Talent the new defensive coaching staff has to work with heading into spring ball

(Updated 12/31 to include the addition of EE freshman Matt Elam)

Thought this was appropriate and timely, considering all the talk about where the defense will rank next season. I imagine the depth chart going into spring ball will look something like this:


SDE- Everette Dawkins, Jr (6-2, 265)

           Demonte McAllister, So (6-3, 270)

WDE- Markus White, Sr (6-5, 260)

            Brandon Jenkins, So (6-3, 245)

            Jamar Jackson, Jr (6-4, 250)

NT-  Moses McCray, Jr (6-2, 300)

        Anthony McCloud, So (6-1, 295)

DT-  Jacobbi McDaniel, So (6-0, 285)

WLB- Nigel Bradham, Jr (6-2, 235)

           Mister Alexander, Sr (6-2, 230)

MLB- Vince Williams, Jr (6-1, 245)

           Jeff Luc, Fr (6-1, 240)

SLB- Kendall Smith, Sr (6-1, 230)

          Nigel Carr, Jr (6-3, 235)

CB1-  Ochuko Jenji, Sr (5-10, 190)

         AJ Alexander, So (5-11, 185)

          Xavier Rhodes, So (6-2, 195)

CB2-  Greg Reid, So (5-9, 175)

         Dionte Allen, Jr (5-11, 175)

FS-  Matt Elam, Fr (6-0, 210)

         Jujuan Harley, So (6-2, 210)

        Terrance Parks, Jr (6-1, 200)

         Ed Imeokparia, So (6-0, 190)

SS-  Nick Moody, So (6-1, 230)

        Gerald Demps, So (5-10, 195)


*(Disclaimer) Not sure who all redshirted among the younger players, so some who appear listed as Sophomores may in fact be redshirt freshman and player weights listed are based on my best guesstimate.


-As you can see on the D-line, we lack quality depth at both tackle positions but should have spirited competition at both end spots. It would be nice to see more competition at tackle but the few guys we have their now could probably use the experience gained from logging the extra reps anyways. Just hopefully the 3 guys we have there can stay healthy but McAllister could take some reps at the interior spots as well. Man we could really use another JUCO guy or early enrollment freshmen to come in and compete immediately at either one of the tackle spots.

- I'm making a couple of assumptions here at LB, like assuming that V Williams returns and is cleared to compete full bore and that K Smith gets moved back to OLB. Bradham should have WLB locked down but there will be good competition at MLB between Williams and Luc and SLB between Smith and Carr.

- At CB we look to have the most quality depth and as a result the competition should be fierce. At FS we have lots of bodies but no one with much proven experience. I think Harley probably is the most physically gifted of the bunch and will be penciled in on the 1st team heading in. I'm assuming Stoops probably leaves Parks at FS(we are pretty loaded at CB) to compete for reps with Demps and Imeokparia.  At FS EE freshmen Matt Elam looks to be the top candidate for the position. Moody will probably be the undisputed starter at SS. I'm guessing at this point Jujuan Harley gets reps at both FS and SS and will probably end up backing up both positions

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