Legendary Florida State Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews To Retire

Here's our tribute, and here's the press release from FSU:

Florida State defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews, the architect of the Seminoles defense since 1984, will retire at the end of the 2009 season.

One of the nation's most respected defensive coaches, the 68-year-old Andrews, made his decision public today.

"For 47 years it's been about me," Andrews said. "Now it's time to be about us - my family."

Andrews and his wife Diane will continue to call Tallahassee home in retirement.

Over the course of his 26 seasons as the architect of the Seminoles' defense, Andrews has helped develop some of the finest players and units in college football history. More importantly, he has been a mentor to all walks of players with his fiery brand of motivation on the field and his compassion off it.

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden directly credits Andrews' work for producing a pair of national championships.

"He's been here 26 years and we've had such success and you just have to credit him with the success we've had since he came," Bowden said. "He's done such a great job. We'll miss him and his wife and family. He's a good church man and a good civic man and always has his priorities in order and puts his family ahead of football. He's a guy that has never slowed down. He's just as enthusiastic now as he was when he came here."

Andrews will direct the defense through the balance of the season and, after meeting with Florida State director of athletics Randy Spetman, will stay on board through February 10, 2010. That is the date he was hired by Bowden to help transform the Seminoles into what became a college football dynasty.

Andrews provides some insight into his decision with as hand-crafted statement:

"After last football season I told Diane I wanted to coach one more year. For several reasons we agreed that was the thing to do.

"We debated on when it should be announced - before the season or after it. Because of a lot of speculation and questioning from friends, family and media, we decided to go ahead and do it now.

"This is my last year as a football coach at Florida State. I has been a wonderful experience. We have been blessed.

"I just want to thank Coach Bowden for giving me the opportunity to come to Florida State in 1984. It has been 26 great years working for him. I also want to thank all the outstanding coaches and staff people I have worked with through the years.

"I especially want to thank all the players who gave so much of themselves to make this program so successful through the years.

"And finally, to the fans who make FSU so special - Go Noles!

Thanks to coach Andrews for 26 great years.  He is the finest coach that Florida State has ever had.  

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