Florida State's Nigel Bradham: The Only Positive vs. UF

NIGEL BRADHAM is the only positive thing I remember about the game.


The first one was during the first quarter with about 3 minutes to go and FSU only down 7-0.  The Noles have the Gators pinned back after a punt at their own 11 yard line.  On first down UF's running back Chris Rainey takes the handoff from Tebow, cuts over the right end and with no one between him and the goal line 89 yards away.  He kicks it into another gear and takes off.



Chasing him from BEHIND was 6'2" 240 pound sophomore, FSU WILL linebacker Nigel Bradham.  Bradham then proceeds to catch, from behind, and tackle Rainey after only* (*sigh*) a 44 yard gain.

Freaking unbelievable.

But wait there's more.

FSU kickoffs to start the 4th quarter right after Hopkins makes a meaningless field goal.  The FG was called for by Bobby, who decided it was in his best interest to go for a FG to avoid himself the humiliation of a shutout.  This was on a 4th down from the 2 yard line, and with game already out of reach at 30-0. 

UF starts at their own 23 yard line.  This time Tebow hands off to UF tailback and sprinter Jeff Demps, who goes over the left end and also finds nothing but green between himself and the end zone, and he is off to the races.

Once again though, Bradham is hot on his tail.  After making up an incredible amount of field and is about to make the tackle, Patrick Robinson who has the better angle, gets there a split second before Nigel, and knocks Demps out of bounds at the 15 yard line after a 62 yard romp.

Even Tebow knob polisher Gary Danielson got excited by Nigel's speed, although by this time he was totally spent and drained after shooting off (his mouth that is) multiple times about Tebow all afternoon long.

Nigel played the way a true Nole should play against the hated Gaturds.  Nigel Bradham finished the game with 12 tackles (9 SOLO and 3 assist), and he had a fumble recovery in the 4th which he returned for 36 yards.

In an interview after the game, Nigel talked about chasing down the Gator's Rainey.

"It’s a rivalry game. When you put your heart into it and you play as hard as you can, you can go (get) anybody."

"You’ve got to have that knack to go get the ball, no matter what, no matter where it is. I knew I was getting closer to him and gaining on him and then I think he tried to slow down a little bit and make a cut and that kind of helped me out."

Not only fast, but pretty humble for one of our fastest players on either side of the ball, if you were to ask me.

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