An Open Letter to the Bowdenista's and a Olive Branch-Sort of

The Bowdenites have called those of us seeking change "Bobby haters." That's fine, no big deal, get it out of your system, threaten to never attend another game, and then say you have lost all respect for FSU, that's your right.

But just to be clear, I am not a Bobby hater, I am a FSU lover. If you look back over every single story, post, or comment have ever written, you will find that I have never insulted Bobby. I have supported FSU football emotionally and financially since 1978 (I was called a petulant kid recently and I found it very flattering, thank you). If you were to reread anything I have ever written, you will see that I felt it was time for a change, and I always stated the change should come at the end of the season, preferably by Bobby retiring. I never called for Bobby to be fired mid-season or at all, I just did not want his contract renewed and only wish Bobby would have done what is right for FSU by retiring, on his own this time, for a change.

Apparently TK, Randy, the majority of the fan base, and the boosters who contribute much more than me agreed, and the right decision was made for FSU, again for a change.

I have been using the word circus, to describe FSU for months, and this final fiasco from the administration in having 2 players face the national media is just one of the 3 rings that is presently the FSU circus. At least TK's and Randy's (hopefully) last act was to finally grow a pair and give Bobby his ultimatum, which I believe was way past due and ultimately the right decision for FSU..

Now that the Jimbo era has begun, I am willing to wait and see if the program improves to a level becoming FSU in the next 4 years (Jimbo will probably be signing a 5 year deal), and if not I will once again be calling for a change. However, to expect a NC next year, or even the year after, as some of the readers have suggested, is insane and illogical. Jimbo cannot rebuild what has been neglected for 8 years overnight and he should be given the opportunity and time to right this keeling FSU ship that I love.

Also, those of us that thought Bobby should retire and demanded change are not the ones that will not give Jimbo a fair shake, it is the Bobby-was-wronged and the Bobby-should-go-out-on-his-own-terms crowd who will divide FSU further, and never give Jimbo a fighting chance.

I too am glad none of the Bowdenista's are my family members, and I too do not want to share the stadium with those who want to rename FSU the Bobby Bowden University, and won't even give Jimbo a chance. Hopefully Jimbo starts turning this program around next year with a fully functional coaching staff and at least have us competing for the conference championship.

Then, if those Bobby lovers decide to come back, great. If not, you will not be missed.

Bobby gothellaswag.


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