Why do you respect Mickey more than Bobby?

I wanted to get some of your feelings on why you guys may or may not respect Mickey more than Bobby at this point in time, but as I wrote this it turned into a bit of a piece on why Mickey is not completely at fault for our poor defensive performance this year.

When I saw Mickeys video the thought occurred to me "Why can't Bobby be a man like Mickey and step down with class?"

To me it seems Mickey really has through all the years been a team player, and I'll elaborate a bit on what I mean by that.

First lets talk about Mickeys situation this year:


Mickey, I truly believe and I know some others will agree with me here, wanted to leave last year but bit the bullet for US and stayed because he didn't want the DC reigns turned over to CTC for who knows how long. Mickey knew this wasn't going to be a great year defensively for the Noles but pushed his ego aside and liteally took one for the team.

The common perception of the Media and Casual Fan is that Mickey is responsible for the most part for our lack of adequate scheming and preparation on defense. Essentially they think the game has passed him by; I would have to disagree. While Mickey may not be on the cutting edge of defensive minds in 2009 there are much larger factors at work he as to why our defense is so bad this year, namely position coaches and lack of (talented) older players. Without adequately experienced and qualified position coaches to transition the young talent that has been brought in to our program in the last few year how can a DC be expected to Field a solid defense?   

Think back to 2005: the game has changed a bit since then but not so drastically that is would explain our complete collapse of defense.

I want to add that I HIGHLY doubt (and I dont mean in the Preston Parker sense of the word) that bringing in CTC and Allen were Mickeys call.



Mickey sat back and played second fiddle to BB for many years while in reality he was probably more responsible for FSU's success than Bobby. He didn't complain when Bobby got a statue, a stained glass window, and multiple times the amount of money he makes for doing literally nothing. Mickey didn't do it for the the glory or to pad his ego, he did if for the love of the game and the players.



When Mickey saw that he was no longer able to be on the top of his game he was willing to bow out gracefully. He didn't try to hold the school hostage, he didn't ask for multimillion dollar buyouts in his contract, he didn't demand acknowledgment that he built program; he just had a small private statement and said good bye. That make him 10x the man Bobby is, PERIOD!


So why do I respect Mickey more than Bobby?

For me it is all about class, selflessness and of course loyalty.

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