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Florida State coach Bobby Bowden announces retirement: FSU's bowl game will be the last game he coaches --
TALLAHASSEE — Bobby Bowden's retirement announcement didn't come after his players carried him off the field after a Florida State victory, and it didn't come in any other manner befitting of a man who will be remembered as one of the great coaches in college football history. Instead, it came here on a gray Tuesday afternoon, in the form of a five-page press release that left the most important questions surrounding his departure unanswered.

Corey Clack- Democrat- Bowden's Retirement doesn't seem real.
Bowden handled the last few days with so much class and professionalism it defied belief. He really did. On the media teleconference on Sunday afternoon, he answered every question. He was cordial. Thoughtful. Funny.

Florida State fails to speak after forcing out Bobby Bowden - Andy Staples -
Neither FSU's president nor AD offered comments on Bowden's retirement. Imagine if John Wooden or Joe Paterno had been fired without explanation. We know why Bowden had to go, but it defies logic that FSU didn't speak

Bobby Bowden's Florida State retirement necessary, incredibly sad - Stewart Mandel -
Florida State had no choice but to hasten Bowden's planned departure. This decade, Bowden and FSU have sunk from dominance to desperation. But just because this is the right move doesn't make it any less somber

The most obvious first priority for Fisher will be hiring a new defensive coordinator, and making the necessary staff changes. Expect them to be sweeping. Florida State’s defense finished the regular season ranked 109th in the country in rushing defense, 113th in pass efficiency defense, 108th in total defense, and 98th in scoring defense. Fisher, whose coaching experience has been entirely on offense as either a coordinator and/or quarterbacks coach, needs to make a smart hire similar to the one Clemson’s rookie coach, Dabo Swinney, made in Kevin Steele. Fisher needs a veteran, somebody he can depend on to make the right calls. And of course, he needs the players to execute them. Not one player from Florida State was selected to the ACC’s first-team all-conference defense this year. Expect that to change under Fisher. Ten of the Seminoles’ 16-player incoming recruiting class are defenders. Fisher has gotten a head start on building Florida State’s future through his strong recruiting efforts, and it doesn’t appear Bowden’s retirement will cause many if any deflections from the incoming class. Fisher’s hire at defensive coordinator is one lingering uncertainty that could have an impact on recruiting, as now is a prime time to be building and sustaining those coach-player relationships.

Thundersquee! >> Viva The Bobby!
The era of gentlemanly college football has ended. Some of you don’t remember the days when Florida State had 14 consecutive Top 4 finishes. Or when Bobby Bowden didn’t wear a worried frown on his face as he paced the sidelines. Some of you remember the recent era of Florida State football, mired in controversy and mediocrity. I remember both.

Florida State's Bobby Bowden last in his kind of coaches - Tim Layden -
That was a persona that Bowden created for the public. That was him, to be sure, but he played it bigger than life. There was another side to the man, because you don't win 388 college football games telling jokes and eating some grandmother's pecan pie. In 1996 Florida was the best team in college football and Steve Spurrier was finally ready to win a national championship at his alma mater. But there was something else afoot. Florida State's defensive coaches had found some holes in Spurrier's protections. With Peter Boulware, Reinard Wilson and Andre Wadsworth, they had the pass rushers to bring serious heat. A plan was hatched: They would blitz the daylights out of Florida. "I believe,'' Bowden said that day in his office, "we're going to kick their asses.'' That was Bowden, too, fiercely competitive and proud. (When I used the "Kick their asses'' quote in Sports Illustrated the following week, we were inundated with letters accusing me of putting words in Bowden's mouth, because a pious man such as he would never speak like that.) In that game, Florida State laid a vicious beatdown on soon-to-be Heisman Trophy winner Danny Weurffel: six sacks, 20 knockdowns.

This is a tremendous look at Bowden's career. I won't even try to select the best excerpt.

And there is much more inside... continue reading

Analysis - Under Pressure, Bobby Bowden Ends His Celebrated 34-Year Run - News Analysis -
But it was Bowden’s country boy charisma and the comfort within his own skin that caught the public’s fancy in Florida and across the nation. He peppered his conversations with "dadgums," and talked about how a perfectly relaxing night is laying on his sofa with the television tuned to a nature show or a biography of a World War II general he admired. Still, he was a tireless recruiter whose cornpone act played Miami housing projects as well as rundown homes in impoverished sugarcane towns. He genuinely liked people. Bowden can still talk about every baby who fell asleep in his lap, and the "mommas" who plied him with the best pecan pies in the South. More times than not, he left their front porches with a commitment that a pretty good football player would be going to Tallahassee. How good? Some 164 Seminoles have been drafted into the N.F.L. since Bowden became coach in 1976, according to

Recruits happy uncertainty is finally over |
"It'll take all the questions out of everybody's mind about who's going to be the coach," said Treasure Coast linebacker Jeff Luc, one of the nation's elite recruits who is considering FSU. "It's not going to affect me because Jimbo Fisher is a cool dude. I've spent a lot of time with him, and I like him." This also has a bunch of very revealing quotes from other top prospects.

Those who aren't passionate lead lukewarm lives
For years many folks have been passionate about Bobby Bowden- his warmth and charm, his religious convictions, the stories of helping kids from broken homes. They are emotionally invested in the Story of Bobby Bowden. Most saw his decline and could admit it on an intellectual level, but we’re emotional creatures too, and that shapes our thinking. This has been harder on them than us. They did not see the public embarassment, decline in ticket sales, attendance, contributions, mechandise and TV revenues, or losing to our rivals, as sufficent reasons for not letting Bobby do it again next year. They don’t think $20 million paid to Bobby for the Lost Decade is enough. They hate what has happened, so they lash out at those who acted to fix the situation, at Jimbo Fisher, at anybody except the true cause of Bobby’s dismissal— that would be too hard to admit to themselves.

An Open Letter to the Bowdenista's and a Olive Branch-Sort of - Tomahawk Nation
Apparently TK, Randy, the majority of the fan base, and the boosters who contribute much more than me agreed, and the right decision was made for FSU, again for a change. I have been using the word circus, to describe FSU for months, and this final fiasco from the administration in having 2 players face the national media is just one of the 3 rings that is presently the FSU circus. At least TK's and Randy's (hopefully) last act was to finally grow a pair and give Bobby his ultimatum, which I believe was way past due and ultimately the right decision for FSU.. Now that the Jimbo era has begun, I am willing to wait and see if the program improves to a level becoming FSU in the next 4 years (Jimbo will probably be signing a 5 year deal), and if not I will once again be calling for a change. However, to expect a NC next year, or even the year after, as some of the readers have suggested, is insane and illogical. Jimbo cannot rebuild what has been neglected for 8 years overnight and he should be given the opportunity and time to right this keeling FSU ship that I love.

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