Terry hires Jeff


It has been mentioned in the press that Terry Bowden has hired brother Jeff at North Alabama. Being a football coach can pay great dividends these days if you are good at what you are doing. 

After fruitless attempts to get back into coaching at West Virginia and other places, Terry finally landed at job at North Alabama, the Bowdens always seemed to want to coach football in bama.

The West Virginia job fell through even after FSU coach Bobby Bowden called the school president and offered to help recruit for them while FSU president T. K. Wetherell was on vacation in Montana. This in the face of FSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher who was also being pursued for the job. Blood is thicker than water and offensive coordinators or head coaches in waiting. 

Fortunately coach Fisher seems to realize what a position he finds himself in as the Florida State University president T. K. Wetherell stated concerning Fisher: In his heart he is a Seminole. Jimbo Fisher does not belong at WVU. He belongs at Florida State and he is going to be very successful."

I visit many websites and I can't help wondering if some of the ridiculous comments concerning Terry is the heir apparent at FSU and so on are not really some of the Bowden clan nephews and toddlers. 

I don't see coach Terry doing to well if Jeff is his best choice as a member of the coaching staff. His robotic like personality and tendency to blame everything on the players when he himself has no idea how to motivate or coach them.

No I hope North bama goes 0-11 thank you. I will never forgive the Bowden clan for what happened at FSU. They built a dynasty and they brought it down single handily with a willful spiteful, money grubbing, self serving form of egotism. 

I don't particularly enjoy criticizing the happenings at Florida State but it is my school and I enjoyed some of the best years of my life there. I remained silent for a long time but no more. 

I am not firmly convinced that former president Sandy D'Alemberte the University of Florida grad was not secretly ecstatic over Bobby Bowden selecting Jeff as his offensive coordinator to replace Mark Richt. Can anyone say manchurian candidate?

There does exist a gator lobby in the Florida legislature and it is well heeled. I can't rule out the possibility that maybe they felt if you can't beat them on the field beat them in the political arena. Give BB some rope and feed his ego. 

Of course I don't know what really went on during this time frame, I am simply a playstation All American. 








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