FSU, your experiences.....MY experiences!

alright, guys......and girls, i started at FSU jan, 2002. i was a transfer from UCF. for some reason  i thought staying close to home after high school would be a good idea. well, after a year there i realized how much it blew....COMPLETELY. i mean, my apt got broken into twice, there was no on campus f ball stadium, the on campus gym was terrible, and the students smelled of gouda cheese. so, i decided to transfer to florida southern.

ok, guys, i have to admit. i grew up a gator fan (my uncle went there or something....banish me if you will). well, my buddy, out of HS (lake region), went to FSU and was always trying to lobby for me to come there. ok, i decided to humble him and go up 2001, ga tech game. needless to say, after the game I WAS HOOKED. the passion, the camaraderie, the noise, the intensity. after that i knew i could never, EVER root for another college team, EVER. I had done the impossible, completely, w/out hesitation, CONVERTED.

i came home and told my family i was no longer gonna go to florida southern, i was transferring to FSU. mind you i was already enrolled at FSC (classes started the next day), had all the fin aid and whanot. ok, my family was PISSED (not because it was FSU, but because they took a sh*t load of money out to finance my education).

somehow i contacted the FSC fin aid dept and they refunded my family's money. THANK GOD (it was LOTS of $$$$$$). and i applied to FSU. my UCF gpa was really good, so i got into FSU w/out problem.

i transferred there and have become what i am now: a loud, proud proponent of my alma mater. i love FSU w/ everything i have. i know, it may sound cliche, but those that have not experienced what i have may not have the appreciation of FSU that those who have struggled to get here have.

when i arrived at FSU i thought i may get lost in the large classes. that was far from the truth.

FSU allowed me to cultivate the creative passion i have now. it allowed me to develop an interest in medicine. FSU helped make me the person i am.

I'm currently at Duke, pursuing a graduate degree in nursing (acute care/adult nurse pracititioner). I'd like you to know that there are two other proud FSU grads in my program (and many, many others throughout the school). WE are not local, WE ARE NATIONAL. WE ARE PROUD. WE ARE LOUD. WE ARE BRILLIANT. WE ARE PASSIONATE. WE ARE 'NOLES.

I have never been more proud to be a NOLE. i have worked in florida, california, washington, north carolina and have always worn my colors proud, but this feels different. i feel like there's something special going on.....maybe a sleeping giant is waking up. we have relentless recruiters ( j. coley and j fisher), and we have the potential of landing a RIDICULOUSLY talented president in mr. eric barron. Now is time to show your support for our university. Donate WHATEVER you can. Speak to WHOMEVER  you can. Represent in ANYWAY you can. This is OUR time.

I'd like you all to respond in showing how you migrated to FSU.

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