifetime contract seemed safe enough 10 years ago. But that was before five- and six-loss seasons became the norm. And before Bowden decided to wield his legacy like a weapon. Nobody wanted to put a limit on Bowden's tenure, but nobody could have imagined that he would want to coach a mediocre team into his 80s.
Now Florida State is down to two choices: Either give Bowden 2010 with a retirement party at the end of the season, or cut him loose next month if he doesn't accept an agreed-upon date of retirement.
"If I lost four games, I'm retiring. I couldn't stand it."_Bowden in January 1999.   He hates this. The questions. The speculation. The idea everyone is having a say in something he should decide.
Years ago, Bowden said his wish would be to retire the day before his funeral. It was a funny line, but there was a truth wrapped around the joke. Bowden acts as if his life will be over when he stops coaching, and who would willingly agree to that? Bowden has given his life to FSU, but the university has given him much in return. He passes a statue of himself on his way into a stadium with a field named after him. He has been made a millionaire many times over and has survived a stretch of 8-5 and 7-6 seasons that would have done in a lot of coaches. There is dissatisfaction in Tallahassee, and it's not just limited to message boards and call-in shows. The announced attendance of 66,042 on Saturday was the smallest crowd at Doak Campbell Stadium since it was expanded in 1993.

Our buddy Andrew Carter of the Orlando Sentinel weighs in with his thoughts on the weekend. Orlando Sentinel - Florida State 29, Maryland 26: Thoughts on the day after by Andrew Carter.

Speaking of which, give the coaches a bit of credit here for hoarding timeouts and not wasting them. Watching games every week, how many times do you see teams waste timeouts? On silly things. Not getting plays in on time, usually. Not having the right personnel on the field. Losing confidence in a particular play call. Well, when Manuel threw that third interception, I thought it was over. Then I looked up at the scoreboard and realized FSU still had all three of its timeouts remaining. Given that, the Seminoles had a chance. And it was also a smart decision to hold onto one of those timeouts and keep it for the offense. The FSU coaching staff has at times this season caught flack for questionable clock management, but the staff managed the clock about as well as it could have been managed during the second half yesterday.

And finally, do you feel the need?  The need for Reid!  FSU Seminoles freshman Greg Reid keys comeback with big punt return - St. Petersburg Times

For a moment, the Seminoles' coaches contemplated trying to block a Maryland punt near midfield in the waning minutes. "I said, 'Nah, let's return it,' " coach Bobby Bowden said. "I was afraid if we tried to block it, we might rough him and then they'd run the clock out." The staff agreed, and why wouldn't you want to give freshman Greg Reid a shot to make a play? "You've got to give that guy touches," offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher said. "He's going to make you mad every now and then, but Lord almighty, he makes so many good things happen." "We practice angles at practice on punt returns so I knew once I saw Mister (Alexander) have a good angle on the dude, so I just kind of cut off him," Reid said. "I saw Bert (Reed), I know Bert's going to block for me. I just followed him through the hole." Good decision. Reid took it back and set up the final score. He now leads the country in punt return average and is a huge weapon.

And finally, Scalpem has a great photo album!  You can see more at that link!

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