I want to talk about the 2009 schedule

I know we have had post about this but I just looked at it and have seen some good things and some bad thing. I just wanted to get everyone take on this. Sorry for my spelling before hand.

Sept. 7 vs Miami (Mon)

Sept. 12 Jack ST

Sept 17 at BYU

Sept 26 SFU

Oct 3  at BC

Oct 10 GT

Oct 17 open (the only one)

Oct 22 at UNC

OCT 31NCST (Im betting if we have a black out game this is it.)

Nov 7 at clemson

Nov 14 at WF

Nov 21 Maryland

Nov 28 at UF (in the swamp)

I would like to say at first look I though we made out real good but at a second look Im not liking what I see. I dont know if anyone will agree with me on this but I feel that next year we cant wait tell our Def gets on the same page. Our Off is going to have to win some games for us. I dont think the Def will show up to every game like we think but I do feel that other than the UF game we can just out score every team on there.

So lets talk. Ill go first because well its just how this works. We start with Miami. I like that because WE have a better Idea who FSU is than Miami does. They have some great talent down there and if they ever figure out how to use it bad things would come. We have a better idea how our Off works so we get the adv. in this game.

Second the Jack St game. this game we should win. I know they have the x-LSU QB but thats about it. I know they have others but sorry we have just more talent then them.

BYU. Wow whos idea was this one. Well guess it time to have a flash back and get the idea in the head anytime anywhere. This is a good team to start with. They end the season at ranked 25. These guys can put up a lot of points. they have a lot of speed it looks like but I dont know. Im sure they run a spread Off. The good thing is we have speed too. This would be a bad game to lose. At BYU too

USF. The road only get more fun here thank good its at home. I dont know what to think about USF. 2 years ago they were the hot team. Last year they just fell off. when this team shows up they can drop points and there Off is kinda weard. They run a spread where they will have 4 WR and a RB and they will zone read and pass just like where I want us to go.

BC the are falling down and with the new coaching changes I hope they flop. lost a lot on there Def with the 2 DT gone.

GT man I was hopen this game would come off the Bye week. The only good thing is if BC has a bad year. I would love to see us going back to work on Sunday for this game. Get as much time as we can because LSU tought us all something. To stop GT it take time. Lots of practice. One week is not going to be enough. I think GT is going to be a tough game.

Then we get a week off and then one the road to UNC. They dont have a great Off. They have a good one but I think by now our Def will have came throw and stepped up. I wish they didnt get the extra week off also. They did lose that nix guy so thats a good thing. But they are dont a good job up there with recruiting. I think we win I dont think it will be close. EJ gets playing time because we are up.

NCST some say this game is going to be hard game some a tough game. I think BYU and SFU games will tell us how this game will turn out. FSU has a problem with fast QB and NCST QB is fast and seems smart. I like this kid and I hate NCST. All I know is we better win because I couldnt hear it for a year that NCST beat FSU at home. Also do we play NCST on or around halloween.

At Clemson. who will they be next year. Your guess is as good as mine. They still have good players there from the last few recruit seasons. If they find who they are they could be good. If not lights out and they will fold.

At WF. Another game we have to win because Im going to this game. I dont think WF will climb back up because they just dont get the players.

Maryland some as last year sorry but we blow them out

UF, Im not going to say the same. Im going to be me and just lie about this. WE HAVE A CHANCE. I think its at about 7% but thats 7 more % than what some teams have. Its hard to say they are going to beat us but I think we all know the truth. Man this suchs.

Well thats about it. I think our Def is not going to step up like they did this year. Man thats going to suck because there were time this year they didnt even show up little step up. I think we will have a better Off this year and the best Def is a good Off. I hope thats right. If we control the ball and keep the clock going we can win. we dont have to score every time we get the ball but we have to help the Def out because we are not going to have a kicker/punter like this year. WE CAN DO THIS! YES WE CAN!It worked for Obama why not us.

FEAR THE SPEAR -------------------,,----"--->

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