Per DocHolliday

Copied and Paste from the AC Cooley Interview

This is just my opinion but most of the good things happening right now all stem from Fisher’s reputation among football people and his relation to Saban. Those two guys brought LSU back from the dark ages and produced a national champion.

They both have certain ideas on how a program should be built from the ground up and certainly FSU fits that category the way the program was torched by BB and friends. Coaches around the country know what Fisher is all about and as we can see many of them want to be part of what is going here.

I can easily see Hudson coming here as a linebacker coach. He has coached with Fisher before and it is not too hard to believe that Stoops bring this defense around and take over a program of his own down the road. That fits the modus opeerandi of the Stoops brothers. Two of them are already head coaches. Stoops jumped at this opportunity don’t forget. It will put the Saban Fisher stamp on his resume and it is a resume that is selling in the football world you may notice.

Hudson would be in prime position to become the next defensive coordinator at FSU should Stoops take a promotion and at that time well hey he has has learned all the tricks from some of the best, Stoops and Fisher.

Coaches like Eddie Gran, Trickett, Stoops, Coley, Hudson and the rest don’t have to take jobs with programs headed down hill. They know Fisher is a hard charger but at the same time a decent man to work for. The work place won’t be a living hell like some programs. Yeah and I have to get this one in. Meyer is not attracting coaches so much as a pattern of coaches who want to move along and away from him as soon as possible. That is the way it seems to me anyway. His receiver coach took a lateral to LSU. That doesn’t sound like a receiver coach who thought he would be playing for one NC after another.

By the way two gator recruits, wide receiver Kenny Stills and safety Tony Jefferson out of California have just renounced UF and signed with Oklahoma! I wonder what the brother of our new defensive coordinator told them? One can just imagine (little brother is going to smoke that program among other things) and the head coach is suffering heart pains and dehydration! Meyer sees the handwriting on the wall. FSU is the talk of college football right now.

Next time Jimbo Fisher is in Central Florida he should stop in and buy me a steak as I have defended this guy on various forums from day one. All the way from fans saying his offense was just like Jeff Bowden’s to Trickett recruits lineman who are too skinny. Anyone familiar with Fisher’s history pretty much knew this day was coming.

When Fisher said Ponder would play on sunday, I knew Ponder would play on sunday. It was always easy for me.

Of course most of you by now know where I am going with this. The process is out there people, it is real, it is unstoppable!

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